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Britney Terrorizes the Road ... Again!

12/10/2007 12:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Someone teach this girl how to drive -- before someone else sacrifices their foot, or worse. Steer clear!

Britney Spears was caught pulling yet another -- yes, another -- dangerous maneuver on the road this weekend -- driving on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic! Paging Nicole Richie!

Brit wasn't alone in her blatant violation of the rules of the road though, as at least two SUVs of frenemies the paparazzi pulled the exact same move. Perhaps it was peer pressure.


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OK i get how people re saying the paps are at fault at here as well (TMZ even said that there were 2 other pap suvs that tried this.).however if britney was not doing things like this that attracts attention from the media no one would be following here to get her picture.before briney went all crazy the paps were not following her like this because she wasn't doing such crazy stuff as she is doing now.britney even admitted that shaving her head was a publicity stunt. this girl seems to want the media's attention. because if she really didn't want the media's attention should wouldn't do crazy crap like this.

2480 days ago


Do you people understand what you are saying?Hahaha, there were no paps in front of her. They FOLLOW her. As in BEHIND her. She CHOSE to do that because she is stupid and wreckless and wants other people to see her doing stuff like that because it makes her feel "cool". If she wouldn't cause such things to happen, paps would not follow her because they would not be able to make money off of her pictures. It is their JOB to get pictures of stars especially when they go for up to 30,000 a picture. Until she stops being a crazy, white trash whore, they will continue to follow her.

2480 days ago

Im just sayin    

Hey - guess what? I made an illegal u-turn the other day because I forgot something at home. I also cut across an empty parking lot to get over to the stores in a shopping strip. I also tend to not stop ALL the way at stop signs. I speed when I'm in a hurry. I also turn left out of a "right turn only" exit.

Oh, and I also bump the curb and sometimes another car when Im backing out of a parking space.

The similarity between me and Brit is that I am not a perfect driver. THE DIFFERENCE IS I DONT HAVE 100 CAMERAS TO CATCH IT ALL! I would love to know if any of the paps or any of the people posting hateful comments about her driving can swear to never doing any of this.

2480 days ago


Hey, Im just saying, do you even have eyes, or are you typing with braile? Do you see the car that almost hits her? If you do the things you say you do (which I doubt) that is grounds for wreckless driving and you could also get pulled over, dumbass. But, considering your spelling, you have no idea what this means do you?

2480 days ago

Im just sayin    

My spelling? There is not one misspelled word in my post. Yes, I do those things. And no, I dont see the car that almost hit her. I was busy watching stalkers chase her like she was Princess Diana.

I bet your glass house is lovely.

2480 days ago


god mother and father of britney ..put her back in rehab... she has no control her herself.... god if u want her to live for her kids, put her back in rehab for a good year... and kevin will do a good job taking care of the kids..

man,,she needs to learn how to drive. the kids are at risk with her in the car..passing red lights.. i have never heard anything like that. when she got her license, did she have an officer drive with her to check her skills???????????????? I wonder about that// those kids shud **NOT BE IN THE CAR AT ALL WITH HER**. SHE NEEDS ALOT OF HELP..MOM AND DAD GROW UP..SIT YOUR DAUGHTER DOWN AND TALK TO HER/// I WILL BE HONEST WITH YOU WHEN I LOOK AT PAST PICS AND THE NEW ONES.. MYE U CAN SEE THE DRUGS ARE IM HER BLOOD// I FEEL SORRY FOR HER...... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP BRITNEY BEFORE SHE DIES..... THAT'S ALL I HAVE TO SAY...

2480 days ago

big joe    


2480 days ago

Wayne Reardon    

Somebody teach these people how to spell - it's veer!

2480 days ago

just me    

She is running from the friggin jackass paps. Here's a novel idea. STOP CHASING HER!!!

2480 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Paps, or no paps, that Incredibly Dangerous and CRIMINAL driving that Britch feels she can do so she can avoid her usual game of love/hate with these idiots. And then the paps who cause people to do these things are even worse! If I were a cop anywhere near that area, I would follow about 1/2 a block back and get ready with a stack of tickets and maybe a string of zip tie cuffs! Anybody who resists, would get tasered! Crack down HARD on all involved , otherwise they will just keep repeating this over, and over, and over again until someone gets really hurt, or killed! To tell you the truth, if Britch crashed only into a paps vehicle and both vehicles blew up, I wouldn't shed a tear! Think this is harsh? Sure it is, but all of them decide to put everyone else in danger to play this game. Screw them! Innocent people don't deserve the risk that ALL of them put us into on a dally basis! Freedom of the press and celeb status are Not Golden Tickets To BREAK THE LAW!!! F' ALL OF THEM!!!!

2480 days ago

just wondering    

....dangerous cat and mouse games daily thru the streets of sad...when will be reading abt the innocent , lamed or worse....not fair...I honestly feel bad for the drivers who have to witness this charade on their streets and highways...scary stuff !!!

2480 days ago


Just sayin... love your final "I bet your glass house is lovely". Could be used for a lot of these moron's that post on here about how awful everyone ELSE is and always focus on the negative. I think we call them losers.

2480 days ago


Grrr! I'm so angry by this clip. Have the driving laws in central CA been suspended for everyone, or just this stupid twit? If she drives like this when she knows she being videoed, how must she drive when no one is watching?

That was almost almost an ACCIDENT, you ppls! Would you be defending her if someone that was driving LAWFULLY, with the right of way, was killed or seriously injured?

If she MUST parade herself around every day, then she should be made to obey the traffic laws - like everyone else!

If she wants to kill herself in a car accident, then go for it, but be darn sure that there is no way anyone else is injured. Like, drive off a cliff, overlooking the ocean, in the early AM hours of the morning.

Also, whats up with the stupid dealership who lets her drive their cars for free? If she kills someone with a vehicle they own, they will be most likely liable, too. If they are not liable, then the publicity will be bad for them.

2480 days ago


I wish that Britney would back out of her Estate one late morning. As she drives away, she notices that no one from the press is waiting to follow and record her every move. Britney would be stunned not knowing what to think. Now the same thing happens to her day by day and for several weeks. Pretty soon she will start having feeling that no one likes me. She will convince herself. Maybe she will change when her fame goes down hill.

2479 days ago


Why hasn't anyone questioned on how this girl renewed her license. You and I couldn't renew our license in a back of a car--SHAME on the motor vehicle dept.

2479 days ago
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