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Brit Stars in "Dazed and Confused"

12/11/2007 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Pepto-pink wigged out Britney Spears was in a world of her own last night -- looking totally out of it as she drove all around L.A. with her paparazzi entourage.

Driving with no destination, Brit appeared lost as she pulled into the parking lot behind the Hustler store in West Hollywood, telling the paps "I'm scared." She's not the only one.

After flashing her goodies to the snappers, Brit started to walk into the store -- but banged a U-turn after the paps refused to calm down.


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Jusst saying    

She finds more ways to look stupid!! What a loser.

2509 days ago


People are free except they can't hurt themselves and they can't hurt other people. If if takes being an immenient threat to themselves and other people for the parents to step in and intervene, then Britney Spears parents can step in and have her committed.

2509 days ago

Tia T.    

She needs to take sometime and find out what here problem is , and get some serious help for hersefl . I am a big fan of Britney's and it 's a shame to see her go down hill . I am a mother of two little girls and I would do what it takes to keep custody of my girls and have in the past year. Britney should only be going out in public if it is nessary for her, as she & everyone else can see when she is out in public it is a dangerous situation for anyone in the area. That is why you have people you can hire to do your shopping , driving or whatevery else you need for you!

2509 days ago

the lost    

She doesn't know what to do right now. She is so used to having really exciting things to do with her life, she's used to going places and promoting albums and going to all the best and most wild parties in the world. Right now she is lost because she doesn't have a really exciting goal like she's used to. So the goal is just to stay in the lime light, which looks stupid when you run out of material. I'd say that no one should feel bad for her, but this is the saddest I've seen her look. It doesn't mean death, or even a breakdown, but it does seem a little sad, and I'll admit I enjoy watching her burn because of what a selfish tramp she is. But she looks like a lost little girl here. It could all be an act, probably is, but it's creepy.
And no, I'm not too "worried" about her, really. I agree with RasputinsLiver's long post 100%. She's not doomed to die. She's more of a female Michael Jackson at this point, only far less talented.

2509 days ago

the lost    

This is NOT MENTAL ILLNESS! Mental illness is a variety of SERIOUS brain disorders that are mainly the cause of an imbalance, something a person has inherited from birth. Britney could be "losing her mind" so to speak at times with her crazy lifestyle and lack of goals lately, but she is not mentally ill. That's like saying she has cancer when she doesn't. Don't diagnose people with diseases they don't have, that's lame.

2509 days ago

Ayla of no people    

I watched this video twice and do find it quite sad. Granted, Britney does court the paps, but..........The did tell her that they wouldn't follow if she would pose. She stood there and posed for almost a minute. Did the paps let her go after that? No, they kept on pursuing her. She asked them to stop and they refused. Not good.Not nice and Not fair play.

To justme,

Cruising is not a valid "Passtime" these days with the high price of gas and the destruction of the atmosphere. Not saying that normal people don't cruise, but it is a few and far between "Passtime/Timekiller" in this day and age.

Then again, I doubt that Britney cares one whit about the planet.

2509 days ago


I didnt know that this was not a free country anymore!!! i didnt know that just because she is famous that she couldnt drive around!! please you people need to f@** off and leave her alone! You people are at fault!! you take interest in famous peoples lives and spent money on crappy magazines and spend your time looking at this that you provide the paparazzi with their jobs and keep this mess going!!! if you guys stoped bitching and minded your business maybe next time when a star goes to the store, trips and falls or takes a dump it wont be the biggest story in the news!!!

2509 days ago


What an attention whore! God, it gets me so frustrated!!! She needs a good slap.

2509 days ago


She is SO high on crystal in this video, it's disgusting. What a tweaker!

2509 days ago


What a witch hunt. And the paps are foreigners flocking to LA to make big money legally stalking and harassing famous people. Disgusting.

2509 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

This is absolutely pathetic.

2509 days ago


It's difficult to not watch these clips of Britney due to her odd behavior and oddities in life are always an eye catcher. However, after seeing this clip I am going to stop watching any clips having to do with Britney. She honestly looked worse mentally than I have ever seen her in any video. She seemed sad, confused, and desperate for someone to help her out. She even trusted that the paparazzi would not follow her when she got out of her car, which of course they did. When she begged to the paparazzi to stop they kept taking pictures with no concern for her emotional or physical well being. It was sickening seeing so little respect being given to a human being, especially a mentally ill one. Like her or hate her she is a human being and deserves the same respect we all do. TMZ leave her alone please! It's as if you are taking joy in her further mental deterioration. What if this were your, Sister, Mother, Wife, or Best Friend? Just remember she is all of those things to someone. Would you take so much pleasure in the torment of your ill loved one? Has your quest for money taken such a strong hold on your soul that you can post this and feel OK about it? I hope a law is passed soon that will stop you and those like you in your hunting of celebrities. When that day comes you will have to resort to being real journalists and actually write an article about gossip instead of creating your own circus with cameras!

2509 days ago


To the poster "no":

Although it is true a person can be genetically predisposed to mental illness even that predisposition does not mean a person will always get a mental illness, so it is not correct to say someone is mentally ill from birth. Mental illness is also not exclusively the result of genetics or an imbalance in neurotransmitters either. There are plenty of mental illnesses that result from traumas in a person's life such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for example; even brain trauma can cause mental illness. I do not know Britney or what her genetic predispositions are, but if she is predisposed to a mental illness that mental illness could have been triggered by drug use (She is an alleged drug user) or trauma. It is not wrong for people to think she may suffer from a mental illness anymore than it is for you to suppose that she isn't.

2509 days ago


Let's see. Get into the car wearing ultra-revealing clothing, drive around with no where to go, pull into the parking lot of the Hustler store, get out of the car and walk around so all the paps can get their photos of your ass sticking out, smile and squeal like a little sex kitten obviously enjoying the attention, get back into your car and leave. Why don't I feel sorry for her? Would she be better off without the paps? I think not. They at least provide some protection for her. She's obviously using the paps for some purpose, possibly a demented purpose at this stage, but she has every right to do that. We let people sleep in the streets all the time because that is their choice. If she was legally crazy they would put her away. This is just the way she is now and the paps may be the only ones around to help her in the end.

2509 days ago

the lost    

She was only kidding when she said "I'm scared". That was a joke. She's said it before. Jeez.

2509 days ago
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