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Brit Stars in "Dazed and Confused"

12/11/2007 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Pepto-pink wigged out Britney Spears was in a world of her own last night -- looking totally out of it as she drove all around L.A. with her paparazzi entourage.

Driving with no destination, Brit appeared lost as she pulled into the parking lot behind the Hustler store in West Hollywood, telling the paps "I'm scared." She's not the only one.

After flashing her goodies to the snappers, Brit started to walk into the store -- but banged a U-turn after the paps refused to calm down.


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Yeah, Brit's a ginormous country-ghetto piece of trailer trash. But, man, that's why we love her. We love watchin' this train wreck.

Unlike so many other celebrities, many of whom are just sad to watch as they fall from grace, Britney knows she's doing weird and stupid stuff but because she's enabled by all sorts of people, from her sycophant, make that sickofant (as in sick infant. Either way, same dif) "friends/family", to her recording label, the paparazzi and her idiot fans, the weird and stupid is exactly what she thinks she's supposed to be doing so she continues on.

No one, including Britney herself, really cares about the real Britney, the one deep inside. That person is being and has been sublimated by Celebrity Britney and the expectations by all those mentioned above.

Unlike so many, though, I don't think she's going to die soon, unless by mere accident (probably vehicular. Maybe accidental drug overdoes, but I think that unlikely). I do agree she's whacked out of her skull, but so much on drugs as having been warped mentally by all the weirdness and unreality of the rarefied insular world of entertainment and fame.

Fame, of rather, for her (and so many others these days) now, infamy, and celebrity and the attention it gets for her are her drug of choice. And so the daily aimless wanderings we hear about.

Again, unlike Anna Nicole (oh, for a while there it was kinda fun to watch. But after a while it became something our consciences wouldn't allow us to look at or consider anymore it was so pathetic, sad and tragic), Amy Winehouse (same thing happening here as with ANS now. Beginning to not want to watch that one) and some others, Britney's fun because she's not heading towards death like those other two. She likes living and wants to enjoy her warped world for a long time.

If she was on meth or crack she'd look dramatically different. She might be using something as mere recreational fun but she's not an addict. Bi-polar? Very likely. Add that to her weird and unreal life and lifestyle and wham! ya have the Britney we see every day. And that's what makes her fun to watch.

Watching Britney is like watching a football game or something in which she's the opposing team, we know she's rich, famous and has all the opportunities the rest of us don't have, but she's also narcissistically whacked. She knowingly rubs her life in our noses, despising her fans and the rest of us as well as the laws and so is very easy to love to hate.

The other women I mentioned above never flouted their lives in our faces the way Britney does so that's why one could have empathy for those two (as well as many others). Britney, though, deserves to be sneered at. She knows she's sneering at us and our regular world in which we all have to act like real human beings and abide by the laws of the land. Britney knows, as with her actions the other night stealing the lighter as well as the other times she's shoplifted, that she's not gonna be busted for it. At least not for a while.

As for her kids, they were and are like her dogs and so-called "friends". To her they are just another couple of hangers-ons who demand of her her resources, money, so she will only give them a little bit, doling only what she thinks she wants to give, not what they really need as real human beings. Britney doesn't care about anyone else, including the two "adorable mistakes" she popped out of her ugly thing.

Anyway, this is long enough already so I'll end it here by saying Britney Spears would be an excellent psyche class as she represents perfectly the unreal, destructive, selfish state our nation is descending into.


2473 days ago


This isnt a life, its a cartoon.
All this picture needs is Howard K Stern "helping" her.

2473 days ago


#30--Rasputinsliver--get over yourself. And you have WAY too much time on your hands.

2473 days ago


The friggin' paps are a farging menace. I also drive around aimlessly at night to calm down before bed. But the idiots at TMZ take every opportunity to make it out to be something wrong with her. I would be scared too if I got swarmed by a bunch a maggot paps on a constant basis.

2473 days ago


I actually feel kinda bad for her. I know, I know...why? It's sad to see her so mentally unstable. She really needs help.

2473 days ago


i hope these photographers live the rest of their lives in agony and pain. Lowlife, no talent losers. I hate them w/ a passion., little trashy leeches.

2473 days ago



For those of you who think she doesn't really want the paparazzi two words: Chauffeur and Bodyguard.

Instead of blowing money on stupid crap (and mysterious hotel stays), she could have a hired driver. Different rental car each time. Viola. Problem solved.

2473 days ago


Good grief! Britney needs some help! She's self destructing before everyone's eyes and no one close to her seems to care enough to step in and help her.

Maybe the custody judge can get her into a place that can help her.

2473 days ago


Sweet fancy Moses, you can see that wig from satellites in space. And she looks dirty, like she needs a bath. No jokes, she really needs help.

And those bottomfeeders with the cameras need to back off and get out of her face. I cant help thinking that maybe they are pushing her over the edge.

2473 days ago


She's out driving around so she doesn't sit at home all night reading s.h.i.t. about her on TMZ.

2473 days ago


She is totally losing it. Isn't there someone somewhere to get her into a rehab. My God !
Her mother should be ASHAMED OF HERSELF....TAKE SOMEKIND OF CONTROL of this nut case you spawned before she kills someone innocent......She is an accident waiting to happen. or perhaps even her own mother does not care........ Just how sad is this TRAIN WRECK ???? What is it gonna take before SOMEONE takes control of her. She is NUTS ! Me thinks its time for her to be committed for observation at the very least....Even if its AGAINST her will.................

2473 days ago


Sex Drugs and Rock-N-Roll!

2473 days ago


yep Victoria, you got that right.

2473 days ago

Mony Mony    

Really, what is so odd about this behaviour (minus the pink wig...which she's worn a million times, and probably uses whenever she just hasn't washed her hair, the same way that I wear a ball cap)? TMZ calls it "aimless driving"...but is it possible she had a list of Christmas presents she was trying to pick up and was getting fed up with the flashing cameras at every store she went to? And what TMZ calls "dazed and confused," I call "blinded by lightbulbs flashing inches from her face."

This is a witchhunt, and nothing more. Sickening.

2473 days ago



2473 days ago
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