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Jessica Alba is Preggers!

12/12/2007 10:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

No wonder Jessica Alba's been trying to elude the cameras so aggressively lately - she's been hiding some big news, it seems.

People magazine reports this morning that Jess is pregnant, and longtime boytoy Cash Warren is the dad, according to her rep, Brad Cafarelli. The couple are expecting their joy-bundle in late spring, early summer next year. They met back in 2004 on the set of "The Fantastic Four."

They were spotted at a Lakers game kissing last Sunday, and shopping for mattresses last Saturday. Cash, meanwhile, is smiling. No more PA jobs for Mr. Alba!


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Hey UGH (#15)--shut up!

#8--just because it says that on IMB Movies doesn't mean it's true. When I see the diploma from Yale, I'll believe it.

2452 days ago


this is 2007 almost 2008, "bastard" is outdated; these days people are not as shocked with out of wedlock pregnancies as they once were back in the dinosaur age. how old are you #82? 82? Get a life and quit lecturing on this blog.

2452 days ago



2452 days ago


College course, god help any children you might have- they will be just as judgemental as you. Marriage is not needed to raise a happy child IN MY OPINION (which is my right to have and it doesn't make me ignorant) . To call someone self-centered because they feel they don't need that piece of paper to tell them it's okay to have a baby, is being self-centered and ignorant yourself. You don't know these people so why do you care what they do?

2452 days ago

What took so long    

Who exactly calls children born out of wedlock "bastards"? And just how" locked" do you think most "weds" are these days? Do you really think people check the birth status of a person before calling them a bastard. You're a dumb bastard!

2452 days ago


Why are people so concerned with the baby being born out of wed lock. It is not 1950. Look around you people, you are telling me that everyone you know was married before getting pregnant. Judgers

2452 days ago

What took so long    

Hey Words have meaning.... Care to join the rest of on earth??????

2452 days ago




PLEASE!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2452 days ago


There is more to life than Hollywood an money. The baby is worth more than all the future millions Jessica can make, so there. I am sure she will be happy with her baby more than an number of millions. Maybe it is her time to get out of Hollywood while sh is still in one piece.

2452 days ago


why would you want to have a baby out of wedlock? Jessica Alba complained about not having a father and now she is going to have a baby without a husband? marriage is the commitment to spend the rest of your lives can u have a child with someone you havent chosen to spend the rest of your life with? does she realize having a baby with cash is forcing that commitment on them now? does she know this means if they break about, which they quite possibly could, the child would be raised without two parents in the household? does she think that she never wished she had both parents in the house? i could go on forever...

what is with all these ppl-celebs and regular-having babies out of wedlock?

2452 days ago


I don't get it. US Weekly reported they split in July 2007 because she didn't love him anymore and he was devasted. Now, why would she have a child with someone she does not love?? It's ashame that these celebrity children are being born and growing without that solid family foundation.

2452 days ago


For everybody who is saying that Jessica is a bad "role model" for being unmarried & pregnant, who would you rather have your children look up to: Jessica who is pregnant & not married or Britney Spears who got married first and then had her kids? Marriage didn't exactly work in Britney's case.

Celebs should not be role models. Teach your kids values, don't let them establish a sense of right or wrong from reading US Weekly!!

Oh, and my parents weren't married. They were together for 11 years and then they broke up. So I guess I'm a bastard, but that doesn't define me or change who I am. Having unmarried parents didn't make me some immoral lowlife.

2452 days ago

Miss Behave    

If you know the meaning of "bastard" and you use it, inherent in your use of it is a negative connotation. Or do you not know this?

Language is timeless, even if certain words fall in or out of favour. If you are enlightened to know that it is a negative term, and it's root meaning, then to use it gives the meaning that you feel that to have a child out wedlock is in a lower category than a child within wedlock.

If you feel otherwise, than you are a hypocrite to advance the term "bastard" in any negative connotation.

You cannot advance any other argument. It's one or the other.

Stop calling people bastards if you feel that it's a negative term (which means that it's rooted in its negative MEANING.)

You are otherwise ignorant or hypocritical. Which is it? Or is it both?

Please advance your argument otherwise. This should be rich.

2452 days ago



S h i t happens.

2452 days ago


And how do you know she isn't spending the rest of her life with him? Good god people, marriage is a certificate, a piece of paper- it in no way shows how committed two people are anymore. Is it better for two people to get married b/c they have a baby together, be miserable, make their child miserable and then divorce? Oh yeah, that's WAY better for the child. As long as they were married it's okay. Get into 2007 already.

2452 days ago
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