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K-Fed's Lawyer to Brit -- I'll Slap You Down B!

12/13/2007 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsKFed's lawyer is fed up with Britney Spears, and we're told he's going in deep -- for sanctions!

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ powerhouse lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan is furious that Britney was too sick to depo yesterday morning but not too sick to party in the evening. We're told plans are underway for Kaplan to ask Commissioner Scott Gordon in the custody case to bar Britney from asking for anything more than she already has under court order.

We're told this is the fourth time Britney has been a no-show for her depo. Sources say Kaplan feels that Britney should not be allowed to have her Twinkie and eat it too. In other words, she should not be allowed to go into court and ask to restore custody if she won't sit for a deposition to determine if she really is a fit parent.

Kaplan could ask for other penalties, including attorney's fees. He could also ask that Brit be held in contempt, but we're told he probably won't go there.


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GG Kevin didnt introduce Britney to drugs. Do you remember her first husband Jason Alexander? He said she did extacy and coke. It is easy to blame Kevin, the paps, Kaplan. for all of Britney's problems, Why is it so hard to place the blame wher it belongs? ON BRITNEY.. This is the fourth time she blew off the Depo.. It is not important to her, and you should ask another question, where the hell is HER lawyers?.. Sitting back and collecting those big checks that they are charging Britney, and doing squat for her. OR... are their hands tied from doing anything by Britney's lack of interest?... My brother has custody of his children and I can tell you his druggie ex-wifes lawyer is pulling cr@p out of nowhere to try to make his client to look like a "perfect mother"... So people to a quick to bash Kevin and Kaplan, take a good look at the whole picture....

2513 days ago


You can be court ordered to attend a deposition. You can NOT invoke your fifth amendment rights because this is a CIVIL proceeding. Your fifth amendment rights apply to CRIMINAL proceedings (which is why you often see civil trials postponed until the criminal proceedings are done).

If you don't appear at a deposition, you can be found in contempt and the judge can impose sanctions. You do not have to answer any questions but again you risk sanctions from the judge which can range from financial penalties to loosing the entire case and have the judge find in favor of the other party. That is the risk you take when you refuse to show up and answer questions.

2513 days ago


Leave the damm girl alone. She is so emotionally drain and so out of reality right now. Why can't they just leave her alone. If I had everyone following me around all the time following my every move I would be crazy by now. She is a human being just like you and me. Maybe she is so overwhelm by the way life has turn out she doesn't know how to go about her life anymore. Let her breath, let her find her way back to reality by giving her some space.

2513 days ago

Get over it    

Those who say Kevin is bad should also realize that if he was doing the things she was doing there would be tons of photos. Brits people would pay tons for stuff like that as well as magazines and websites. He may be an ass but I think he truly cares for his kids. Shar always said he was a good daddy. The majority of parents will say that they wish the other parent would just be a part of their kids life even if they arent paying support. The minority says to pay support and get out. That is usually abusive relationships. Brit did this to herself. She could have gone to the depo and used the 5th and then gone home. She could have done it right from the start without a court order and then she wouldnt have to pay the 'money hungry kfed lawyer' so much money. It would have been done long ago. Celebs have a choice. Tell the paps to back off and lead a life that doesnt attract them or act like a fool and let them follow. You cant have it both ways.

2513 days ago


I am getting tired of people saying Britney is headed for another break down or poor Britney being chased by the paparazzi all the time and her camp babying and enabling her every move. Kaplan is an excellent attorney for Federline and the toddler boys--he stands up to Britney and her selfish and her almost 'sociopath' behavior. I wish Judge and Commissioner Scott Gordon would be tougher and demand some sanctions that would arrest her 'thumbing her nose at the court system'. Why don't we hear of her drug testing compliance with the court order?

2513 days ago

Dont be to hard onTZM All gossip sites are the same witht their stupid headlines.

Harv is just a copy cat that got into the game late.

He is a lawyer that wants to be a celeb - He wil go no where.

have a great day all

Harv loves you

2513 days ago


we need a flyswatter for "fly on the wall" and a big bottle of "white out" for britneyspears. LA COURTS ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD.

2513 days ago


The reason she does this is because no one makes her do anything! She can ignore everything the judge says and STILL get everything she wants. The court doesn't make her do ANYTHING. The rest of us would never see our kids and the social workers would be involved. Not Britney, she does as she pleases. THAT JUDGE MUST BE A COMPLETE WHIMP. MAYBE WE SHOULD CALL FOR HIS DISMISSAL. He certainly doesn't demand respect or even that she follow through on what he says she has to. What kind of a JERK IS THIS JUDGE???
I guess PRINCESS BRITNY can do anything she wants and get away with it. Start are treated VERY DIFFERENTLY by the courts. They practically kiss their a33es. Poor, poor little boys, that God for Kevin.

2513 days ago

White Trash Ho Family    

She WANTS them to take the kids away from her. Then she can party! LOTS of young mothers regret their decisions to have children AFTER the fact, unfortunately.

2513 days ago

Carol G    

Of Course she is unfit. She needs to be held in contempt of court. They would put any of us away for a long time for the stunts she has pulled. She should not get special treatment.

2513 days ago


It's now abundantly clear that she does want to be a mother to her kids. Her unwillingness to do what is necessary says it all.
Her life is spiraling out of control and down hill real fast. She will soon be broke.
She should just give up her fight for custody and support the ex -who doesn't work anyway-and go on with her life. Oh, I forgot, K-fed did get a couple of minor roles and now is complaining about being typecast as a jerk. Well... if the shoe fits.... He does not want 100% custody. He can't party when he has the kids....
Those innocent babies... man what a rough beginning to life they have due to immature parents.

2513 days ago


Wow, this chick is seriously messed up. I don't think she really wants to be bothered with raising those kids and just wants to party and have a good time. She should get herself sterilized so no more kids are hurt by her actions, 'cause she ain't gonna stop her wild ways until she's dead & buried.

I hope the judge throws the book at her - if only to protect everyone else, especially those little boys. They're gonna be needing therapy themselves in a few years.

2513 days ago



If the paps bother her so much, then why doesn't she just stay home at night instead of going out, fully knowing that they are waiting for her. Oh, I know, the drugs, the attention. She chooses to go out to where they are.

2513 days ago

too sad    

why is her face so dirty looking ?

coffee stains ?

not bab food ?

just didnt wash ............after

vomit ? ..............fake tan stains?

mostache shadow ?

picked pmples / hikeys ?

dirty dirty ...

2513 days ago


don't u britney haters have a damn life? sad just sad

2513 days ago
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