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"Sick" Britney Rolls 'Til 2 A.M.

12/13/2007 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears claims she was too sick to go to her deposition yesterday -- but she looked just fine when TMZ caught her driving around until 2 o'clock in the morning!

Cameras caught the popwreck and an assistant leaving her home away from home, the Four Seasons, for her other home away from home -- a gas station -- last night. Brit didn't answer when we asked why she missed her extremely important deposition that morning, saying little more than, "It's cold, y'all."

After filling up her tank with $50 worth of gas at the 76, she then hit up yet another gas station on Sunset -- and drove off without her assistant! Oopsies!


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HEY lillie and j....don't you have your own office email carrier? your boring!

2469 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Jan@10:56AM - I doubt TMZ is related to K-Fed's attorney. She owns her own behaviour; TMZ simply reports what she does. Perhaps you should ask yourself if SPEARS is related to K-Fed's attorney, because she is exhibiting blatant self-destruction. She needs real help.

2469 days ago


Maybe if the paps would stop following her sorry ass around she wise the hell up . Apparently shes only doing it for the attention.

2469 days ago


Just lock up the stupid bimbo Britney! Don't let her see her kids again. She was obviously to highon drugs to realize that she had driven off without her assistant. ..And the way she responds with "huh?" Dayum! She's stupid. Lock her up!

2469 days ago

kim suck    

Kill yourself already freak girl!!!!!!!!!!

2469 days ago


Guarantee you that leaving the chic behind was part of a plan between the two to keep the paparazzi at bay while Britney ran down the street to her coke dealer!! If you notice when she came back from the door of the gas station she leaned over and whispered something to her friend, who already looked halfway faded, and then she took off minutes later. I would have thought that if the assistant was so concerned about being left that she would've freaked out, or called her or something like a normal human would do when a 'supposed friend' just 'left' you somewhere. Obviously she was told to wait there by Britney.

I'm sure she has learned to be extra sneaky by now, after all, when paranoia sets in you tend to plan ahead with an extra eye out. Definitely looks like a trip to ye ole dealer to me.

I can't wait until she finally gets held accountable for EVERYTHING she has done... keep it up girl, your wrap sheet is growing and all the while your head is swelling because you think you are better than everybody else when all you are is Molded Trailer Trash. One day you are going to get caught, called out and hung out for all the world to see.

2469 days ago


Thank You shut up!!

2469 days ago

black panther    

why don't this white trash just hurry up and slit her wrist!!!! lol

2469 days ago


How do they know she was driving around till 2am? She lives @ the 4 Seasons. So she left the place with her assistant to get gas, big deal. Didn't know it was a crime. We don't know what she did during the day, maybe she was sick, no one knows for sure. And no, she will not get arrested for no apearing @ the depostion. If you had heard Kevin's lawyer, he received word 10mins after 10am that Brit was unable to appear per her lawyers, not like TMZ stating he waited hrs for her to appear. I'm pretty sure another day was set but he is keeping quiet. He should, the deposition hearing date should have been priavte, not known to the public. I couldn't believe all the pappz waiting for Brit, simply crazy. Kevin's lawyer will be asking for his fee to be paid by Brit. He could have had the depo done @ her house instead @ his office, clearly it was chaotic with all the press & pappz. JMO & thoughts. I just hope she starts getting her act together, for the sake of her children. They deserve a great & happy life.

2469 days ago



2469 days ago


#125, yes she is an adult , and it is OK to be out all hours of the night. The issue is that she was supposed to be at a court ordered deposition earlier and skipped out due to "anxiety issues." How is it she can skip out on something so important due to a "medical problem" but has no problem making a gasrun and who knows whatever else run? How is it she can make her way through tons of papparazzi to party but can't make it through them to get to something more important?

If she was an responsible adult, she would be able to make sound and rational decisions. Unfortunately, day after day she proves she is neither responsible or rational. I'm wondering if her parents can go to court to have her placed in their care due to mental incompetence so that they can finally get her some help. It is obvious she will not admit she has issues nor is she willing to get help. She really need intervention before it's too late, although I think it may be too late.

2469 days ago


This jr bugs the hell out of me. Why do you come on here to personal message with others? Why can't you IM with them? People have no interest in reading your junk. As for Brit, she's too far gone. She needs to go away.

2469 days ago


Wow, if she can leave her assistant, what is to say that she couldn't leave her children somewhere? What an idiot!! If the judge was a good judge, just give full custody to Kevin now, and quit wasting the taxpayers money for the court appointments!! She is clearly out of control and the kids will grow up and someday see the all the footage of the crazy stuff their mother did, and probably wonder if she ever truely wanted them to begin with or if she ever loved them. Despite what some think about Kevin, nanny and all, he is taking care of these two little boys and that is far more than what anyone can say about Britney. As a parent it is our job to teach, protect and love our children. It is a time when we ourselves grow up and start acting like adults and be responsible. For those who support her yet, you must be clearly insane or you don't have children yourselves, because no true loving parent in their right mind would act the way Britney has acted. When you have kids, it's not about you any longer, it is about the kids and the best interest for the kids. I hope Kevin's attorneys seeks full custody of the kids and wins!!

2469 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Cindy 139 @11:48AM - I'm glad you're not MY mother. This is what mental decline looks like.
This is not the time for people to 'disown' her. This is when family needs to intervene.

2469 days ago


LILLIE-This is a forum. This is not for your back and forth crap with jr. AND you go off topic all the time. Have some respect for others. I know, you are going to call me names, right? Grow up, and act your age, not your mentality.

2469 days ago
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