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This Is Hugh Jackman's Wife

12/13/2007 6:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deborra-Lee Furness likes the same things as her bearded husband, Hugh Jackman.
Deborah Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman
The gorgeous 47-year-old Aussie actress has been legally bound to Hugh for over ten years and has started dressing just like him. Annie Hall, is that you?! Deb showed up to a Sydney theater premiere on Wednesday in a replica of one of her hubby's black tie outfits. Oh, the prestige!


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Never inked up!    

I find it funny how many peolpe are critical about this woman looks. I'd bet that most of the men who are commenting probaly have an average, okay looking, not so hot, plain,or kinda ugly woman. But I bet you love her.

Truly beautiful woman are not in abundance. Most of you will end up with one us. So, get a grip! He loves her.

2469 days ago


She is ugly, but put that aside, why is she wearing a mans suit? Would she appreciate it if her husband put on a dress and heels? Maybe he does, they could have that kind of relationship.

2469 days ago

take dat betches    

way too hot for her. he should be with me.

2469 days ago


You call that gorgeous? Angelina Jolie is gorgeous, she's just very plain looking,

2469 days ago


Please! She was just doing her own thing one time & the press jumps
all over her. She must be doing something right to have a man that
fine! Hello! He's in a daze over her. Hey, we might all be able to
learn a thing or two from her. Nothing wrong with a dominant

2469 days ago


just clothes. seen her in woman cloths. very hot

2469 days ago


Unholy Bat crap Batman, you never give up do you. Deborah and Hugh are happy. This is an old photo and seems Harvey just needs to cover his tracks. Feeling a little "toey" Harvey. Hear you have six on the left one. Also you come from a family of 12. Let me guess which one you are? The one that betrays, kisses then stabs in the back. Who would have thought Harvey would be Judas. Or is it Jason Gummi Davis? Or Wayne wannabe Brambury aka Batman? Or Little John? It is so hard to tell you apart, you could all be the same person. George is Gary I know that much. Angie and Paris sure get around that office. Steph Spiers, Barb Lockett (how appropriate are these names) all working for you.

Deborah looks nothing like the person you are wanting to "phase out" and hide. You've learnt it, have found a replacement. Now operation "phase Out". Allison in Wonderland. How "coincidental" she is a flight attendant. Will work the eastern Suburbs. Anyone would think she was an imperfect copycat of perfection. That's one way to create evil Doctors.

Jolie and her batcrap elfs will have to try a little harder than that. So they say the one you hate is gorgeous - I'll take that as a compliment. So you are hoping to pull the old - You can't see her due to a spell we have cast and because I hate her - this is what she looks like.. Bullwinkle that trick never works. "Her" name isn't Deborah and she's not married to a guy named Hugh so she doesn't look like that. The one you hate is very too - so I hear.

I wouldn't be critiquing anyone's wife Wayne - I've seen yours. P.S. You are such a girl. There's something about Mary, isn't there? Wayne is determined to create the perfect fake.

Darn that Muttley. Haven't you learnt by now - just when you think there's nothing going on inside my's when I'm the busiest. Unassuming. The Police are now involved.

2469 days ago


She really looks rough around the edges. Hugh, on the other hand, is the hotness.

2468 days ago


huge shall not leave his so what she loojs older in front of him

2466 days ago


Is there a picture of the look on Jennies face?

1628 days ago


I adore Hugh Jackman,so it doesn't matter who or what he chooses,as long if he's happy !!!!

1560 days ago


Who gives anyone the right to judge. Life is not a beauty contest. This is what love is. I think that they are in love And yes Hugh is hot and not gay). He is a great Hollywood actor who truly loves a non traditional woman who does not haveto be like everyone else. to quote the most famous of all people,"to anyone who has no sins (or in this case is perfect withno faults or flaws). Let him or her cast the first stone. "Sticks and stones may break her bones but names will never hurt her. Hugh( what a hotty) Jackman will see to that. More power to a beautiful family.

1515 days ago


Mrs. Jackman is a lovely woman. Just because she doesn’t look like a typical Ford model doesn’t make her unattractive. She is a much loved and respected actress in her native Australia. Take a look at the Oz version of “This is Your Life” about her and you will see that she is a lovely person. Quite frankly, being with her makes Hugh Jackman a much more handsome man. Compared to Brad and Angelina what would you pick: a conventional beauty like AJ who is PSYCHO or a unique beauty like Deborra-Lee who is charming inside and out? As for age, women tend to live longer than men so good for her for picking a younger guy who she married over 15 years ago who is still crazy about her!

1109 days ago


H.Jackman isn't, so live with it and get a life. It’s really shameful that this lady, so discreet and smart, has been forced to drop at the same lowest level of those who don’t have a own life and thus live the lives of people who don’t even know in person. Good old days when you were talking about showbusiness and the matter did not amount to 'how actors use their *****'.

1022 days ago


She is not beard for him he is for her, she is the lesbian and he is straight, why? Guess you would have to ask him in this arranged sham marriage for a reason and she dresses manly all the time, just check the web...

773 days ago
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