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Jodie & Her 'Beautiful Cydney'

Step Out

12/14/2007 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nine days after breaking her silence of the lambs by referring to her longtime gal pal Cydney Bernard as "my beautiful Cydney," Jodie Foster made a very public appearance with Bernard outside paparazzi magnet Il Sole on Thursday.

While you can hear someone say "I'd kiss you," it's unclear who says it. Silence, Clarice! Jodie then fakes out the paps by acting like she isn't going to ride in Cydney's SUV, but hops in at the last second and orders her to "go,go,go!"

The dynamic duo then rode off into the night together.


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I knew she was a lesbian the first time I saw her...must have been Freaky Friday or something. I think it is GREAT! It is like they say, your mom and your fans always know....

2474 days ago


What's the point of pretending you're not going with her when you are? It didn't accomplish anything.

Oh, and it was clearly Jodie who said I'd kiss you...

2474 days ago


I love Jodie Foster. She is an amaszing actress. She is proof that you can be a top name in Hollywood, and still have control over the paparazzi.....she just doesn't give them an opportunity to hound her, because she lives life as normally as possible, w/o going over the edge. Sexual preferences mean nothing to me when the person is a talented actor, singer, or friend.

2474 days ago


I think she was on an episode of the "Waltons" when she was very young.

2474 days ago

Oh Grasshopper    

YAY! I think it's wonderful that they've been seen together. Bless her heart, she's just felt the decades of oppression that Hollywood has passed down: that it'll hurt your box office sales if you're admittedly gay. It's 2007, people. People just want to be entertained. And in that regard, Jodie Foster always delivers.

2474 days ago


jodie foster is an amazing actor but is anyone surprise by this news long as she is happy who cares.

2474 days ago


would love to see a picture of your "signifigant other", LA Douchebag. hope he is as shallow as you are. just because you're an angry gay man, doesn't mean you have to judge others with your little view of what love is. We should all feel sorry for you... not. Hope your lover gives it good to you in the back door tonight. maybe then you'll act a little nicer. you think you sound funny and cool, but you sound like an angry, loveless gay man.

2474 days ago


Good for Jodie...and Cydney too! Remeber kiddies, in this life it isn't important who or what gender one loves, but rather that one has the ability to love and be loved. There are far too many folks in this world...straight, gay or bi, that haven't quite figured that out yet.

2474 days ago


Wow. Jodie Foster came out of the closet... I'm shocked (not really). Why is it that so many gay actors thing they are fooling anyone?

2474 days ago


Oh look dear...LESBIENS.

2474 days ago


LoL that was a funny video. Why did she try to fake them? everybody already knew they were there together. what a dork!

2474 days ago


lol I guess Jodie gets what she deserves coming of....... no, not the closet; hiding. Poor gay woman who picks LOUSY movies. Come out fhe closet and make peace w/ your brother!!!!!!!! And TELL us who your baby's daddys' are. You know (((WE))) slept together once before.

2474 days ago


Looks too cold for Birkenstocks. I am sure they have some carpet to keep them warm.

2474 days ago


Jodie is a very beautiful/classy actress! Her Life is no one else's business~You Go girl! Love you!

2474 days ago


I think it is wonderful they have managed to keep their private lives private,but it's really good to see them be willing to step up and show us that hollywood relationships CAN be long term and successful!!! It's such a nice change.

2474 days ago
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