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Jodie & Her 'Beautiful Cydney'

Step Out

12/14/2007 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nine days after breaking her silence of the lambs by referring to her longtime gal pal Cydney Bernard as "my beautiful Cydney," Jodie Foster made a very public appearance with Bernard outside paparazzi magnet Il Sole on Thursday.

While you can hear someone say "I'd kiss you," it's unclear who says it. Silence, Clarice! Jodie then fakes out the paps by acting like she isn't going to ride in Cydney's SUV, but hops in at the last second and orders her to "go,go,go!"

The dynamic duo then rode off into the night together.


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You guys should edit comments before posting them. This is the 3rd time I reference a number posting, this time correcting some thing I posted, only to have y'all delete previous, thereby giving me the appearance of a drunkard who can't read. If only I wasn't addicted to this site I would quit posting.
Damn my genetics given additive personality.

2502 days ago


who cares if she is a lesbian? She is flipp'n talented, hot and has made it through the Hollywood BS. Cheers to you Jodie.

2502 days ago


Hmmmm. Still seems like she's hiding it, although she did go to dinner with Beautiful(?) Cydney to a Poppirazzi hangout. Oh Jodie, don't you have enough money now that coming out won't ruin your career.? You always play a strong, lesbo-like character in your films anyway. Be out and proud like me and Perez.

2502 days ago

lisa z    

Jodie is and honorable person. It's comments like Douchebag's that makes her want to protect her partner and privacy. She's a wonderful actress and has accomplished so much.

2502 days ago


Jodie Foster is and always has been one of the most talented, classy, beautiful, unique and intelligent actresses in her generation. She has a lot of self-respect and has guarded her private life fiercely, I so admire her for that. She has proven that you don't have to be a darling of the tabloids or the nightclubs to stay on top. This woman is the epitome of discretion and decency.

2502 days ago


What I do in my bedroom is of tantamount importance to me. What someone else does in their bedroom is not mine, nor anyone else's concern. Bravo Jodie for having the good sense to keep your private life private.

2502 days ago


It is amazing how people are willing to be so polite and accepting when someone like Jodie comes out of the closet. I wonder what the reaction would be if it was someone like Tom Cruise were to suddenly come out of the closet. Its too bad people feel they have to hid things like this in order to get ahead in some industries. Skills and Talent alone should be the deciding factor and nothing else. Sexual preferences should not be a factor. I love Jodie and I will continue to see her movies and I will not even speak about this topic again because it DOES NOT MATTER!

2502 days ago


Class, class and more class. Let her live her life but if I am no mistaken she only thanked the woman she never actually said she is a lesbian

2502 days ago


I never knew she was gay but it makes perfect sense. She is not pretty or feminine and neither is her partner. But I do agree that she is a good actress. But seeing her over the years in interviews, she always struck me as cold and distant.

2502 days ago


Who cares if she is gay??? She is a great actress and has a long standing solid career, absent of drug or alcohol allegations etc.

2502 days ago

j.p. schilling    

Oh whatever! Mind you now…there are hearts breaking all over the world tonight! Every male I know has at least fantasized about being with Jodie or perhaps, the Divine Miss J, for those of us who really love her.

Yet people do get a grip! This is not breaking news by any stretch of the imagination! Goodness, these two have been together for well over ten years and we've all seen photographs of the two with Jodie's lil' ones.

All things being equal—I first experienced Jodie in Mayberry R.F.D., but it was 'The Little Girl who Lives Down the Lane" that was the one that put me over-the-top. She was brilliant in "Taxi Driver" and I'm not altogether certain if she's ever been 'bad' in any role.

Absolutely loved her in "Panic Room" and especially the influence she had on Kristen Stewart. If anyone just happens to bump into the Divine Miss J, ask her if her son's are from the same biological donor.

Oh yes, for the rest of you…it's Dr. Jodie Foster…(nah! Just kidding!)

2502 days ago


That's definitely not Cydney. Good to see that Jodie acts pretty cool in this paparazzi situation.

2502 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

What, like the whole world doesn't know Jodie Foster is 'Lebonese'..Nice of her to bring her gal pal out in public once in a while. Oh p/s if she asks for half n half whatever you do don't bring her anything but...

2502 days ago


BTW, that is not Cydney.

2502 days ago

jeanne buckner    

Who cares who is, or isn't gay? We live in a country where we think everyones business is ours. With our government destroying our freedoms, ignoring our problems and killing our young people in an unwanted, senseless war, WE NEED TO REFOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS!!!

2502 days ago
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