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Ashley Tisdale

Cuts Off Nose,

Face Not Spited

12/15/2007 5:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is it possible to look more natural after plastic surgery? "High School Musical" star Ashley Tisdale, 22, just got a nose job -- and her newly shaped schnozz made its first appearance yesterday at Madison Square Garden.
Ashley Tisdale
Tisdale claims she got the plastic surgery to fix a deviated septum -- the same excuse reason expressed by Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz for their rhinoplasty. Something smells fishy!

Ashley still looks great -- Eskimo kisses for everyone!


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brainless britt    

Michael Jackson was a hottie when he was younger and it's still shocking to see the difference with all the plastic surgery.
He and Janet looked alike. She is so beautiful and if he had left his face alone he would probably be really hot. Of coarse
with all his weird and sick behavior, I guess he still would have self destructed..

2503 days ago


There's no difference there except lighting and make up!

2503 days ago


Uh, take a closer look at the pic...she had more than her "deviated septum" fixed. In the before picture, the outer corners of her eyes were straight. In the after, they are curled up a little. The only thing that's deviated is the attempt to get people to believe a lie.

2502 days ago



I took my 9 year old daughter and spent over $300 for 2 tickets specifically to see her. Nonetheless, bought her a $30 Ashley Tisdale "pseudo concert" t-shirt. The only reason my daughter wanted to go was too see her!

The concert was unusually long and we sat through the entire fricken thing in hopes that Ashley would eventually come out and perform. No announcement was ever made that she wouldnt be there. If they would have announced it either during or prior to the show, I can guarantee that over 1/2 of the audience would have left early.

I strongly feel that those of us who bought tickets, should receive some sort of compensation or refund.

My daughter cannot stand her now. For lack of a better term, we both feel SCREWED!!! Way to go Ashley... Great way to market yourself and retain your loyal fans!

2502 days ago


HeatherNCourtney -- sorry for your loss; but $300? That's a lot of dough for a 9 year old's concert.

2502 days ago


she looks like she got her eyes opene/lifted too. she's def pulled an ashley simpson here...she's young, she'll prob look great too.

2502 days ago


Her nose looks really different. I like how her new nose turns up instead of down but now it looks pinched at the tip . . which is not a good look! These stars can afford the best plastic surgeons money can buy and the results are frequently bad. I don't get it.

2502 days ago


It's sad cuz Mickey was a hottie in that one movie with Kevin Bacon directed by that guy from Baltimore.Why do these holly wood etc. people look like burn victims when these doctors are finished with them, really, tell me who would want to look like a burn victim rather than a regular citizen. It is too sad that this mentality exists, and now from Diame Sawyer breaking news.................................

2502 days ago


Did I miss a picture somewhere? The people saying she looks so different now ought to go into forensic science or something because I can't see a damn bit of difference. If they hadn't announced the nose job I would have said the difference b/w picture 1 and 2 was darker hair and pastier make-up in the second picture. You guys have much better eyes than me to catch such a minute change!

2502 days ago


Well ANNIE2 it seems as though you may want to get your eyes checked if you can't see any difference. There is clearly an obvious distinction between the two.

2502 days ago


I can't tell the difference

2502 days ago


ok ican see a little difference. in the before pic her nose looks a little bit longer at the tip. i think her nose looks good. you can hardly tell that she got work done which is a good thing.

2502 days ago


Umm I don't see any difference at all.

2502 days ago

too sad    

# 9

i agree,

i thougt that right away .
she looksl ike hiedi monslag

2502 days ago

Anne Frank    

Note to vain, bubble-headed young stars: You are famous, most of
all, for being YOU. You are making a big mistake for taking away
what YOU look like.

The commenter above is correct about the career nose-dive (if you'll
pardon the expression) of Jennifer Grey after her nose job. Don't know
who she is? That's exactly my point!

These same principles hold for those those of us out in the real,
non-Hollywood world. Ladies, I am writing as a straight male. STOP
getting your noses done. It looks bad, fake and it takes away who
YOU are. I would much rather date a woman with a natural nose than
some shaved-down nose. Don't do it!

2502 days ago
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