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Nicole Kidman Pulls a Face

12/16/2007 2:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidman, 40, looked stunning at the "Golden Compass" premiere in her homeland of Australia -- where the pastel actress worked it for photogs. She's a smooth operator!

Nicole shined in a glossy get-up that was nearly seamless from head-to-toe. Eyes wide open!


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You people kill me. If she was ALL plastic like Pamela Anderson or Jenna Jamison you people would be sayin g the exact opposite of what you are saying about Kidman. This is a true lady in every sense of the word.And if you cant truly appreciate that then go back to you blow up dolls and pray you arent in the line of fire when something explodes.

2503 days ago


I wish I looked that good. Even on her worst day she looks better than some I have seen *cough cough Joan Riverscough c ough* who has had wayyyyy too much surgery. And *cough cough Cher cough cough* Gawd can you say ugly????? They both looked better before all the surgeries. They can afford to have things done and most of you are jealous. The photogs just caught her at a bad time.

2503 days ago


Since 90% of the stars in Hollywood are overrated, overpaid and over-botoxed, why should we be surprised about this pic of Kidman? She's not a bad actress...but certainly not a real beauty either.

2503 days ago


Actually you can botox around eyes and lips...I've had it done. Although it's not very effective.

2503 days ago


I believe anyone should be able to tell that Nicole is making a face in this photo. And even in doing so, she is still a pretty woman. Kudos to the comments about her not putting up with Tom and his weird beliefs and so-called religion. I hope he hasn't alienated (pardon the pun) the two older children from her but that's something she will have to deal with. I imagine she did great just getting away from his control, herself. Best wishes to her and Keith. And if they so desire, I hope the good Lord gifts them with a baby of their own.

2503 days ago

Lec Zorn    

I buy a lot of those cheapie $1 CDs of movies that have apparently fallen into public domain. One that I've bought is a double feature of "Evel Knievel" - starting George Hamilton as the title character - and "BMX Bandits," an early Nicole movie! I haven't watched the latter yet, but it will probably be interesting! The former is disappointing; it seems like it's largely fictional.

Lec Zorn

2503 days ago


I still can't believe that people think she is good looking. I am not just talking about this picture either. I also think she is decent actress not worthy of all the publicity.

2503 days ago


Stormsister, They use Botox around the eyes! Do your own research ! I have seen the procedure done. Nicole got too thin and now looks much older than she is. Too bad, happens to the best of us.

2503 days ago

Sick of the Brittophiles    

Jeez, who peed in you peoples Corn Flakes?? She's gorgeous and classy, and when was the last time you saw HER in the tabloids having meltdowns and diva tantrums? And whoever said she can't act has obviously not been paying attention. So what if she a had a little botox done? Everything else on her is the real thing, no fake boobs or tummy tucks. I wish I looked that good. She takes good care of herself and was blessed with some pretty awesome genes. Ever since Tom did her a favor and moved on to his Stepford wife (who now looks like Posh's twin), she's made her life on her own terms and for that I applaud her. Best of luck to her and Keith (wouldn't mind curling up next to HIM at night) and I hope they do have a baby, if that is what they want.

2503 days ago


Leave her alone. You don't have any unflattering pix of yourself huh. Get followed 24/7 and take alook at the pix they would get of you.

2503 days ago


This woman looks so pasty and washed out. Why in the world does she want to look like this? White skin, yellow hair? Yuk!

2503 days ago


Have you ever had one of those moments where someone is taking a picture of you...but you don't have a clue that they are? And, instead of collecting yourself and posing beautifully (as Nicole Kidman is famous for), you're instead doing something silly, like laughing or cringing or talking?

For Nicole, this was one of those moments. Her shoulders are hunched forward, and the way her neck is strained is very much like she's wincing playfully at something that someone else is saying. She's human like everyone else. She has her goofy moments. It doesn't make her any less of a classic beauty.

2503 days ago


Hey no matter what.. the world think's of cosmetic surgeries, and processes that help a person look nice.. the picture was bad .. of her and she is a class act!! Hey to have a HOT HOT... Keith Urban look .. you must be doing something right!
She is also married to that Hot man! So Snag... to all you jealous people! Who Judge and say what do you all look like..? ask yourself that?

2503 days ago


TMZ - stop it, you're getting ridiculous. You're always looking for that one bad pic. Turn the cameras on yourself.

2503 days ago


For the past several years, she has had a terrible washed out look like she died and forgot to lie down. She does NOT look good as a blond.

2503 days ago
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