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Brit Gets Gas -- Kaplan Ready to Give Some

12/17/2007 5:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The buzz we're hearing is that K-Daddy's lawyer is going to court tomorrow to send a message -- there are consequences when you party the same day you say you're too sick for court.
Kaplan and Britney
If you recall, last week Britney was a no-show for her depo but later that night, she hit up two gas stations and the Four Seasons Hotel. We're told tomorrow's hearing in the custody case is all about that night. From what we hear, Mark Vincent Kaplan may ask the judge to prevent Brit from regaining any custody until she sits for her deposition.

He may also try and block Brit's lawyers from taking depositions on the K-Fed side until their client takes the oath.

Tomorrow could be very interesting.


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The Simple Facts    

You just can't stay away from Harv's jock, can you Fly? What's the deal...he turn you down once?
Posted at 5:19PM on Dec 17th 2007 by ont

ROFL!!! Good one!

2313 days ago

liz, fla    


2313 days ago

Harv loves all, you too.

Comment to the address below - all emails answered

Harv has a good time when he goes out - believe me.

2313 days ago

Britney Supporter    

Although I do not support K-Fed in any way, I think he is a low life job less, gold diggin loser but......Britney????? I do not understand her at all, I am a mother of 3, ages 6, 4 and 2 I know I would do anything for my kids, I would die or kill someone before I let someone take them from me.....What is wrong with you Britney??????????

2313 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Poster #48, Fly Swatter: Thx. Btw, love your comment name. I suspect many, many people would like to swat that weirdo out of existence. It's bizarre & obnoxious posts, are probably a result of it's still feeling stung from rejection in high school -- which undoubtedly has continued into it's present life, by those unfortunate enough to have to know it now. It's def a mental case.

2313 days ago

too sad    

she needs a good smackdown .

needs to be told,

no more kids ,bye bye !

time to finally teach her a lesson.

just say NO to her for a change.
she doesnt deserve to mess wih thee young boys heads .

they must already be confused enough

2313 days ago

Julie G.    

25# by Andera, I disagree with you on the last part.. K-Fed and Britney both do love the boys,oh yes.. K-Fed had worked in the past, not as in perment gig yet or a real career. yet.... Shar kicked him out for that reason, but made a clear to the people that K-Fed is a good dad. Only he needs to learn to realize that he cannot use some body else's money to support himself and need to learn to become a better husband if he ever remarried one day.. I hope with that, K- Fed need to grow up and to be adult about it. Britney has been in the shadow of her mother's being agent live out a dream of her mother's for years.. She has not really learned anything or strive on her own before all of this. She wanted to become an adult early before she was ready to be so.... She shocked her fans at 17, by wearing the sexy clothes, wannabe like Madonna, but it was not enough for her, Her mother stopped being her agent... as Britney asked her to... Then, she decided to have the babies to make her look like more woman or hoping for people to take her seriously. She has not really gotten in the gray area where she has not really been touched with her childhood thing before she get to grow up. Now with twobabies, She realized it was not just OP thing, a work ,work , work, being a parent She freaked it out! Basically, She made the bad decisions thinking she has all right answers without thinking twice. Britney kinda used her kids by thinking it would give her career jump start, but it is not to be that way as she must have thought.. ooops.. Had the boys, will always attach to Britney in some ways. But, Brit freaked out when things is not going her way, In the past beforeThanksgiving, She seemed to use her car as the babysitter for her boys because she freaked out as her being do the interactive part as being a mother It is not what her boys need... A real mother, not a pop star! I have two boys myself..One morning,, my boy both got fought at the same time. I said, knock it off... I have to find the fair solution for them without penalize one than others, then I said I love you both... It is not easy being a parent, then I believe she is not ready to be mother to do things like that. I think if someone really powerful would tell her what is the problem and make her see the problem she has... If she would see to that, the more better why she has that , and correct problem herself before she can become a better person or ready to be mother to her boys. she probably can become to be fit parent. It is really up to her 's fate to have the decisions, She is not child anymore. She is 26. Britney has had many chances.. I think it's enough is enough for her to find it anything a big joke to her.

2313 days ago


kfed is no Angel he chain smokes and i bet he smokes around the kids he is in this for the money not the kids

2313 days ago

how sad    

The paps are only following Britwreck around because they want to capture on film her final demise.
Britwreck loves the paps just the same way Anna Nicole Smith did. What a papethic mental patient...

2313 days ago


"Off With Her Head" ! as if......Her singing voice is unique...her antics are not. That seems to be where the debate gets stuck. Morals....or I suspect she will continue to do "whatever" to keep those children away from her. They just get in the way...sad.

2313 days ago

Julie G.    

Regarding to my 53# I forgot to mention one small comment-- Caring and love are the two different issues.

2313 days ago

too bad    

whatever happened to her intervention her mother was doing? why doesn't her family have her committed? where are they?

2313 days ago


#58...think she learned this from her mother....ya-think?

2313 days ago


Andrea kfed will never have to work thanks to brit`s 20,000 a month support payment he has been getting it for over a year he has no skills ecept for reeling in rich women and getting them pregnant

2313 days ago


Brit tell GayFed and that 2 bit lawyer to shove it. You are so getting screwed in this ordeal!

2313 days ago
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