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Brit Gets Gas -- Kaplan Ready to Give Some

12/17/2007 5:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The buzz we're hearing is that K-Daddy's lawyer is going to court tomorrow to send a message -- there are consequences when you party the same day you say you're too sick for court.
Kaplan and Britney
If you recall, last week Britney was a no-show for her depo but later that night, she hit up two gas stations and the Four Seasons Hotel. We're told tomorrow's hearing in the custody case is all about that night. From what we hear, Mark Vincent Kaplan may ask the judge to prevent Brit from regaining any custody until she sits for her deposition.

He may also try and block Brit's lawyers from taking depositions on the K-Fed side until their client takes the oath.

Tomorrow could be very interesting.


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2502 days ago

Check out harvs new spin on brit yet? She broke.

Comments welcomed to harv back room.

Have a wonderful evening.

2502 days ago

my cooze is all ..and slimy    

stuoid cow just ran over my good foot!

2502 days ago

my cooze is all ..and slimy    


2502 days ago

my cooze is all ..and slimy    

im really drunk and im delusional.i only have 1 foot and now it's really sore!

2502 days ago


I tend to think KFed cares more about the kids than she does. I mean, at least they have a stable home with him, even if it involves money. And I always thought a mother was supposed to tend to have more feelings for her children - excuse my ignorance, but that is what I had heard. You cannot convince me she has ANY feelings for her children. I dont know whether she is extremely immature, emotionally or mentally disabled or just totally void of any emotion for anyone (even her children) other than herself. But SOMETHING is wrong with her! And I think right now she is flaunting it in order to unload her children. She totally disgusts me. If the press would cease to follow her all around, even though she is obviously BEGGING for the attention, then she might just crawl away and cease to exist. Who cares? I think she has to have these children permanently taken away NOW before they get much older and realize that "Mommy does not love us". Because, come on - she really doesn't !!!! Party Hardy Britt - because soon you will run out of money and once you do that, no one will WANT to party with you. Get it - they dont love you (like you children) they love your money!!!! Your poor, stupid, hick fool !!!!

2502 days ago

just me    

Brit is not under the penalty of ignoring a subpoena for missing deposition appointments because the place, date and time of the appointments are by agreement between the lawyers. No subpoena was served on Britney and none will be served unless she outright refuses to be deposed or unless she shows up for the deposition and refuses to answer reasonable questions.

But since the judge has denied the video tape deposition request made by K-Fed's lawyer some weeks back, and also since it seems that the place, date and time of the deposition cannot be kept in strict confidence to avoid a media circus event, I do not understand why Brit's attorneys do not ask for an agreement from K-Fed's lawyer to take her deposition by telephone conferencing. Taking depositions by teleconferencing is common practice in all states and there is no reasonable reason why K-Fed's attorney should not agree to that if the deposition is not going to be video taped. Or better yet, if it is permitted in California, ask K-Fed's attorney to allow Britney to be deposed by affidavit by submitting written questions requiring written answers that are sworn to by signature and notarized. I don't know if California permits that but I know that is permitted in Illinois because I gave a deposition by affidavit as a passenger witness in an auto accident lawsuit.

This is nonsense, unfair, and grossly unnecessary forcing Britney to endure the pressure of a media circus just to give a deposition. And those who say Britney deserves what she is getting because they think she is wicked or because they think she is mentally ill should ask themselves if even the wicked or the mentally ill deserve just treatment.

What a shameful betrayal of fairness K-Fed's attorney (and TMZ as well) is making of this deposition matter! I understand TMZ's motivation, which is a public lynching under the pretense of journalism, but I can only guess that the motivation of K-Fed's attorney is to make this process as unfair and as miserable and as uncomfortable for Britney as he possibly can. I mean after all, if he can drive Britney to the brink of insanity he will easily convince the judge to give K-Fed all he asks for. And if he can drive her to suicide he can easily win for K-Fed Britney's whole caboodle in its entirety by way of the children's inheritance. Is it any wonder that some folks say that a lawyer up to his neck in cement is not enough cement?

2502 days ago

Mina M    

A quick tip for those of you who were saying that the new teeny type is difficult to read: If you're using a PC, and you're on the webpage with the small font, you can press Ctrl and + to make the font bigger, Ctrl and - to make it smaller. Hope that helps! :)

Oh yeah... and why are so many people furious at K-Fed's lawyer...? B-Rit was a bad parent before he came along, and he certainly didn't force her to miss her depo... for the fourth time. Since when did Brit become a poor innocent single mother being viciously and cruelly attacked by a big bad mean lawyer? You know... she's not exactly poor (and a long way from innocent, lol), nor is she any kind of "mother" except in the biological sense. She could afford the best lawyers in CA, but the best lawyers in CA know she's just a waste of their time.

2502 days ago

Mina M    

Umm... since when did B-Rit have a problem with media circuses? She kind of makes a point of creating them... Every. Single. Day.

2502 days ago


Great post - Keep it up - Your opinion is well thought.

Comment to the address below

Harv is thinkin hard right now.

2502 days ago


Brit's bratz are just adorable mistakes!! Papazao is just a piece of crap, period!!!

2502 days ago


43. Can someone explain why a judge/lawyer is letting k-fed the non working sob get away with hounding a sick women, taking her for every penny, sucking her dry, taking her kids, making her pay for the attorney for a man., all while driving her more and more to the brink,

If the genders were reversed,would you have the same sentiment? Where is it written a father cannot have custody of his children?

2502 days ago

too sad    

" TAKE " " """??

""WACK "" THE KEYS AND GO BACK AND CHECK...........................................

2502 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

#80, Mary. You say that the kids have a stable home with k-dud - how could you possibly know that? Do you live there? How can you possibly know what goes on in that house????

#82, Geri. You are so right. Britney can also be deposed at her home - she pays all the legal expenses anyway - I'm sure Mark Vincent Kaplan would LOVE getting through the paps stationed in front of her house with TMZ's live feed recording his every move driving up, parking and walking into her home. Let him see first hand what it is like!

2502 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

#64, Suzee-Q: TMZ reports that Lufti is dating L Lohan.

2502 days ago
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