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Brit Gets Gas -- Kaplan Ready to Give Some

12/17/2007 5:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The buzz we're hearing is that K-Daddy's lawyer is going to court tomorrow to send a message -- there are consequences when you party the same day you say you're too sick for court.
Kaplan and Britney
If you recall, last week Britney was a no-show for her depo but later that night, she hit up two gas stations and the Four Seasons Hotel. We're told tomorrow's hearing in the custody case is all about that night. From what we hear, Mark Vincent Kaplan may ask the judge to prevent Brit from regaining any custody until she sits for her deposition.

He may also try and block Brit's lawyers from taking depositions on the K-Fed side until their client takes the oath.

Tomorrow could be very interesting.


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+No, Chincho, not every kid deserves to be with its mother. We see the result on the TV news all the time what somany mothers do to their kids.. Brit makes it painfully clear in the many pix we've seen of her with the kids that she has absolutely no interest in being with them for the 36 hours a week she has them. She always looks bored and glum, paying almost no attention to them, texting, while the monitor does most of the watching and caring, as opposed to the big smiles and girlish chit chat she gives the paps who follow her. ("I love you guys!" she told them Friday nite in the video we all saw.) She made it obvious by continually trying to change her visiting days. She makes it clear enough to the monitor that when she's with them she does what she wants to do, not what would be of interest to them, as stated in her report to the court. The kids may deserve to be with her when she's gotten herself straightened out, but not now, if ever. Kaplan and KFed and the court are not keeping her from them. She's doing that all by herself, because it's ,as always, what SHE wants. It's up to her and nobody else to get the kids back. Remember, she has good lawyers too, who if she was doing what she should, would beable to get them back. But SHE DOESN'T WANT THEM NOW!!!

2469 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

To 32, 33? The one who used to work for Mark Vincent Kaplan ... Hi, Mark Vincent Kaplan!!!! Good post. Keep 'em coming. Doing research again, I see.

2469 days ago

just me    

Do you think she really cares? I bet she's OVERJOYED. It's so obvious she doesn't even want those kids.

2469 days ago


the court should just take the kids away from BOTH parents!! britney the trainwreck and k-fed the goldigger. BOTH should go to counseling!!!

2469 days ago


Brit is not under the penalty of ignoring a subpoena for missing deposition appointments because the place, date and time of the appointments are by agreement between the lawyers. No subpoena was served on Britney and none will be served unless she outright refuses to be deposed or unless she shows up for the deposition and refuses to answer reasonable

As she has ducked two or three depositions now, I would guess a subpoena will be forthcoming; publicly cruising around after refusing to attend a deposition is pure chutzpah,and is viewed as thumbing her nose at the legal system.

< I do not understand why Brit's attorneys do not ask for an agreement from K-Fed's lawyer to take her deposition by telephone conferencing. Taking depositions by teleconferencing is common practice in all states and there is no reasonable reason why K-Fed's attorney should not agree to that if the deposition is not going to be video taped. Or better yet, if it is permitted in California, ask K-Fed's attorney to allow Britney to be deposed by affidavit by submitting written questions requiring written answers that are sworn to by signature and notarized.>

As the intent of the deposition is to assess her parental capabilities or lack thereof, to depose her via teleconferencing or affadavit would defeat the purpose. One attorney has already thrown up her hands and resigned as Spears' counsel in this matter. It is a tragedy no one is close enough to her to shake her until she acquires a glimmer of reality. Kaplan has a tight game plan;just sit still and she'll 'hang herself'. She is a sad creature-uneducated and residing in her own created world.

2469 days ago


Brit is not being pushed to the brink by anyone. She's doing it all on her own!
Please don't forget she missed 3 depo appointments which were not publicized. If, indeed, Kaplan let it be known that this one was scheduled, maybe he thought she'd go to this one just to make a media circus, her favorite thing to do.
Also, remember, SHE is the one asking for change in the permanent custody arrangements. He only asked for and got temporary changes. That's why she is asked for the depo, the burden of proof is on her. He will be deposed by her lawyers. It's funny how people are saying she should not have to go out to the lawyers office and should be allowed to do it at one of her homes. Ironic that these people are probably the same ones always defending her right to go out and make a fool of herself on a daily basis, doing the most useless things imaginable. They say she should not have to stay at home. But now, when she could be doing something useful, with the purpose of getting her kids back (or at least following a court order for once), they scream that she should be able to do the depo at home--thus causing all of the lawyers and the steno to have to go to her house. They want to have their cake and it too!

2469 days ago


WHY IN THE HELLO DON'T YOU LEAVE HER ALONG i'm tired of hearing about her. All everyone wants is her money they aren't concerned about the kids .do you ever see k fed with them hello he is a sleeze bag and his attorney andall.

2469 days ago

The Simple Facts    

Buttney is just a dirty skag who cares nothing for anyone but her slimy self. If they put her on suicide watch, let us know; would definitely love to watch, lololololololololololololol!

2469 days ago


Rules are always different for Britney. I wonder if she even misses them or is she just trying use this situation to get more attention.

2469 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Bogie, so what if they go to her home? She is paying all of them anyway – might as well get her money’s worth. Let k-dud’s disso cutie see first hand what it is like to drive through (over) the paps, be filmed for posterity by tmz’s live feed, have thousands of light bulbs going off in your face, just the general pushing, shoving and mayhem … tmz might even get a money shot of “the pickle in his pocket” – I’m sure he’ll love the hoopla and really feel impotent. Hey, he may even switch sides!

2469 days ago

just wondering    

...hahahahahahahah...jack54..!!!...u said it!!!!!!!!!!

2469 days ago

just wondering    

....K-milk must be going CRAZY !!!...out of Vegasm playin the shooter...then again???...he is playin his biggest jackpot with his youngest..!! wonder he is hunkering down!!!.....too bad Brit doesn't listne more to her legal is pretty clear for K-Milk....ABC!!!!!.....he must be well rehearsed with that jingle!!

2469 days ago



2469 days ago

just wondering    

...L....geesh...din't even get time for a cup of tea...jack 54 is MASSIVE knowledge of the situation......and right behind OCD!!!....shhhhhhhhhhhhh

2469 days ago

just wondering    

.L...I'm with u...jack 54.!!!!!...with things sitting they r right now...whts the upside???

2469 days ago
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