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Britney Could Go All Night Long

12/18/2007 9:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We all know that when it comes to raising hell (if not to showing up for court dates), Britney Spears is a marathoner -- but could the same be true for her work habits?

Her latest video director, Wayne Isham, tells People, "Her endurance was remarkable, as we had a long day. She almost outlasted me, which is amazing! It was a pleasure to work with her again." Unlike some of her other work excursions, she actually performed to expectations -- such as they were.

"Piece of Me" -- in which she rips the paparazzi -- debuted over the weekend.

Matt's Mug Marred in Ultimate Fight?

Matthew McConaughey -- Ultimate Fighting guy? Apparently so, says his rep, who said yesterday that his chestacular client was injured while prepping for his role in "The Grackle."

Matt was training Ultimate Fighting Championship-style, says Alan Nierob, when he cut his face. Last week, pap shots showed Matthew wearing a bandage over his left eye while riding in the passenger seat of a car. He was also, reportedly, wearing a shirt.

Ashley Knows Why She Bailed on Shows

Newly reduced Ashley Tisdale -- just on this side of surgery to correct a "deviated septum" -- had to ditch a pair of concerts in Miami and Philadelphia because of post-surgical issues.

The Tizz actually managed to sing at the Z100 Jingle Ball concert in New York on Friday, unveiling her hot-off-the-scalpel honker to the world, but then couldn't make her weekend gigs. As she explained to fans in her blog, "the deviated septum was more significant than we originally thought, so the healing process is taking longer."

Party Favors: Lindsay Breaking Her True Addiction? ... New Brit Royal Emerges ... Brits Ditch Work in Droves

Lindsay Lohan was spotted shopping at trendy Melrose Ave. boutique Mosci last week, and -- believe it or not -- didn't buy a thing! Wow! Maybe she really has changed her ways! ... Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex gave birth to a baby boy, Viscount Severn, who will be eighth in line to the throne. ... And speaking of underemployed Brits, more people called in sick yesterday than any other day of the year, reports the Daily Mail, with over four percent of the UK workforce staying at home, signaling the UK's festive shutdown.


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Lenn K.    

Ashley, I saw the side-by-side shot and the nose looks the same. Britney, when was the last time you saw your kids? NO SPAMS OR PROMOTIONAL PIMPS PLEASE!

2468 days ago


Of course you can go all night, and have endurance when you take speed! duh!

2468 days ago

blue pen    

Endurance.... yeah I know a few people who have the same stamina *sniffs through nose*

2468 days ago

Nothing wrong with doing it all night now is there.

Comment to Harv

He is only good for half a minute.

2468 days ago


Are these people really that stupid - deviated septum??? I had surgery three years ago for my deviated septum and also had to have the bones scrapped away since I had the nose of a four year old - I was 25. I did not walk away with a new nose. It looks exactly the same.

2468 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

No way is Brit NOT taking something! Maybe Adderall or something 'prescribed'. Still think Ash is cute either way. They only took a bit off the top anyway!

2468 days ago


Good for Wayne Isham, Britney's latest video director--I allege that when you are sniffing and using you can do anything all night long and have out standing endurance--maybe he using is too. When was the last time Britney spent any quality time with her two precious toddler boys? Why haven't we heard anything in a month or so about the required court ordered drug testing for Britney? I am sorry that Matthew MCConaughey got hurt and that he is now OK, but maybe it will bring his inflated 'ego' down a little bit. Ashley's deviated septum my ___. A hidden nose job for sure. Lindsay may have broken her addiction to shopping because her money is running out. Her last two films have not done so hot. Maybe her career would improve if she would publicly apologize to her former assistant and her mother and the passengers she hurt during her last reckless driving frenzy under the influence--she may be sober, but I don't see many character changes.

2468 days ago


To FlyontheWall--Why don't you stop the Harvey Levin bashing and go to another celebrity web site??? Harvey and the TMZ staff have done an excellent job or reporting true and actual facts--unlike a lot of other web sites and tabloid magazines. Why do you even log on or read this thread and others if dis like TMA so much?

2468 days ago

Dawn Day    

Britney must drink LOTS of soda to stay up all night like she does, huh? Uh huh, we all believe that one!

Well I guess when you sleep all day...

2468 days ago


You guys know Vscount Severn is the baby's title not his name, right? Sure you do.

2468 days ago


Meant to say if you dislike TMZ so much, not TMA--correction

2468 days ago


The new royal baby isn't called Vicount Severn, that's the title he'll get, like the 'prince of wales'

2468 days ago


Whoa, that tiz looks like celine dion. creepy.

2468 days ago


ASHLEY ASHLEY ASHLEY. Didnt your mother teach you honesty is best policy or if so obvious you had nose job having nothing to do with deviated septum keep your mouth shut. I am emabrrassed for you to be touting the deviated septum story - plleeaaaassseee! And her nose looks awful. It had character before and now looks pinched and is actually a very bad amateur looking nose job.

2468 days ago


Britney must drink LOTS of soda to stay up all night

2467 days ago

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