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Federline to TMZ: Hit Me with Your Best Britney Shot

12/18/2007 12:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ received a subpoena late yesterday in the Britney Spears case.

K-Daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, served papers on TMZ late yesterday, asking for the video we shot of Brit the same day she was a no show for her deposition. That same night, we shot Brit at two gas stations and at the Four Seasons Hotel.

We're told Brit's reason for not showing for the depo was that she was sick with anxiety. Ding dang, her recovery was a miracle!

We believe Kaplan will ask the judge to deny Britney the right to change the custody order until she sits for her depo. We're told he will ask that all of Brit's requests (including a change in custody and the right to drive her kids again) should not be heard in January as scheduled. Kaplan wants everything delayed until April.


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To Vintage '51: I just sent you a thank for your compliment. When I first sent my note mine was #96, which is what you referred to and was correct. However, when I sent my thank you and checked to see if it was sent, my #96 became #90, which I did not write. Obviously, I don't understand the changing of the numbering system here on TMZ. Anyway, thank you. Bella.

2469 days ago


She goes to gas stations so she can by those flavored blunts c'mon people get with the times!! LOLOLOLOL

2469 days ago


Wow, what a shame she is so talented

2469 days ago

Vintage '51    

Bella (#96 originally) One thing I noticed about this TMZ site is how frequently posters numbers change. That's why I always use the poster's number AND email name. TMZ doesn't hesitate about changing posts numbers but I, like you ,have trouble figuring out why. I'm in your corner so I will keep an eye on any future posts from you.

2469 days ago


If she is not able to mother her children, then they should be with a family member who can love and care for them. If it were KF who did not want to care for them would that make things worse -I think not. Not being mentally fit to raise a child is a serious matter.

Stop focusing on BS (no pun intended). Brit will come around, but until then, get the boys in a stable home environment -IMMEDIATELY!

2469 days ago

As long as TZM is in the headline who cares?

Right Harv

Comment to K Fed

2469 days ago

my cooze is all ..and slimy    

she is crazier than a bag of hammers.

2469 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

Posted at 2:14PM on Dec 18th 2007 by Anonymous

Just an FYI: I was asking a question not presenting a fact...

2468 days ago


To Vintage '51 - #120 (for now)! Thank you for your note. I was hoping you would respond. Ditto back at you - I will keep an eye out for your Vintage '51 name. I am in Salt Lake and it's 5:15PM - time to go home. Bella

2468 days ago


TMZ needs to stop stalking this woman. What you are doing is to create "news" by always inserting yourself into the situation. How pathetic.

2468 days ago

britneys csection    

jamie lynnns pregggo toooo hahahahaha these girls are skaaaaaaanks

2468 days ago


i hope the bitch kills herself..she not wort a toss anymore

2468 days ago


If it were not for TMZ we would not know half of what is really going with Britney and Kevin Ferderline and their two precious boys. Sam Lufti her so called manager and Britney must think we are all really stupid to believe that she could be ill and have an anxiety attack the day of the deposition and be out till two or so in the am in the following morning. What is going on with Judge Scott and Commissioner in LA? Where are the drug test results that were court ordered? Something really strange and weird is going on here for sure.

2468 days ago


No matter what is wrong with Britney, and no matter how much her fans love her, she should never have any custody rights to her sons until she declared fit by a mental health specialist. Thank God Sean and Jayden have a father who loves them, is concerned about their welfare, and is quite obviously able to take good care of them. While I always felt he never deserved alimony, I feel he does now. He is taking on the role of mom as well as dad, and is performing a service for Spears
and he deserves some spousal support for the duties he has taken on. He should be paid alimony as well as child support until he is able to find good steady employment in the acting or music fields. Anyone who feels this guy is a gold digger should remember that Spears was deeply in love with him, and proposed to him-not visa versa. That fact has been in numerous publications. What he did to Shar Jackson was wrong, but at least they enede up as good friends and co-parents with eachother. The public needs to give K-Fed a break.

2467 days ago
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