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Britney: I Was Being Sarcastic, I Know My Sis is Preggo

12/19/2007 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A source close to Britney Spears tells TMZ that the popwreck's comment to our cameras last night denying sister Jamie Lynn's pregnancy was a joke. She was "being sarcastic," we're told. "She knows." Hope so!

Brit had been out on a late-night shopping excursion when photogs asked how she felt about being an auntie. She replied, "My sister's not pregnant!" much to the surprise of the throng around her.

Britney's not that dumb. She's just not a comic.


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OMG...the in-breeding is REALLY showing now!

2502 days ago


TMZ says her sister and boyfriend have been dating for 5yrs.. He would of been 14 when they met and her 11. Is it illegal then? Momma Spears fault, not the guys.

2502 days ago


Mr. and Mrs. Spears bore two absolutely beautiful daughters for their generation. Too bad they didn't also teach them any morals! One doesn't know how to be a decent mother, the other is setting a disgusting example for all teenager girls!

2502 days ago


I like the TrailerQueen. She is a perfect role model for today's Ute's. "look at you, in a bar with a baby!"

2502 days ago


do you think she'd care if her sis's baby daddy went to jail? I heart brits....I'd wanna badmouth the paps too.

2502 days ago


Britney has a great sense of humor....however the media thinks it makes a better story to promote her as a dimwit. Brit your mom is HOT!

2502 days ago


Do people not know what the definition of sarcasm is?
Education in the south is the worst on the planet, and yet still over rated.
She may as well said she was being "ironic". Another favorite, oft misused, word of the trailer crowd.

2502 days ago


She didn't know - watch the video. She is just trying damage control now. Please, she is not that smart. AND, we're not that dumb!

2502 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Brit did not cooperate with TMZ? I can't imagine why...anyone, class, anyone...

2502 days ago

Harv you missed a story

The Sun reports that Allen is expecting her first child. The father is Chemical Brother Ed Simons. The two have been dating since September. Simons is 15 years older than the 22-year-old Allen.

Have a great day all

2502 days ago


She didn't know. She's just trying to cover up the fact that she has pushed her family away. Hopefully JL will be a better mother.

2502 days ago


This pregnancy news really pisses me off. Plastering her face on the cover of a magazine to "brag about it" is just about as irresponsible as spreading her legs without the use of protection. I for one will not be buying the issue or the one months from now with the baby! She is 16, the press should not be "glorifying" this story as if it were something positive.."Oh how cute, they were house hunting! ' excuse me while I go throw up!

Brit has mental issues and has been through a lot but I don't think she should at all be blamed for this outcome... Mama Spears should have been acting on all those so called tips on how to raise a child instead of writing them down for a book in hopes of making money off the "Spears" name made famous by Britney..

Sorry Lynne. your next gravy train has derailed!

2502 days ago

W T F ?    

Did she actually say "sarcastic"? Does she even know what that means? Maybe someone told her to say that. I don't think she's smart enough to know how to respond. I'm sure she's pissed that Jamie is stealing the spotlight! Ha ha Twitney!

2502 days ago

Jasmine RIP    

Jaime's "boyfriend" should have his ass thrown in jail !!!!! He is 18 years old. My nephew was thrown in jail because he was 18 and she was 17 when she had her baby. The law better come through and throw his sick butt in JAIL!!!!

2502 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Britney's a whole lot smarter than a bunch of lowlife gossips following her and murmuring against her in order to put food in their jaded, foul mouths;sadists you are, TMZ, reveling and squealing in orgiastic delight at the tragedy and misfortune of others. Back at you, 100-fold. You're a real piece of work.

2502 days ago
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