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Alba to Pap: Don't Be an A-Hole!

12/20/2007 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The always paparazzi-friendly (ha!) Jessica Alba got royally pissed when one photog got a bit too close on Rodeo Drive yesterday.

TMZ caught the pregnant-yet-dour starlet getting her shop on, ignoring paps as they tried to snap pics of her growing belly. One photog got real close though and attempted to get an unflattering shot from below -- prompting Jessica to cuss him out!


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Damn! I’d have been ticked too. Hello!!!! What those paps were doing borders on assault. Try sticking a camera where it doesn’t belong around me and see what happens. I’d get physical – in self-defense of course.

As for these actors seeking fame and therefore being deserving of this crap – well that is utter nonsense. The Paris Hilton’s of the world are deserving of it maybe because they court it and are in fact desirous of being confronted by the paps everywhere they go. But Jessica tries to live a fairly quiet life and she has that right, without changing her career path.

Some of you idiots posting on this need to never have children – we don’t want the genepool any more polluted than it already is with you in it!

La Vonda – you probably don’t even have a job, you lazy slob
Stian – you’re just a dumb-a$$
Tamtam – you are a problem, go solve yourself
Roughdaddy – you’re probably some scrawny piss-ant who wears a toupee
she smiled – get a clue you moron

I'm sure there are many more idiots who are posting but I'm done reading your BS

2456 days ago


Jessica Alba wasn't being an A-Hole, she was being a concerned mother-to-be, that felt a camera was almost up her ass! Please... The paparazzi has been getting out of control lately, and you can tell that many celebs don't want their pics taken, yet the paps are right there, snapping every little photo... Why?? So they can have presidents as their friends, in their pockets.......... Think about it....

2455 days ago


I wonder if he got the shot?

2455 days ago


first of all jessica alba isn't an a'hole she is one of the most beautiful celebs i know....and i would be pissed off too if i was pregnant and a paparazzi shoved a camera in my face when i dont feel like being bothered,,,,,being pregnant is a rough/emotional rollercoaster and its not a pretty site....i know b/c i went through it!!! she is not being an a'hole b/c of a paparazzi is in her face its b/c she doesnt fell good....the first 3 months of a pregnancy is the toughest so how can she be an a'hole when she doesnt feel good???? i would just end up throwing up in the paparazzi's face!!!!

2455 days ago


I think they should have left her (Alba) alone. I mean she is a celebrity but come on now she was out shopping. How would all of you like it if a camera was shoved in your face or other place every time you walked outside. The press just needs to back off, that is why they schedule press conferences to answer questions and photos. I think it has gotten way out of control and is total BS..............

2453 days ago


Paparazzi is rediculously invasive. My god, to have all that crap in your face everytime you try to go somewhere. No wonder people get rude. They are being just as rude, so, so hwat if someone makes a rude statement to the paprazzi. Good for Jessica. I would not have been able to be that nice watching that whole situation.

2453 days ago


this bitch is latina...

2463 days ago

Lenn K.    

Jessica, It only the start of the ou-of-control media who will stalk your ass to death. Just get ready for these freaks!!

2463 days ago


course shes cranky that ass is expanding...get her outta here!!!

2463 days ago

bag lady    

Love her handbag . Who What is it? anyone know?

2463 days ago


Bitch, You wanted fame and fortune, this is the price you must pay...get used to it or move, try solving a problem already.

2463 days ago


she`s the a-hole

2463 days ago


TMZ loves to manipulate its image by playing both sides of the fence, siding with a celebrity when a photographer goes too far or siding with a photographer when a celebrity lashes out.

Yet it's pretty obvious whose side TMZ is really on. Those a-hole photographers provide them with footage, so think twice next time TMZ appears to be criticizing them. The parasitic relationship between paparazzi, celebrities and TMZ (et al.) is disgusting.

I find myself empathizing more and more with celebrities, at least those who don't contact the media before going out in public. As for Alba, give the woman a break. She doesn't need a-hole photographers stiking cameras up her coat while trying to get shots of the fetus.

2463 days ago



You can always use hormones as an excuse.

2463 days ago

Here 4 Beer    

Kill the douchebags, every last one of them.

2463 days ago
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