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Alba to Pap: Don't Be an A-Hole!

12/20/2007 8:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The always paparazzi-friendly (ha!) Jessica Alba got royally pissed when one photog got a bit too close on Rodeo Drive yesterday.

TMZ caught the pregnant-yet-dour starlet getting her shop on, ignoring paps as they tried to snap pics of her growing belly. One photog got real close though and attempted to get an unflattering shot from below -- prompting Jessica to cuss him out!


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Taking pics of a celeb is one thing, getting in the way, and endangering her safety and that of her baby is another. Yes, being famous, getting your pic taken every step you take is part of the game, but get out of her way, let her walk, would you people be downing her if that camera man who was UNDER her had made her fall and something happened to the baby?

2407 days ago


This is disturbing..... No one deserves to be treated that way. Celebrities have the obligation to deal with a certain amount of scrutiny and publicity but this kind of stuff is just downright rude and should be illegal. All of those photogs should have been arrested.

2407 days ago


Who should have to live like that? Just leave her alone already.

2407 days ago

The Man    

You all are missing the real point here. This was just an advertisement commercial for NISSAN trucks. LOL

2407 days ago


Hey paps, the girl obviously didn't want to be photographed at that particular time. Leave her alone and let her do her Christmas shopping in peace!
On the other hand, it seems some of the paparazzi were trying to be nice, congratulating her on the baby news and chattily asking if she had any ideas for baby names. She could have been a bit more accomodating--like said "Thanks" to their congratulations and allowed a few tasteful and non-invasive pics.
I don't blame her for cursing at the one that tried to get an unflattering photo of her pregnant belly, though. I would have done the same thing in her position.
Sure, as a celebrity, she's gonna be in the public eye and have people always wanting pictures and autographs...but that doesn't mean her privacy has to be invaded twenty-four/seven, like when she's out and about wandering the streets looking for Christmas gifts or something. What, is In Touch Magazine going to include her in a "Stars--They're Just Like Us" spread? "They go Christmas shopping with their friends." Um...shocker--and really, who cares?

2407 days ago


These days, how can you pursue a dream in the spotlight without expecting this kind of drama? I'm not saying that the paparazzi are right in the way they handle their jobs - it's obvious they are fueled by some animilistic tendencies - this is true. However, if I were an actor and this was my dream - to be the type of person who stands on a stage, so to speak, well then, how can you expect to not be in the public eye outside of the stage? It frustrates me to think that certain people want to be famous, but only when it is convenient. Again, could the paprazzi be more humanistic in their endeavors? Of course. But, if you are an actor, be prepared for the lifestyle. Never forget that every waking moment will be filled with harsh realities - cost opportunities for getting what you want! Personally, everytime I see an actor hitting a cameraman or fighting or swearing, I lose interest in that person as an actor. If I happen to see a movie or television show with that same person In it, it becomes difficult for me not to remember that I may have just seen them punching someone on the street. Call it a scarlet letter if you will, or at the very least, a stigma of negativity. On the flipside, I understand actors are only human and their threshold for B.S. is probably as short as mine. Nevertheless, as an editor, basically working behind the scenes, and out of the spotlight, I see this type of behavior frequently. So, to all the actors out there - If the paprazzi are not endangering your life - DEAL WITH IT. THIS IS THE PATH YOU CHOSE, AND UNDERSTAND THIS IS THE WAY IT WILL ALWAYS BE. SO INSTEAD OF TRYING TO CHANGE OTHERS, CHANGE YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVE ON THE ISSUE, AND FIND A HEALTHY SET OF COPING SKILLS TO MANAGE YOUR LIVES! IN THE END THE ONLY PERSON YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER IS YOURSELF!

2407 days ago


I think we have another Michael Jackson in the making here...notice the fingerless gloves and what's up with the hand over the camera...all of a sudden she's camera shy? Is the girl ashamed of being pregnant? She's a beautiful woman with the worlds most awesome miracle happening to her, she should put it out there and rejoice in the fact that she has all these wonderful gifts...Grow up and act like an adult

2407 days ago


You shouldn't blame the Paps. They only do it because it is money to them. Like, What do you do to make a living? Everyone has to eat to sustain life. They get their exercise at the same time. How do you get yours? In front of the TV?

2407 days ago


Some people here are idiots (tamtam...stian). Seriously, harrassment shouldn't be a part of the package. Dealing with people autographs and such is one thing, having photogs getting uncomfortably close is another. Nobody should have to put up with garbage like that or comments like yours. Grow up.

2407 days ago

Suzane Davis    

All famous people must remember this--You don't gain anything without losing something.

2407 days ago

A Person    

As Frank Sinatra once said, "Being hounded by fans and potograpehers is part of the labor for which, we celiberties are paid so well". Ever heard the old saying, "Bad publicity is better than no publicity?" Give me a break, she (all celiberties) loves it. She could have remained at home and had her maid do the shopping. BooWho! I feel so sorry for her.

2407 days ago


Whike these stars do have to shed some of their privacy, these Paparazzi goes out of their way to be a pain in the ass. If I were a star I would go get a camera and stalk the paparazzi, camp out at their homes dig through their garbage, follow them to dinner with their families turn the tables on them see how they like it

2407 days ago


i feel bad for her she is a graet actress, she was provoked and just blew. who are we to judge what kind of day she had.

2407 days ago
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