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Jamie Foxx -- 40 Going on 21

12/22/2007 10:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Foxx doesn't have a lame, quiet dinner with friends to celebrate his birthday -- he parties like a rock star in Vegas! Foxx's actual birthday was December 13, but last night he had his fourth birthday party to celebrate turning the big 4-0. Who needs sleep anyway?

The now handsomely older Foxx celebrated at Jet nightclub at the Mirage -- and kept a hot, young blonde by his side all night!

We're not sayin' she's a gold digger ...


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Those white women strike up conversations with you because they know that you are going to fawn over their feet as though they were the second coming of Helen of Troy. You brain washed brotha from hell.

2498 days ago


That blonde is not bad.

2498 days ago

double standards    

Jamie Foxx dating a woman of color or not is irrelavent. You woman of color are jealous because it is not you he is dating. Which ever race he dates, well, it's his choice. To criticize him for dating a white chick makes the one critizing a racist and a hypocrite. A true non-racist cares not about the color or lack of color of a person but can be happy that he is happy. Get a hold of your senses you woman of color and quit judging. You either love all of humanity or you love only your own race. What a bunch of hypocrites you are! I mean the comments "only cuz he's rich their dating him". So it's okay for a black women to date him? And it's purely out of love and not money. Please.......

2498 days ago

el polacko    

what a loud-mouthed jackass ! he seems to think that because he lip-synched ray charles songs in a movie that he's some kind of musical talent.. please. take yo' white wimmens and go away !

2498 days ago


.......Kept a hot, young blonde by his side all night!.......WTF? I didn't see a hot, young blonde by his side, I saw an old, fat, saggy boobed, bad color job/weave, groupie by his side. That hair is HORRIBLE!!!!! He's had some beautiful women by his side, but that's not one.

2497 days ago

al pollard    

i want to know how can you talk shxt on somebody who you never met or dont ever really know,and who has not ever said anything bad about you?

2497 days ago


TMZ referred to him as handsome due to their last racist line. They thought it would soften the racism in the story.

2497 days ago

Julie Jones    

Saw Jamie interviewing models to attend his birthday bash at the Delano - close friends - ones he paid for... pretty sad

2412 days ago


One of the bbest pricks in show business - and I don't mean the size of his pecker either!

So little talent, so little sense...

2465 days ago


He's a talentless, male whore idiot!

2465 days ago


I was a big fan of Jamie Foxx when he was on In Living Color. But, now that he's a "star" I find his pompous attitude a definite turn off. I will not go see his movies because I can't stand his "holier than thou" attitude. He's 40 now, and hopefully soon he'll start to act like he's 40. As my mother always said: "You can't buy class, you have to be born with it." And, sadly, Jamie is still trying to buy some!

2465 days ago

Audrina HOT    


2499 days ago

Hollywood Azz    

Who cares about this nagga. No talent.

2499 days ago

double standards    

okay he kept a hot, young blonde by his side all night - wow, so you mean he can't find a nice hot forty-year old hot woman to party with? An immature and insecure 40 year old. A mature and secure 40 year old man would have had his equal by his side - an intelligent, beautiful and experience woman - instead he picked a little girl......ugh! What little boys a grown man's body. Poor body......

2499 days ago

Femme ally    

Cool, Happy birthday!

2499 days ago
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