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Suri's Mom -- Beverly Hills Bot

12/22/2007 5:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suri's mother, whom you may remember from "Dawson's Creek," did some holiday shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday, where a TMZ camera caught her mechanically correct Scientolobot trot. Can you hear the gears grinding?

The third Mrs. Cruise opted to be chauffeured to upscale shops -- instead of clicking her ruby red heels together to be transported. And yes, that is a purse, not luggage -- which no doubt contains all of the instruction manuals.


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Nicole starred in "Stepford Wives", Katie is living the "Stepford Life". I wonder what Suri will call her, when Tom decides to move on again!

2496 days ago


Islam is cult & devil worship compared to other faiths & beliefs including Scientology - obvious as you see how Islamfascism plays out in the Arab world - even the 'moderates' are okay with homocide bombers.

2496 days ago


Why do you pick on her so much? You call her a robot and she does the same things every other celebrity mom and wife does. They honestly seem happy.

Quit picking on people so damn much.

2496 days ago


I think Suri is not with her cause it is very difficult to shop with a toddler at your heels. Do they celebrate Christmas?? I mean the Scientologist religion?? She may have been shopping for Tom, and Suri. They are a sweet couple and I think they are very happy together. I bet another child will be on the way shortly!!!

2496 days ago


So she's shopping, big deal!

2496 days ago


i guess no more showing those b-cups in future flix!!

2496 days ago


i agree with #7. she used to look and act her age, now she acts like a middle age women with nothing going on in her life except following her husband around and shopping. okay not a bad life but to live with that psycho and his freaks, i would pass.

2496 days ago


Scientology is a cult.

All of the good people should boycott any movie, and any advertiser, that supports TV shows that employ these people.

2496 days ago


Tom Cruise is educated in wisdom that you obviously have zero willingness to grasp....that is if your negetive thoughts could allow penetration of Xenu!!! You need to be cleared. Don't be afraid of what you do not understand....Be afraid of false understandings.

2496 days ago


#18 neocon

Actually, we do know about the silly cult.

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (1911-1986) was an American pulp science fiction writer who, in 1950, created a new psychotherapy called Dianetics. But Dianetics imploded by the end of its first year. By transforming it two years later into the entry-point to an influential new religion -- Scientology -- and by organizing Scientology into a formidable and aggressive Church and series of feeder organizations, Hubbard eventually created a lucrative financial empire that netted him hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of followers.
Throughout his life L. Ron Hubbard spread an absolutely enormous numbers of tall stories -- well, lies -- about his life. His Church, by uncritically continuing to publish Hubbard's writings, full of these lies, further spreads them....

2495 days ago


omg love your heels, anyone know what designer they are?

2495 days ago


I don't really understand why TMZ gives her such a hard time. I think that she is really beautiful, a good mother, and a talented actress; and isn't part of being an American the freedom to practice whatever religious beliefs you have without judgment????? I think you need to focus more time on making fun of the idiots who make complete as*es of themselves in front of the camera, not someone who has always presented herself with poise and class. Go Katie!!!

2495 days ago


L.Ron saw an opportunity and seized it.

2495 days ago


What's that big lump behind her right knee? That doesn't look right.

2495 days ago


. im currently worshipping and under the spell of kim kardashian huge as$!!!!

2495 days ago
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