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Toby Keith Awarded Millions in Dad's Death

12/25/2007 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Toby KeithA jury awarded country star Toby Keith and his family $2.8 million in damages in the 2001 death of his father.

Keith's dad, H.K. Covel, was driving on Interstate 35 in Oklahoma when his truck was bumped by another vehicle, causing it to cross the center median, where it was hit by a charter bus carrying 21 passengers. That bus, according to evidence presented at trial, was "in urgent need" of brake repairs.

The jury ruled unanimously against the owners of the bus, Rodriguez Transportes, and the Republic Western Insurance Co. of Arizona.


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F U T K!!!!!!! Always with his hand out. Driver at fault has no $ so he goes aftert hs bus co on the other side of the road that didn't know what hit it. Bet he was pro-tort reform, rebubican hillbilly a-hole!

2501 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

I totally agree with #2 and #8 - what difference would good brakes have made when a huge heavy bus is traveling down the highway in the opposite direction, even at the speed limit?

2501 days ago


Investigators checked every vehicle involved. The vehicle operator without brakes in optimum condition (greatest degree attained or attainable under implied or specified conditions) is the one who is going to take the rap regardless of the original rear-ender. Not only did a man get killed, every passenger on that bus was traveling at risk.

2501 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

I am very sorry for the family's loss, but why not also go after the peron who "bumped' into Toby's father. By all rights, they are the ones at fault here for the accident.

2501 days ago


I hope he collects, this bus outfit doesn't sound like they have millions to spare. Maybe they will just go bankrupt?

2501 days ago


I wish the South and the Midwest would just blow off the planet. I bet Toby grabbed his millions in boo hoo money and ran around singing "How Do Ya Like Me Now?" and bought some whiskey for his men, and some beer for his horses. LOL! This guy is a no talent hack who's been made popular by toothless rednecks, singing about himself or how great Amurrrikkkkka is. Please, if this accident occurred to the average person, there would be no settlement in the millions of dollars. I hope Toby's momma uses some of dat cash to buy herself some teef! Yeeeeeehaw!!!!!

2501 days ago


Let me just add something: Toby Keith is a RABID Republican, and Republicans are always decrying the state of the country and all those Democrat "trial lawyers" and how awful they are, like John Edwards, who represented the families of plaintiffs/victims just like Toby's and his father. But, I bet when it's HIS family member who was injured/killed by negligence, he'll still take the money! Democrats/liberals are accused of being hypocritical; but who's being hypocritical now? This is the same guy who gave Natalie from the Dixie Chicks hell for criticizing Bush, when she was just exercising her freedom, which was fought and died for on the beaches of Normandy and the seas of the Pacific Islands, 60+ years ago. Who's Toby supporting with his millions for President next time? A Republican who wants to limit jury awards so that Big Business doesn't suffer from "those leech" Democrats?? That would be a bit ironic, wouldn't it?

2501 days ago


There is no deep pockets - both the person who caused the rear-ender and the tour bus operators were sued. The Rodriguez brothers had been warned that their tour bus required brake repair. They chose to ignore the warnings. Despite being warned not to transport passengers before their brakes were repaired they did so anyhow. Their negligence killed a man.

2501 days ago


TOBY KEITH is NOT A REPUBLICAN! I was surprised too, but he was on several shows and other media explaining just that. When he wrote those post 9/11 patriotic songs, people started thinking he was a Conservative Republican, when actually he is Independent and isn't really for the War, but supports the troops. He said Republican Organizers were calling him for fundraisers and stuff and were flabbergasted to hear that he was NOT a Republican at all.

2501 days ago


The Keith family just wated the charter company to be held accountable for maintenance on their vehicles that transport thousands of people around our country. Any public transporation vehile, plane or bus is responsible for the maintenance and safetly of their people. I'm sure the money will go to his charity Alley's House, he certainly doesn't need the money.

2501 days ago


by the way Truth Teller, Toby Keith is a conservative Democrat...if you want the correct least have knowledge of the people you attack. thank you.

2501 days ago


This case as in all lawsuits where insurance companies are involved everyone gets their money, Lawyers, Hospitals, Doctors, & last but not least Insurance Carriers & guess who pays for it all the sucker paying the premium

2501 days ago


yeah Its all about deep pockets. Rodriguez's bus was at the wrong place at the wrong time and bumped into the wrong man. and for this, We will financialy devistate him for the rest of his life. Now the Bankruptcy Attornys get to hack up his assetts, fill thier pockets, donate to Keith's favorite charity and move on to the next case. Who wants to own a business in the good ole USA. I dont!

2501 days ago


If the bus had bad brakes, it shouldn't have been on the road...PERIOD. But, assuming a collision wouldn't have occurred if it had fully-functioning brakes is a mistake as well. There are ALL KINDS of unsafe vehicles and drivers on the roads these days but unfortunately, our law enforcement "professionals" are only interested in enforcing speed limits and nothing else. The important question in this case is what would be the verdict if the bus owners were named Smith instead of Rodriguez.
As for Keth's political affiliation, if it walks like a duck and "sings" like one too, I'm going to call it a duck. He can claim whatever he likes but his "patriotic" songs support the f'ed up wars that are needlessly killing our troops. A true patriot speaks up when he sees something that is wrong. Instead, Toby profits off of the ignorance of his fans while wrapping himself in the flag. Just consider how many are listening to his music and then how few are hearing his anti-war comments. The Dixie Chicks are FAR more patriotic than this huge p*ssy.

2501 days ago

One more opinion    

this sort of thing happened to my mother-in-law in FL a few years ago.......she was hit from behind by a speeding car (and the person was driving on a suspended license) but my MIL received a ticket at her house weeks later for crossing the lane into the speeding car!!! I couldn't believe it! I was there when the cops came to deliver the ticket to her. She was the one who was pushed into a brick wall where she went right through it and ended up with pins stuck in her left arm for weeks afterward (to fix it). The other person received no ticket and no injuries!

2501 days ago
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