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Britney Scared by Sticky Thai Situation

12/27/2007 10:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears got her freaked-out on last night, chanting "This is scary" on her way out of an L.A. Thai joint. Pad se ewww ewww ewww!

TMZ caught the popwreck and her latest caregiver/assistant at Melanee Thai Cuisine, picking up a little take-out and being bombarded by the papstorm.

One thing not so scary about the evening -- Britney took the passenger seat in her car, meaning L.A. roads were safe ... for a little while.


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Rasputin's Liver:

I think I'm in love, we're soooo sympatico....I can watch Brit's trainwreck with complete detatchment, and considerable fascination. Shes the penultimate slow-motion crash. As long as she can keep herself surrounded by paid syncophants, the wreck will continue.

This handily exposes the weaknesses in our mental health system as well; no one can make her get help. She will have to slash her wrists and run naked down the street before receiving psychiatric observation.

2307 days ago

his fav brunette    

since when does "chanting" mean "said it one time"......she said "this is scary...." ONE TIME.....TMZ is getting lame.

2307 days ago


Uh tell me again, who is Britney Spears?

2307 days ago


I read TMZ every day, but I have no idea who any of you posters are.

I don't care about your 'personal' opinions, and I don't carry on conversations with other posters.

Y'all need to quit taking thinks so seriously, and quit insulting random people posting here~ it's childish!

2307 days ago



mcdanel #50...

it really is a treat, isn't it! I mean, for centuries upon centuries humanity suffered under the yolk of snot-nosed, arrogant, greedy, selfish people like Britney.

I don't begrudge someone making good, gaining wealth, prominence and advantage. Tha's the whole idea that so many fought and died for over the centuries. People like Brad Pitt, who is doing great work down in New Orleans trying to help others not as privileged as he, are the right kind of people. People worthy of real respect and their advantages.

But being a proud "common man", just one of the majority of human bings on this planet, I take great pleasure in seeing the selfish, self-centered people like Brit, Paris and so many more get their just desserts. They are the kind that made the French Revolution possible.

I tell ya, mcdanel, I truly look forward to when this particular person has to really face the consequences of all her actions. It'll be one for us hard working, law abiding, decent folks.


2307 days ago


I have repeatedly suggested TMZ (Harvey) turn the cameras off Spears - they don't want to. The only way this will happen is if we stop responding to these, myself included, and stop purchasing her products. Perhaps then TMZ will get it - the public is fed up with Spears, and she might realize she isn't "news" worthy if one can call it that. Bella

2307 days ago


Britney ALWAYS plays the "I'm scared" card a few days before having to show up at court or for her deposition. Then on the day, she uses it as an excuse to be 5 hours late or not show at all.

Given that she's got her depo scheduled soon AND the decision from traffic court as to whether or not she'll go on a year's probation, we'll probably be treated to it another time or two this week.

2307 days ago

no smoking at gas stations Britney, you'll burn everyone down    

Pad-see-ewwww is the nasty 99 cent weave hair do and the Goodwill sweats...yeah WTF was that, first the assistant was driving, then she magically appeared in the driver's seat? With different clothes (again) and fedora hat and sunglasses....honey, no sun is out at night! What a vampire! Where those kids at? No family for the holidays? She didn't dare spend time in Louisiana with her family? Or at least volunteer like Jennifer Love Hewitt in downtown LA? If she roams the street at night, she might as well know those up and personal like she does the paps.....just saying....

I agree with #7 love those comments...sit at home Britney, let the leather seats breathe!

2307 days ago


I think that Britney needs a break from her at times insane and crazy life in Los Angeles. I know a place where the air is clean, the people are friendly and the ground is stable... a stay in my secluded and private neck of the woods I know would do her a world of good for both body and mind. So what do you think Britney?

2307 days ago


10. Where were the take out bags and did anyone notice how she magically appeared in the driver's seat again? Maybe that Thai place told her to go take a flying leap! I wonder how you translate 'Go home, crack ho!' in Thai?

Posted at 10:04AM on Dec 27th 2007 by ?
I was going to ask the same thing ,they seem to have spliced 2 videos of her into one .In first half she had that stupid sweat jacket she loves so much and presto change-o she is in drivers seat in a total different ensemble ?Weird ....Britney I HATE YOU .

2307 days ago

W T F ?    

Where's the food? At least she left the scene with her trunk closed and somebody changed that donut spare tire for her! She does look bummed. Maybe the newest lay of the minute didn't call her and she's pissed! haha

2307 days ago


Oh petite, lighten up. It's the Holidays ok, let them chat.

2307 days ago

Kitty Angel    

#4 So wrong ... but soooo funny!!!!!!!

2307 days ago


HaHa, Kitty Angel, i agree but you cant encourage him, he can get worse. lol

2307 days ago


She is not starved for attention and she doesn't get used to the paps - she has to live this stuff because no one can make them go away. And I think she is right not to hide herself away like Elvis had to. Screw them and what all of us think, she can and will go where she wants when she wants. You all know what this is about- waiting to see something awful happen to her is what the paps want. I am so tired of everyone bashing her and the paps hounding her and yes, IT SEEMS EVERYONE WANTS A 'PIECE OF HER"!!! LEAVE HER ALONE!! PICK ON LYING LINDSEY!!

2307 days ago
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