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Cash, Nash and Jessica Alba -- Huh?

12/27/2007 5:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In town to play the Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash (right) went out to lunch yesterday with his wife, Alejandra (center), some random guy (black jacket) -- and Jessica Alba (left) and Cash Warren (center). Weird group, right?

So not only did Cash Warren knock up -- and get engaged to -- one of the hottest women in Hollywood, but he hangs with the two-time NBA MVP, too! What's the deal with this guy?


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She just does not look happy about all of this...............sad that.

2494 days ago

soupy sales    

She always looks like SUCH a bitch. Have fun being married to that one, guy-who-I-don't-care-about. Oh yeah, his name is like, Rash or Hash or something.

2494 days ago


she (alba) always looks miserable. she has so much to be thankful for. if she hates the spotlight so much, why doesn't she give up acting? does she have any fans considering her disposition????????

2494 days ago


I think Cash Warren is a goodlooking guy, and he has a job! He works behind the scenes in movies and stuff. He's never going to be as famous as Jessica (because she's on camera) , but Cash is an intelligent, handsome and decent guy. It's just not a good enough reason to hate on the guy simply because we don't know what he does, is it?

2494 days ago


"what's the deal with this guy?"

Come on TMZ! That's pathetic! Your supposed to tell us!

2494 days ago

Who The F-isCASH WARREN????    

TMZ--- Who IS this Cash Warren? What the h*ll does he even DO? Is he just some random hanger-on or does he have an actual JOB? If so, WHAT is it? THAT's news...get the dirt.

2493 days ago


Maybe Cash is a nice guy. Didn't you think about that?

2493 days ago


the deal is that Cash, (how ironic, that a moocher would have that name) is a moocher, and the LATINA JESSICA ALBA, is a looser who can't get decent roles so she has to get her self knocked up to keep her moocher boyfriend, who by the way looks LATINO. i wish the paps would just stop taking pictures of that looser LATINA since she acts like she hates it so much. JESSICA ALBA IS LATINA BIIIITTTTCCCHHHH. STAY OFF OF LATIN MAGAZINE COVERS TRASHY LATINA SLUT, WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR SLUTTY FACE ON THEM YOU ARE DISGRACE TO US.

2493 days ago

Old School    

I think Alba is just saying to herself...whats it all about anyhow? She always looks like she's so frigging gone into space and angry and can't accept the good fortune she has BUT if anything tells you anything girl just look at Jessica Simpsons movie that hardly made any monies in the last week and straight to video it will land and she is a no talent just like you., the public will only take a pretty girl for so long untill it gets bored with them for God Sakes girl Come on, have you seen yourself in fantastic four? you call that acting BUT your ass really should have won an Oscar for Sin City when you had your ass dancing in the strip club.

2493 days ago


Maybe Jessica Alba is suffering from major morning sickness or something but she has looked sooo miserable in every photo since the announcement of her pregnancy!

2493 days ago


Funny, whenever you see Jessica Alba out in public, she looks like she has come from visitation hours at the morgue with her sad, sullen, repressed look. Besides that, I think that Jessica is too good for Cash/credit Warren. Didn't he just cheat on her a few months back with some "model" in New York? I would not want to be pregnant with a man's baby that had just cheated on me......but I guess woman do it all the time. Maybe they are just "looking" like that for the cameras, but that does not look like a fun bunch, and random dude could use a shave.

2493 days ago


Does anybody else think that Steve Nash looks like James Blunt?

2493 days ago

Gassy Jockey    

Jessica and Alejandra: two non-Latinas.

2493 days ago


cash is partners with baron davis at verso entertainment. Do people use computers just for gossip and blogs or do you morons have any research skills? talk about a decline in society.

2493 days ago


STEVE NASH is ESSENTIAL to the PHOENIX SUNS basketball team. DUH...for anyone who does not know who he is. Follow some sports instead of just MTV.

2493 days ago
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