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Britney Hides Out ... in TMZ Parking Lot?

12/28/2007 11:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She thinks photog snapstorms are "scary" ... so what the hell was Britney Spears doing in TMZ's parking lot last night? Perhaps she just wanted to cut out the middleman!

Cameras caught the Britster down on P1 in our building last night, where she ditched paps by getting into an elevator with her assistant -- and never reappeared! She has magical powers now!


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What happened to Allie and Sam Lufti? And recall there was for a couple days there, even photographed some blond chick with her? What happened with that one?

AND: what ever happened with that Thanksgiving (or was it Halloween?) intervention when her mom showed up? We never did herar about that from ANY of the tabloid sites, including TMZ.


2469 days ago


2469 days ago

he got brit the brats pink eyes    

Wow, the nasty weave is taking a life of its own! Oy vey! Lookin' like a cross between horsetail and possum/raccoon mix? Her plans for the New Year is to take a shower, wear some underwear, hibernate, get her life on track, focus on the kids, get rid of the nasty weaves, stop giving the paps the heads up on where she's's only a matter of time when someone hotter comes along and Unfitney will just fade to black....then TMZ can put up pics on 'MEMBA THEM'?
Maybe looking like a cross between Mama Cass and Carnie Wilson, but at least they wore day she gonna end up like that lady in the Malena movie, and no one cares anymore, then she'll take the next Amtrak back home to Louisiana.....she should team up with Brad and build a home for those peeps that lost homes in New something positive for your state!

2469 days ago


Y'all! I was goin' to TMZ Corporate to complain 'bout gettin' more paps to follow me to the gas station. Ding dang!

2469 days ago


Okay, does TMZ own that whole building and parking lot? Maybe she had a dentist appointment! ;P
Actually, the last few "sightings" had smacked of desperate attention seeking. Why stop in the middle of the road to take a picture of a stupid mural and then "flip out" on the paps as if she didn't expect that swarm to happen? And then go back and find your memory card and drive off with a photog to a hotel?!? Stop yourself, girl!

2469 days ago

Julie G.    

#14, Do you have children? If you don't have the children, then it will be hard for you to understand until you have the children to understand the mother-child situation! If you have the children, then you are missing the point! Lately, Britney has been the only well- known pop star going and out to many different elevators almost everyday. I mean, many people go to the elevators about twice a day every day,not 15 places at one time by day by day or night by night. And, Finally to say, TMZ is not a place for the favorites. Learn to live with it and deal with it. I do that all the time by live with it and deal with it, even some people may don't agree with my opinions and I don't have the luxury time to blast off people over the opinions. On almost every websites say "leave the comments" or "Add your comments" it means any of kind comments, but would remove if it too obense or inapprioate comment. We are entitled to put any comments regarding what we think and you have the rights to say something, even though we may not agree with you! Hope you learn something from this.

2469 days ago

Julie G.    

#36 I agree with you on the last part, It would be nice if Britney do something postitive by join Brad on the rebulit home campaign in her native state,but I think right now she is being loony to figure it out. Maybe after she gets the help, she shall go in there to do that. If she refuses later on that, Lets' hope it would not be true. If that happens eventually, We know we have been trying to tell her that.

2469 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

Won't this pig's 15 minutes ever come to an end?????

2469 days ago


I'd like to know what happened at Sam's Dec 18th court date [over bashing the process server's car with his own while trying to avoid being served in the custody case]. Nothing was never mentioned about that either.

2469 days ago

Brooklyn Bella    

FIRST- I think there should be a Britney Spears the AP did on Paris Hilton. She gets off on seeing herself in the news everyday. SECOND - Her kids should be taken away from her for life. Britney is a has been and will turn out like River Phoniex...Dead in front of a club- cause she doesn’t want to listen to anyone, nor does she have the support she needs- LOOK at her Mother- Writing books on her “fabulous” family- she obviously has NO DAMN clue what goes on in their lives…

2469 days ago


Wow ,I doubt a single person that defends this girl really would want to go public outta their awe for her ?If they did they would use REAL names ,not monikers as they do .My guess is they are 1.Britney herself ,2.Paid by Britney ,3.Adnan (lol) or 4.just plain old trolls/tools trying to yank everyones chains .Anyone with a brain ,where their full frontal lobe is functioning properly can see she is in need of serious help .It is sad that she is in such a downward spiral ,whether it be drugs ,mental illness or post partum .In any of these said scenarios her children are unsafe with her .
Yet to see her seek out such attention shows how lonely this child is .I personally doubt anyone other than myself cares what my opinion is ,but damn ?Is she really ever going to get treatment ?Is anyone going to stop her ?I hope the Judge finnalley orders her into a psychiatric evaluation ,and quits letting her run the show .

2469 days ago


If there was ever any doubt that dumbass slutney is a media whore, this should settle things. She plays the "goo goo gaa gaa I'm scared" bit when the papps take her picture, but when she needs her media whoring fix, she actually goes to the parking lot of the biggest papparazzi agency in LA. No doubt she called them up, to let them know when she'd be there. Ugly, fat, retarded, untalented & a media whore is no way to go through life, slutney...

2469 days ago


nonny --Maybe thats why Sam isnt around ?Good point ...

2469 days ago

Sick of Britt!!!!    

Please get rid of her already! She obviously doesn't have any real friends to play with!

2469 days ago

No she didn't......    

I think some of you are right. We got two options here: A. Looking for that Pap; Or B. Looking for attention. For those of you that STILL defend her actions I highly, highly doubt that coincidentally she had an appointment at the same building as TMZ. Where the hell is the LAPD to lock her up?
Honestly. Someone has to die first is that it?
I used to find this fun. Now, this is just getting sad.

2469 days ago
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