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Leno in Need of Writers, Stat!

12/28/2007 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno is back to work without his writers -- and that may not be such a good idea!

TMZ caught Jay in Beverly Hills yesterday, filming what appeared to be a "Jaywalking" segment for "The Tonight Show" when it begins airing again next week.

His questions weren't all that creative though -- how much is a ladies Timex watch? How much is a ticket at the HomeTown Buffet? Oy, this strike better end ... and soon!


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FIRST! Gillian Sheldon.. YEA!

2489 days ago

Merry Christmas    

There is so much more to life than TV. I am glad those morons are on strike. Gimme gimme...

Leno is already funny, he will just have to work a little harder to get his show completed.

2489 days ago


His show sucked with the writers. His show will suck without them.

2489 days ago


I don't think anyone will notice a difference. His show has always been like watching paint dry.

2489 days ago


All of these late night guys were doing standup without writers, they were very successful at it. That being said, why do they need paid hacks? They should be writing their own material.

2489 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

He sucked with writers so what difference will it make?

2489 days ago


Those guys can't write a show, it's too much work.
Most pro comics spend a year to get 90 min of jokes, and they tell those jokes hundreds of times before they get them right. Also, when most of these comics got "big" they had wrtiers.
It's the dirty secret of comedy, they have writers. Some guys wrtie good jokes, some guys have good stage presence, so they work together.
As far as the writers, the deserve the money. Every watch shows online? They have ads, the corparation is taking 100% of that, they need to learn to share.
You think the writers are greedy? It may suprise you, they make a living wage, but people complain. I guess they'd be happier if the big corparations just kept the money, you know, the rich getting richer.

2489 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Posted at 12:41PM on Dec 28th 2007 by Corey

Boo-hoo... Have you seen TV lately? The shows suck big time!!! They are either lame reality shows - which aren't even real - or dysfunctional family shows. Then there are 14 versions of CSI (that's original). The writers aren't even that good anymore. Maybe when they can come up with some good material - they will be paid what they're worth. Right now, I would say they are over-paid for what they produce.

2489 days ago


Whoa ! ! The blackeye Jay got from the writer for the skimpy Xmas bonus still shows. His make up people should cover it up. Or he wants some sympathy writers.

2489 days ago


jay is another guy who wants to be loved by everyone,,,you cant be for the strikers and then proceed to do your show at the same time!!!!

2489 days ago

wa wa waa    

Does he have a thpeech impediment?

2489 days ago

TMZ reader    

So if Leno can't write comedy and if he's not pleasant to look, then what entertainment value does he have??

2488 days ago


You will probably see a better show. Leno is a comedian that can do his own material. Letterman, however, probably can't wipe his butt without help.

2488 days ago

Logo Designers    

poor jay

2488 days ago

Mary Worth    

What a "NO TALENT!"

But I wish I had a little bit of his state-of-the-art gaydar!

2488 days ago
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