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Stone's Bolder, Rocks Rescue

12/30/2007 5:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The spirit of Brangelina is rubbing off on everyone! Director Oliver Stone flew to central Colombia on Saturday to oversee a mission to airlift three hostages (including a toddler), held by rebels from Colombia's jungles. Who knew Oliver Stone had cojones of steel?!

The director met with and praised Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez -- who is leading the rescue. Stone was part of an international group of observers taking part in the plot.

Stone told reporters, "I'm hoping it works. I'm all for this," Mr Stone said. "I've never been in such a thing. I'm very proud to be a part of this." He also called the endeavor a "beautiful, great process."


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This will son be a movie. Just wait and see.

2486 days ago


In this picture Oliver looks alot like Ernest Borgnine...Am I wrong...I don't think so.

2486 days ago


Oliver looks alot like Ernset Borgnine in this photo am I wrong I don't think so.

2486 days ago


....more like Popeye.

2486 days ago


Give us a break already with how charitable "Brangelina" is

First of all, there are countless people, both celebrity and non-celebrity who donate far greater sums to charity without tooting their own horn the way "Brangelina" does.

Jolie has used her alleged charity as a marketing tool for her career, and it has paid off enormously. It entirely revamped her image which was tanking several years back, pre-Brad Pitt (due to that incestuous kiss with her brother, her bizarre antics with Billy Bob, her father's crappy badmouthing, etc etc)

However, we must take at her word her pronouncement that she donates 1/3 of her income to charity (she hasn't made this pronouncement for the past couple of years, so perhaps she has stopped the 1/3 income donations but is still riding that perception.)

There is no evidence that Jolie donated 1/3 of her income. However, there has been evidence of her reneging on million dollar pledges to Namibia, to Cambodia, etc etc.

Making an occasional photo-op tour to underprivileged nations in the cushiness of a private jet or helicopter does not a saint make. Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Mother Theresa got their hands dirty and regularly.

However, Jolie's branding herself a saint is shrewd, as it discourages healthy questioning because one is a monster if one dares to question or criticize a "saint."

2486 days ago


r u sure he did not go there 4 da drugs?

2486 days ago


thats a martin sheen move,,,, wonder if he alerted the press!!!!

2486 days ago


Praising Hugo Chavez? Way to go on the rescue, but wow. They really are stupid out there - do they not get it yet? Folks arent going to the movies these days for a reason, genius.

2486 days ago


I wish some people would stop acting like parrots and stop the foolish propaganda that Presidient Hugo Chavez is a tyrant. Chavez wants what is best for his people, he wants to protect his country's natural resources, what is wrong with that except that it goes against the interests of the Ununited States ? Chavez is a hero and Oliver Stone is right to put his faith in him. Chavez haters: beat it !

2486 days ago


LOL It would make a good movie for another producer if FARC kidnapped Stone exchanging him for another hostage and then wanting ransom. They know he is worth millions if not billions.

2486 days ago


those who say chavez is not a tyrant dictator should travel to venezuela and see the misery for themselves; they have food shortages and what he promised years ago has yet to materialize. Try reading a venezulan newspaper. Stone and the rest of the hollywood phonies who think he is a hero don't have to live in Ven. - they can leave - the venezuelan people cannot

2486 days ago


Chavez & Stone both as loser tyrants & not long for this world given their self destructive habits. Stone is the typical radical neoliberal Dem clamoring for any kind of spotlight - agree with 'insider' on the Pitt-Jolie bizarre circus.

2486 days ago


Death to Chavez as they say down south & Stone is a redical liberal Dem - at least not as fat & ugly & perverse as 'Rosie' with her giant oversized head & tiny low IQ.

2486 days ago


Chavez & Stone - 2 perverts that can't save their own fat backsides let alone execute a 'rescue' mission.

2486 days ago


Stone is stoned usually & down south for his annual coke run. Jolie would make a fine lapdog.

2486 days ago
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