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Britney - More Hotel Hijinks with Pap Pal

1/3/2008 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now that she's exhausted her stay at hotels in L.A., Britney Spears is turning to the desert for her temp lodging relief.

Us reports that BritBrit and her photog friend, Adnan Ghalib, checked into the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs around 2:00 AM yesterday, then hightailed it out at 7:00 AM. It was just last week that the pair pulled a similar middle-of-the-night stunt at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Of that encounter, he said, "We are just friends. She was just a little upset, pretty much about everything." Perhaps she was bummed about losing her legal counsel, as we reported yesterday? Ehh.

She's Baaack! Mama Hasselbeck Returns to "View"

What was that you were saying about not watching "The View" anymore? Guess who's coming back to the table?

People reports that right-wing-dingbat Elisabeth Hasselbeck is coming back after her maternity leave -- on Monday after a more than two-month absence. Especially with the elections, Whoopi, and Sherri, the Hot Topics should be all kinds of crazazy. "There wasn't much opportunity for all five co-hosts to interact," says an ABC source. "Now there will be a new dynamic."

Party Favors: Eddie Murphy's Ex – Tracey Who? ... Bruce and Bon Jovi Bring the Bling ... Michael Moore Endorses, Uh, Who? For Prez

While Eddie Murphy was getting married out in Bora Bora, his ex-wife, Nicole, was clearly nonplussed by the news, dancing, we're told, like a diva at The Plumm with man-friend Michael Strahan to the spun tunes of DJ Macy Gray. ... A TMZ spy reports that Jersey's finest, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, both got their bling on over the holidays at Goldtinker's in Deal, NJ. ... Political rabble-rouser Michael Moore hasn't yet decided who to endorse, believe it or not, or so he says on his blog on the very day of the Iowa caucuses. And so it begins ...


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Why is Elisabeth Hasselbeck a dingbat? She is a very well educated person and just because she doesn't have the same political convictions as you and is willing to back her opinions up, doesn't mean that you should be so rotten to her, you jerks.

2463 days ago


you realize, the swarmy guy is in the position to get the best pic of looney birt! he wont cuase theyre involve!!! trump was right on hasselbeck, shes probably the dumbest woman in broadcasting, along with that overweight black chick!!!

2463 days ago


off my game this morning!

2463 days ago


Y A Y S ! ! ! ! Love Elisabeth

2463 days ago


Come on TMZ. Your getting so predictable. TMzzzzzzzzzzz.

2463 days ago

Dawn Day    

Britney IS nucking futs!

She continues to amaze us with her disregard for everyone! She does seem like another Anna Nicole in the making. Let's hope her saga doesn't have the same ending!!

2463 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

I sure hope Adnan is taking his nite vision camera into the hotel rooms, you know he is going to snap a shot eventually!


2463 days ago


Think I'll pass on Monday's show. It's going to be too painful to watch her co-hosts acting like they're so happy to see EH when we know that they can't stand her. Why can't she just go away???

2463 days ago


Hell Hath No Fury of a woman heart scorned! One day someone will see this and realize how this phrase relates to this story. I would like to take a moment and type a few things and I hope that Kevin reads this!

This matter taken before a judge has gone a bit far and unfair practices have been done. I just don't understand how you could utilize your children to extort money from their mother. Yes, I did say mother as we all know this is something you will never change. I hope you will sit down and look into their beautiful little eyes and know that when you hurt the mother , it indeeds hurts your children too. I truly believe in my heart that the main reason for this custody battle is over the almighty dollar.

Kevin have you forgotten where you came from and your upbringing. I do believe there was not a great amount of dollars in it, other than the transactions you completed. It does not take money to make a child a happy. It is love that fills a childs heart and makes them happy. Filling their heart with happiness will take both parents love and a lot of understanding. I cannot understand how you can claim to be the innocent and perfect parent when this farr from the truth. Both parents have made mistakes and to call one out in lieu of money is simply not fair to your children. Similiar to the pot calling the kettle black! Think about this and ask yourself is it worth your childrens happiness.

Have you ever thought of how much you have hurt those you love. At one point in time you will realize this and I hope it is not to late that your children do not suffer for this. I do believe it was you who was out doing what you wanted during your marriage and it was your wife at home with the children. It was your wife that you hurt and this is what created part of this problem. Why was she good enough to be left at home with the children then and not now? I know you where having your cake and eating it too! This is what got you to where you are now and it seems that others will pay for your wrongs to include your children. It appears as though these antics are still being used to date as I ask, where were you New Years Eve? I know your children were once again at home and had this been Britney you would of been trying to open the court house at midnight for an emergency hearing.

The marriage and love once shared between the two of you created these two children and it appears that you two are going to destroy everything from this marriage to include your two children. It is time that you stop this nonsense and savor what is left, your children. To be honest I do believe that love between the two of you still exist. Perhaps if you two put your heads together along with counseling, forgiveness and open minds you too would find this.

I am sure that you two have gone to couseling and realize what divorce does to children and how the two of you need to look out for their best interest. Taking one parent away is not in anyones best interest.

Britney should Kevin continue with these antics my best advice to you would be, do what is in the best interest of the children and forget about the past. In our legal world we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. As I am sure you will agree this is not the truth. You are basically guilty until you have proven your innocence. Although it may be good for your career to have all this stuff going on, it is not for your children. Sometimes mothers must make a sacrifice and give up all just for our children. This in history has proven to be the case and mothers over time have given everything for the love of their children and this is simply what we call a mothers love.

As we all know you are not a drug addict and drug test prove this. For those non believers know this, should she be a drug user she would not have parental visitations at this point. Continue having those little boys smile and know that this is one love you never have to worry about intentions. The love of a child is probably one of the only loves you will never have to question. Fight as though this is the last song you will ever sing and sing so that the whole world hears your love and its beauty.

Stay out of the public view and keep the public view out of your mind. Although you have ever right to go and do as you please, bear in mind this is being used against you. Never give the opposing a weapon to use against you and never trutst the media. Basically live, eat and breathe everything for your children and you will sing victory in the end.

Both of you please do what is best for your children and I do believe you both agree that the public should not be part of this. Come together and realize what precious children you have and do the very best for them. Let nothing or no one pursuade you but those children.

Give out all the F's

Forgive, Forget and move Forward for Family

2463 days ago

Funny Answers    

Elizabeth should stay home with her new baby. The show is a hell of a lot better wtihout her there. She is usless, self centered closed minded brat, and those are her good points. But then Ms. Walters gets her way, after all age has it preference: someone tell her she is past retirement age. She has become too silly. But all the crap that came out of Elizabeths mouth she can only be a good republican mother is she stays home with her kids. Do so, and do us a favor.

2463 days ago


I've heard Hallelbeck talk. She is a dingbat.

2463 days ago


Why doesn't Brit have a home to live in instead of running all over town trying to find a hotel that will put up with her crazy ass. And why is she out all night every night. She doesn't need her kids or want them. It would cut into her partyin' too much ya'll. Just friends my thing you know she'll be pregnant.

2463 days ago


#9 get a life. If K FED were so bad we would have seen it by now. He may like her money but does that mean he doesnt love his kids? Havent seen him plastered doing stupid things all over the media. Get a life.

2463 days ago


#9--Opiniononly--Good Lord, you are pathetic. You must really think your opinion matters. And your thoughts don't deserve a rebuttal---get over yourself and get a life.

2463 days ago


Whatever obviously has not eyes for where was he seen this New Year's Eve and what shot was he taking. Tequila or to kill ya! Something tells me you need a life cause you don't know what is going on in this one.

2463 days ago
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