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Chris Dodd -- Head Case

1/3/2008 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President wannabe Chris Dodd has a mortal fear at barber shops -- and the fear is misplaced.

Scott Sales, owner of Executive Forum Barber Shop in Des Moines, tells TMZ when Dodd got clipped yesterday, he had one stern instruction -- don't make it too short.

Here's the prob. We did some checking with image consultants who told us that short hair is a sign of strength. Long hair shows weakness, hiding! Dude, you're running for prez -- you want to be a Bed Head.

Dodd may be off on length, but not generosity. He tipped $18. That's a 100% gratuity! For a barber, that's what you call a super cut.


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Why doesn't he drop out already? He doesn't have a shot.

2482 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

OMG! Is that Hillery Clinton getting a hair cut? Oh, no, wait. It just LOOKS like him, er . . . I mean her.

2482 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I mean WTF! Story?

2482 days ago

She did it again    

Thank god they will be out of Iowa soon!...People in Iowa do not care how much he paid for a haircut.

2482 days ago

Dawn Day    

I'm assuming that image anaylsis is in regard to men only???

Long hair is down right sexy on either IMO!

2482 days ago


That does not apply when you have a full head of white hear.

He is proud of his full head of hair and gets alot of compliments about the color.

So he want to show it off because it stands out as an attention getter.

Even more so than being a blonde or redhead stands out

2482 days ago


He must "TIDE" or "ACE" to advertise...

2482 days ago


you can be sure this story wont make the tv show!!!

2482 days ago


Not a fan of Senator Dodd, but at least he gave a decent tip.

2482 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

"Scott, just take a little off the top and trim-up the jowls. Hey, did ya hear about the one where a Rabi, a Priest, and a Donkey walk into an Iowa bar?"

2482 days ago


And I imagine thosee image consultants were probably Roundhead baldheaded Roman Freaks.Probably atheist too.Samson and Jesus were from Nazareth where long hair stands for strength.Who likes to see a short haired Cherokee?King Charles who had long hair was king of the long haired.Screw short hair.I hate short hair.America would be alot better off if everybody had superlong hair instead of having a bunch of stoopid phatass baldheaded idiot roman freaks running around.That inlcudes the dumass politicians too.

2418 days ago

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