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TMZ Confirms, Lohan Slips on Sobriety

1/3/2008 5:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oh no ... this is not good. Cameras caught Lindsay Lohan taking a swig out of a bottle of what we've confirmed is champagne on New Year's Eve in Italy.

Blair Berk, Lindsay's lawyer, told TMZ, "The good news was that Lindsay stopped herself that night, called her sponsor, and got herself immediately back on track. There is no magic cure here. The most unfortunate part of this is that Lindsay has to share her 'one day at a time' with the entire world."
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Big deal? All the people who think this is a big deal, it is. It may not be newsworthy but it is a big deal for anyone to who is a recovering alcoholic to take even one sip. Its called a slippery slope. People who are addicted to something can't just stop at one. For them, its all or nothing. Please educate yourselves on what it means to be recovering from an addiction. Like I said, this isn't newsworthy but I wish all people who are struglling with addiction, the strength and bravey they need to deal with their issues head on.

2453 days ago


Know what its like to drown yourself in the bottle. But whatever is bothering you, I hope you have one good friend you can confide to, it helps to talk. Dont ever forget, there are people ot there that still love you and pray for you Lindsay. God Bless.

2453 days ago


typical white girl trash. Die Linds.

2453 days ago


relapse my a**, she never stopped partying, she just got better at hiding it.

2453 days ago



2453 days ago


lohan and spears are white trash whores who can't handle their undeservered fame.


2453 days ago


Die whore die!!!

2453 days ago


Oh my God people, get a life. What is the big deal that most of you have to display your lack of intelligence or common sense by making immature non-logical comments. Are most of the commenters here 5 years old?

2453 days ago

jonnie blaze    

this is freakin' hillarious!!! We are watching a total train wreck---I love watching people self-destruct.................Darwinism at it's finest!!!!

2453 days ago


soooooooo sad. She shouldn't be drinking any kind of alcoholic beverage at all!!! Not even one swig! She can't handle alcohol.

2453 days ago


Oh please, a swig of champagne on New Year's Eve? Relax!

2453 days ago


For all you people who are like "Who cares, its New years" etc. You obviously dont know the first damn thing about Recovery! People who have substance abuse problems CAN NOT HAVE JUST A SIP.....EVER! I know because I worked at a treatment center for 2 years and saw the same people come back in and out. Because if they could, they would not really have a problem in the first place! Lindsay will continue drinking after this point if she does not get back into a recovery way of life (continuing meetings, etc). If people were only addicts in one continent, dont you think that half the US would move to Italy???? Gosh I feel like I got so much stupider after reading some of these posts!

2453 days ago

Haz Royer    

Who in the hell cares if Brit wears undies everyone of any importance or just trash like her & lindsy they are like a door knob everyone has had a turn there,if they havent seen "IT-"felt "IT"- tasted "IT" -or been in "IT"-,they are either blind or are not tall to get to "IT"yet.A couple of real loosers!!! jaroy

2453 days ago


Ms. Lohan PLEASE get a grip on the demons that plague you!! you are such a talented actress...DONT' THROW THIS AWAY FOR ALCOHOL!!! This will eventually kill you. WAKE UP GIRL!!! There are so very many other ways to have fun without hurting yourself!!

2453 days ago

Sick of It    

I used to get amuzed with all this rubbish! Why do we keep putting millionairs on a pedastel while all the rest of us struggle in our lives. Screw all of them!! Throw in all the F-UP recordings artists as well!!
Lets get back to reality PEOPLE!!

2453 days ago
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