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Brit Gets Hauled Away -- 13

1/4/2008 12:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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i think everything that is haoppeing with britney sears is awful, i still have believe in her. i thing the media just needs to leave her alone, im not sure if she is just looking fro attention since everything in her life is going the wrong way. how wld you react if they took your kids away? well yea i still have trust in her and britney im still a fan sweetie

2485 days ago


I actually feel sorry for Britney. I think the paparazzi should just leave her alone, it's sad to see she really has no one her mother is nothing but a gold digger always trying to make a quick dollar off of her kids. If I were around Britney I would do the best to try to give her some advice. She is just a kid acting out she really didnt have a childhood and now it seems like she is trying to make up for lost time, the sad part is that there is two kids involved now and she really needs to stop and think. They should hire an assistant that's going to keep her on track and not go party with her. I'd take the job and put her straight. Someone needs to tell her staight up.

2485 days ago


OHHHH the humanity......she's got a funky lookin foot........

2485 days ago


Come on TMZ - the girl is not smiling - she looks dazed, confused and scared - back off and have some compassion.

2485 days ago


I would be smiling too if I was high as a kite!

2485 days ago

shaking my head    

She's lost her mind. She's trashed her life. I think she just can't deal with the regret of where her life has gone since she screwed things up with Justin. He's got a GREAT life it seems and she just keeps flushing hers..............a shame really. Life is full of regrets....but we can let them run our life.

2485 days ago


Britney needs to be left alone for a while...she is clearly in need of professional help. I hope someone in her family steps up to the plate and assist her.

2485 days ago


I would hate to be one of her neighbors during this circus. Can you imagaine living next door to her?! Working in Healtcare I am sick of seeing LA resources, fire, contstant police interventation and ambulances used for this self absorbed trainwreck. Lock her up and keep her there! Another ambulance pulled into CS before her, yet she was off loaded first. Hope the other two abulances didn't have someone bleeding to death or having a heart attack, they get put in jeapordy while she gets seen first. You have got to be kidding me? They had to put her in ankle restraints. Nice Britany, very nice. Leave the rest of us alone, were sick of your drama.

2485 days ago


Never mind drugged up, she looks posessed, reminiscent of The Exorcist! Everybody needs to stop blaming everubody else. She is not a child, she is 26/27 years old, and she has to be held accountable for her own actions. I dont think people placing the blame on her momma, her daddy, on kevin Federline, and so on, will help her at all. That she hangs out with a bunch of enablers, that is true, but it is her choice and her choice only. That she should have gone to court and acted like a normal human being and gone to the deposition and get it over with, that was her responsability. She can have any car and driver in the world at her beck and call, but she's a spoiled brat who wants things done HER way and in this world, it doesnt work that way. My hear breaks for those boys and i'm happy that Kevin to matters into his hands and his bodyguards called the cops, or God knows what thye news would be reporting today. So think before you post.

2485 days ago


it's hard to look at these pictures only because she looks soo bad. i cannot believe that this is britney spears. it's soo sad. i really hope she pulls through and get some professional help. for her sake and the sake of her kids.

2485 days ago

paul's girl 4ever    

I think Britney needs serios mental counseling and drug treatment. The judge should order her into a rehab facility stat!! She is truly a danger to those children. She loves the paparazzi, otherwise why would she continue to go everyday to the same places that she full well knows they will be there everyday? It is because this is the only way for her to get in the media right now. Most "stars" have assistants go to fetch their goodies every day, that's what they ar3e paid for. Britney's assistant's job is to ride along with her. The decision to take her kids away is truly justified. No matter how much you like Britney as a performer, right now her prenting skills are sorely lacking.

2485 days ago


LEAVE HER ALONE and she will hopefully get better...all the constant attention for her bad behaviour isn't helping at all..what if we had our breakdowns in front of the world...imagine that..and we have all had em...imagine if they were on display for the world to see...u can do it thru it...FIGHT FOR YOUR what u need to for their sake...i couldnt imagine someone taking my daughter away from me and i would do whatever it took to get her back...THEY NEED YOU!!..or they'll be the next walking therapist dream

2485 days ago


She's Bi Polar with strong Axis II features (AKA Borderline), I've never seen actual cuts on her, but that usual comes with the territory. Big mess.

2485 days ago


Leave her alone!!! She can't do anything in her life without your paparazzi in her face all the time! She may be a good story for you, but you are ruining her life! Leave her alone and have some compassion! This is like Madonna all over again and now look at her. Queen of Pop!!! Just let her be!

2485 days ago

Lady Di    

I think britney might be schizophrenic- possibly drug-induced- she is showing signs of pure madness without any spells of sanity at all. Paranoid schizophrenics usually believe they are always being followed (and this poor girl is! but she fishes them out night after night- the paps are her only friends). Schizophrenia has an onset at age 25+ and with all her delusions of grandeur and skittish,unlawfully abiding behavior, she has obviously lost all real connections to reality and fears nothing.

Even while being involuntarily detained for a psych evaluation, she is still smiling! I don't care how many drugs you do, how drunk you are or how much money you have- being taken into the legal custody of a state institution, mental facitily or any other forcibly detained and retained facilities- is not fun and no cause to be smiling from ear to ear. Maybe she is happy she no longer is responsible for her own well being.

I am often disgusted with the self-deappreciating behaviors shown by hollywood kids with too much, too soon syndromes- but I think this poor girl is truly mentally diseased. There is no entertainment value to clinical insanity- and even she is self-medicating - no one should have to suffer like this and just maybe Britney will get treatment and medicated and maybe the world's fascination can turn into a real world lesson on the horrible truth that is mental illness...

2485 days ago
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