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Britney Is Wheeled Out on a Gurney!!

1/4/2008 11:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ is there as Britney Spears was just wheeled out of her home on a gurney by paramedics. Look at that shot of her inside the ambulance -- she's smiling!

Once in the ambulance, paramedics can be seen trying to strap her legs down before taking off.

Britney Spears: Click to watchWe're told Britney is being taken to a local hospital on a "medical hold" -- essentially a mental evaluation. Cops found her earlier this evening at her home under the influence of an "unknown substance."

Cops were called to the popnightmare's home in Beverly Hills this evening, after she reportedly refused to return custody of her two kids to their father's bodyguard. Oh, the insanity of it all!

UPDATE: Britney has arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. We're told as she was brought out of the ambulance, she flipped off the waiting paparazzi. Oh my God. That Britney's shameless!


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britney you've officially gone crazy..

2481 days ago


If I was K-Fed I would slip her some LSD. Bye Bye custody!

2481 days ago


F#@$ the papparazzi, they are driving her nuts. I wonder what the rest of society would do if they were trying to drive with 50 people taking your pics, I wonder what the rest of society would do if their divorces and custody cases were televised worldwide. She never had a chance. Her mother and handlers created this problem. She has been used since childhood. She is extremely sick and still has paparazzi following her. And the pic doesn't show a smiling britney it shows a person who is at wits end. It looks to me as if she's about to say something and also that she had been crying. I feel for her and her children. And the drugs she's on her ex probably started her on them. It's proven that most of the time a woman becomes an addict to meth because their husbands introduce it to them to enhance sex. She needs Jesus and a NA meeting.

2481 days ago


Leave the girl alone. Maybe she will finally get the help she needs. She's been crying out and no one has been listening.

2481 days ago


Why does the media: TV, magazines and the internet keep covering this disaster of a person? Is there any logical reason to report the day to day events in the life of a mentally, talent and emotionally challenged individual? Where is the coverage on decent, talented normal entertainers like Josh Groban, Carrie Underwood, Hayley Westenra etc.? The media thrives on scandal, perversity and debauchery not traditional values and true accomplishment.

2481 days ago


dude, she isn't smiling she looks like she is in the middle of talking. This is such a waste. Let the girl have a breakdown in the hospital without all these people watching rooting for her to fail. Just sad.

2481 days ago


Brittany flipping off the stalkarazzi was shameless? How about the audacity that TMZ was there to photograph this tragedy. The media is WAY OUT OF LINE. There is no reason that anyone needs this much scrutiny or information about a person. The fact that people actually care is a sad commentary on the boredom of other people's lives.

2481 days ago


Britney pisses me off. What a loser. Here I am, working my ass off, trying to support my family, doin' my best to hold it together and doing a great job, and this little bitch, who has all the help and money in the world is just throwing it all away. She's really going to regret it when before she knows it her babies are all grown up and she doesn't remember any of it. Those poor kids. Britney makes me sick.

2481 days ago

Walter F. Cichocki    

Sometimes I feel compassion and sympathy should be shown towards,Britany Spears.I watch your broadcasts and feel,just
sometimes your crews go overboard harrassing Britany and other celebrities. I,m also a fan of Peoples Court and find that your host has a duel personnality.It's disgusting the wat the press treats celebrities that are obviously in need of professional help.

2481 days ago


I think it is so sad what is happening...seems like the price of fame is sometimes to high and alot of pressure, esp for someone who starts as a child. She is making bad choices obviously but everyone does...I cant imagine having all my mistakes and misdeed on the covers on magazies or blow by blow on places like this, not fun Im sure. Just trying to go to the grocery store, Starbucks becomes a media sensation, literally. The one part of all this and in all celebrity stuff is that the media takes their spin on this, so we dont always know whats true...even the first pic on this...does she really look like she is smiling??!! whatever TMZ I like the stories but not the spins...makes me glad Im not a celebrity.

2481 days ago


I guess I was too late with my warning. Looks like somebody already did it!

2481 days ago


Poor baby!! I'm going to say some EXTRA prayers for her. She's so lost.

2481 days ago

Walter F. Cichocki    

My prayers and sympathy go out for Britany, and I hope that she receives the help and care that
she needs to go on to a happy life.

2481 days ago


she needs to grow up!! and think about her children!!!

2481 days ago


Shame on you all for making jabs at Britney and making jokes at both her and her children's expense. It is quite obvious that she has a mental condition that is only worsened by the continuous exploitation by the media, in particular, How sad that one day her children may read from your archives and see how insensitive you were to her delicate situation. How would you feel if it was one of your family members? I'm not saying you shouldn't report the incident, but have some human compassion, if not for Britney's sake than at least for the sake of her children. Just state the facts and leave out all the unnecessary jabs & jokes.

2481 days ago
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