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Everyone Hears it Here First

1/4/2008 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The rep for K-Fed's attorney knows where to get his news ... TMZ, of course!

In a press conference today, Michael Sands was asked how he heard about what was going down at Britney's house. His answer -- "I read about it on TMZ!"

Of course he did.


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I can't believe it. X17 is reporting that Brit missed her HOURLY dosage for being bipolar and this is what got her unhinged?? Who really thinks the public is that stupid? If you need hourly meds, you have something much more severe than bipolar disorder. I still say Brit is schizophrenic and they've been hiding it from the public as long as possible so they could still make money off of her.

2423 days ago


And some of us remember Harvey back in the day... Standing in a roarins stream of water in Topanga Canyon... Reporting that it was... RAINING!!!

2423 days ago



You people are as dumb as rocks. Things just don't get through to you, do they?

Some loser above rambles on and on about how this all about Britney's "selfishness" and being "spoiled". You are so ignorant. She is MENTALLY FREAKING ILL

Do you NOT understand what that is?? It is like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, it requires MEDICATION, it is a DISEASE

2423 days ago


And TMZ should be so proud of the fact that they have stalked this girl and were of course right there on hand....and right now you are probably camped out at the hospital harassing other sick people so you can be the first to get any photo of Brit because you just won't be happy until you have completely cracked her and sent her to the grave. Then you can rest easier at night knowing you did your job well and drove another so insane that you killed them and sent them to the grave. And rest assured of course because now those two little boys have NO mama and can grow up and see how jerks who were more concerned with money sent her to an early death and deprived them of the one thing every human wants more than anything....the love of a mom!

2423 days ago


To #32 post:

Is that true about Harvey? I thought he used to be a respected reporter and fell to the darkside of greed and money.

2423 days ago

grossed out.    

Your coverage of this story is lame, at best. People mag. online, and "what would tyler durden to" website have much more info, and plenty of photos.

2423 days ago


Havey's right up there now with that Girls Gone Wild loser. Maybe Harvey won't get busted for this but something much bigger. Karma rocks.

2423 days ago


Well, this sure put the squelch on Jamie Lynn. Oh that Spears family, they're a laugh a minute.

2423 days ago

To the commentor that said TZM is the first to get the story. What a crock that is, most of the stuff TZM writes about is from another source that TZM lists in the story.

You are not a very bright person.

TZM is a master of the cut and paste and are in with other sites to trade pics and stories, not to mention a lot of it isnt even true , why do you think there stories always contain, may, could or we think.

Think before typing .

Herv loves to confuse the ill minded.

2423 days ago

keith witt    

Brit's assets temp. frozen as she is a ward of the state. Century City law firm that filed a request to dismiss her CAN NOT at this time. She needs protection as do her children. I can not imagine the billing the next 72 hours on this case. Imagine Brady to Moss-Century City will be bright tonight despite the cold rain!

2423 days ago


To all of you TMZ haters - if you don't like what the site is producing, THEN STAY OFF OF THE SITE. How hard is that?

2423 days ago


I'm laughing my butt off at all the people ripping into TMZ for exploiting celebs but here you are, reading it all, supporting TMZ. What does that say for you?

2423 days ago


To STAR #34: Yes, indeed-y it's true about our beloved Harvey. He was a reporter for local L.A. TV news stations. He did a lot of good, legitimate reporting. But this particular episode was uproarious. During an El Nino rain, when they were expecting whole canyons to crash into the Pacific, Harvey literally rolled up his pants legs and stood in the water as it rushed past his... ankles! And it was a live shot at about 10 in the morning! They broke into "The Price is Right" for the shot. I think that's when Harvey first got the idea for his live cams... Direct from outside the Self Realization Fellowship Center on Sunset it's: Somebody Getting Enlightened!

2423 days ago

grossed out.    

"Imagine Brady to Moss-Century City will be bright tonight despite the cold rain!"

- Uh - what the hell does this even mean?

2423 days ago

Cheryl Rabe    

Just a question. since britney is always under constant surveillance of the paparazzi. Maybe someone should ask the question where is she getting these drugs from and uestion that person. She can't possibly be buying them herself. We would see it on every news channel just like we see her buying her coffe or showing off her non wearing panties. uestion that enabling person.

2423 days ago
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