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Brit Pitches Fit

1/5/2008 2:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsWe are hearing from multiple sources that Britney Spears is throwing a fit on the 7th floor of Cedars-Sinai. She is demanding to leave, screaming at the staff, will not lie or sit still, we're told.

From all indications, she is being held on a 5150, which means she is a danger to herself and others. Typically, people in that situation can be held for 72 hours against their will.

We have also been told she has pulled her IV out and is generally out of control. Another source at the hospital tells TMZ she could be heard yelling at various staffers and she was described by nurses as being "difficult."


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Angie Reed    

To all that is reading this comes from a christan family.I am a mother of 3 young children and have a husband myself.I am so sorry that the media and public only benifits from brittneys sickness and private family matters.My hope for her is she will find in time to seek god as her only answer and will learn that she is beautiful and wonderful in all ways and people who are sick enough to wish bad on her it will only come back to haunt them.What goes around comes around.People should look at her as a human being not a person with no heart she will in time find her way in this life and be well and the mother we all know she can be.My prayers are with her and know she will regain herself and her children and i believe she will be forever changed by this traggic time she has had to sadly experience.For all who reads think if this were you your sister mother your family.You would be devisated to hear people were sick enough to wish death on that person.God help you all for your thoughts that are so shameful.I feel most sorry for the people out there that pass judgement on a women they don't even know.BEST WISHES TO BRITTNEY SPEARS MAY THE LORD BE WITH YOU.

2446 days ago

luv my TMZ    

The world is watching as Britney Spears dies. An not one of us can help her. I was 25 when I was diagnosed bipolar and now I'm. 38. My sister died with mental illness when she was 34. It took me 4 hospitalizations and a subsequent 25 medication combinations later but I'm still alive and back from the brink. Right now, these next few hours are critical. I've posted on this site very Anti- Britney before but right now, truly I can just pray that she gets the help she needs. She is so sick.

2446 days ago


All evidence points to her most likely being bipolar or manic depressive. Im sure all the alcohol and drugs are not helping her mental and physical health. Im not saying Britney is not a spoiled celebrity going thru some kind of drug withdrawal, but if she is bipolar and is not taking her meds correctly, she will keep having episodes which she is unable to control without the right combo of medication. Stress and drug abuse brings the episodes of manic depression out even more. This girl needs to get lithium into her system and get well. You have to feel sorry for her rather than call her names as if she does have this illness, it is very serious. Having to deal w/ it is hard enough and doing so in the limelight is a nightmare. I really do feel bad for her and hope she gets the help she needs.

2446 days ago


Britney has been pitching fits since Kevin wouldn't come back.

This is nothing new.

The next fit will be coming down the pike as soon as she doesn't get what she wants.

2446 days ago



2446 days ago


If one of us started acting this way they would of tightened the restraints and drugged us.....not release us.

2446 days ago

yes brit will do it again maybe tonight if we are lucky. you know how demonic forces hate the sabbath

2446 days ago

kathy from OK.    

Why can the media and the paparazzi leave this young girl alone and let her try to get her life back on the right track. We as the public needs to take in to consideration that this young girl as had her hole life put out there for us to judge and there is only one person that has that right and it is not me or you. She has to small kids to think of and the media is making harder and harder for her to cope with the fact that she might not get the chance to raise them the proper way. Just lay off of her awhile. Maybe she will come around and get the help she needs. And for all of you that thinks she is a bab mother, put yourself in her shoes. Money is not everything and it sure can't buy happiness. Because if it could Brit and Kevin would still be together. I think the court should start looking at Kevin and see if he might be doing something to throw Brit in such a tis-fit . After all that is alot of money for him.. Brit, "Hang in there Girl".

2446 days ago


Don't believe this thing about pulling out her IV. Why on earth would she have had one fitted anyway?

2445 days ago


Remember Andrea Yates in Texas? Drowned her 5 chldren, one by one, the bathtub one sunny summer morning after her husband left for work. She was severely mentally ill too, and Brit is headed in that downward spiral. I think K-Fed wronged her greatly, wanted her money, etc., but he needs to keep those children away from her until her moneygrubbing parents wise up, band together and have her involuntarily committed. Yes, they can do this even if she is an adult. They have all the material they need to do it -- her behavior. It would be an act of love to help her. If she doesn't ghet help she will kill herself eventually. If she gets around those babies she may do what Andrea yates did. Imagine the horror if andrea Yates ever recovers her sanity enough to face what she did? Please, Brit's family, do this for her sake and for your grandchildrens' sakes!

2445 days ago


Wow, it is really amazing to me that so many people that have never came in contact with this young lady have such harsh words. None of you have walked in her shoes. I bet none or few of you are even parents, or have ever spent a day in the public eye for any reason. You should all remember, not to pass judgment, that is only for god. This young women, her family, her kids, need prayers from everyone right now. You never know when you or someone in your family may fall pray to over powering stress that leads you down a destructive path. Further, if you or one of your family members did or have fallen, unless you have the same public pressure, it would not even come close to what this young women might possible be dealing with. Everyone's stress is different.

You are most often considered Bipolar when you have a full emotional meltdown, brought on by years of stress. Dr. Phil and every one else that claims they are there to help, needs to make this about Britney and her family, not ratings. Take this out of the public eye, that alone is enough to send someone in her condition on full tilt! Shame on the media, and Dr. Phil.

KFED needs to take note of his hard-line position. He has the power to work a deal with the attorneys so that Britney can see her kids. KFED needs to remember he once pretended to love Britney. I say pretend because (in my oppinion) If he really did ever love her, he would take more control of this situation.

KFED needs the kids (in my opinion) to ensure that he continues to get a paycheck from Britney. That alone is a shame. The kids need both of there parents, and grand parents. I hope he wakes up as well and tries to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Britney, my heart goes out to you and your family. It can get better, but EVERYONE needs to stop the NOISE. Take this out of the public eye.

2445 days ago
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