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Dr. Phil on Britney: She Is in "Dire Need" of Help

1/5/2008 6:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. PhilDr. Phil has issued the following statement to ET about his visit with Britney Spears this morning.

"My meeting with Britney and some of her family members this morning in her room at Cedars leaves me convinced more than ever that she is in dire need of both medical and psychological intervention.

She was released moments before my arrival and was packing when I entered the room. We visited for about an hour before I walked with her to her car. I am very concerned for her."


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One of the funniest things I've seen is how his fat bastard has cashed in on everybody else's problems. think him trying to hog tie Britney is the best one Ive seen yet from this moronic, insane egomaniac.

I am not sure what is better the fact that Mr. Phil likes to call himself a "Doctor" or the fact that he and his posse possibly believe they help people.

Its all for show I suppose and as long as empty minds want to hear and see these public melt downs on TV we will have to endure the clowns that make balloons for the children.

I'm so glad my TV came with an off button.

2376 days ago


I heard Mr. Phil was rejected by his father as a young boy followed by further rejection by men which has lead to his very strong negative views about men. I think Mr. Phil should seek help with his anger issues and homosexual frustration.

2376 days ago

Granny Mary    

Phil, What were you thinking? getting in the public eye ?? oh no, just trying to help a poor troubled young lady? Back off and let the experts help this kid, what she does not need is her face plastered again in the news, and by a self taught MD.

2375 days ago


I just hope the best for Britney Spears. I don't like her music etc., but I do wish her all the luck she needs.

2372 days ago


I jcan understand her not trusting her parents and those around her durning this time of needing help. They have been selling her out for years. Her mother would only look for the highest bidder once she had her commited. It's all about fame, ratings or money. She has become a product for those that stand to make something off her and then they wonder why she is running. Like Dr Phil a personal friend of Lynne's, Britney has issues with her mother so how can she trust him when he has been in the media praising Lynne? He only wanted to help her on his show as long as his cameras were running and this was the best the mother could do in getting Britney help? Why is he going public even giving a press release saying personal stuff about her? All of this has become like a cheap circus with Lynne being the clown. She needs to stop being a manager and become a real mother and stop sucking the life out of them. The children have been supporting Lynne since they were very young children.

2372 days ago


He didn't say anything bad about her or anything about what they talked about in their session. Lay off Dr. Phil's back because he could actually be concerned for her and help her find the real help she needs.

2371 days ago


What really gets me, is Dr. Phil's comments that he owes nobody an apology for his comments. Um, hello - if he is a 'therapist', what about Britney's right to confidentiality?? AND she didn't even agree to meet with this unqualified quack in the first place. He most definitely owes her an apology for making comments to the press about a meeting HE forced without her consent and what should have been confidential and private meeting (even if the family asked him to, she is over 18).

Is he kidding me? For a guy who calls everyone else on their bad actions, he really needs to take a good, long hard look in the mirror.

It's pure explotation and lack of respect (again, he's not a real doctor from what I've heard, right?)

2366 days ago

The Voice of Reason    

Hello! People! WHO is the one in trouble, who is acting irrationally and is endangering her own children? And WHO is the one who is a successful, sane, caring counselor who has helped thousands of people? Why are we crucifying the wrong person here? All the man did was say she needs help, for crying out loud!

2365 days ago


I didnt think that Britney needed more publicity. Her sons will have this raiding their backs for the rest of their lives. Now, If in fact Dr.Phil was wanting to help I think, especially if he is a family friend, that he'd keep what was said private and also his thoughts to himself. They trusted him and he did the worst thing tat he could have done. Britney obviously as problems. That is obvious. But for him to run his mouth. That was not at all right. Kinda like doc./ patient confidentiality at it's worst. Though he's not her doctor. He was suppose to be a friend to the family. Now, if and let's pray that his"perfect" sons don't do anything, but what if they did do something and he confided in a friend. What would he do if somebody blabbed their mouths?? He's be heart broken. Britney is out of control and hurt at the same same. She did not really live and have a childhood when she was young. She was on stage. To most of us, that would be the life but she picked the wrong people to hang out with and now she is paying a horrible price. I am not taking up for her by any means but Dr.Phil should have kept this all between the family. He should b=never have mentioned a word of his visit to the world. Yes, we all know she needs help. That did not take a doctor. That took us watching her going downhill and loosing herself. She is very talented and with the right help, she will be ok. Right now, to me, the whole family needs privacy. I hope that all the bad publicity doesn't cause her to do something that everyone will regret. Then the same ones that hated her will be like, "OH I was her biggest fan" and stuff like that. She needs help. She needs privacy. Yes, she put herself in the public eyes a long time ago but her children didn't. They need their Mom and I am sure she can be that with help and also choosing better people to be around. Real friends would also have something to do with her children also. So... the people I see her with, even before the divorce, I did not see her "friends" hanging out with her and her boys.. She needs a new type of friend. And she can continue her career without the drugs and partying. Not many people think like I do but I have watched this girl and loved her songs. I am a fan no matter what. I pray for her and worry for her. I hope all will turn out great for her. I worry that she will do something to herself and those baby boys will not know their Mom. She, I think has mental problems and some that can't be helped. The you add drugs and/ or alcohol to a mental problem you are asking for a catastrophe.
Now, I do like Dr.Phil and watch his show nearly every day bt he crossed the line when he said things about her that really he should have went to her parents with. Not Everyone. I a thinking it is to boost his ratings and I would have never thought that or said anything against hm but if I were to ask him to help my daughter and he went telling things about her, I'd be mad as a wet hen!! So... Anyway, I pray for the Spears and for those 2 beautiful boys. Britney is not a bad person. She has problems and has really made many bad decisions. Agree with me or not. I don't care. I have a few in my family that are mentally disturbed in one way or another and I now, U add any drug or alcohol to them it's not good. Nobody knows what is going thorugh her head or what her troubles are so I don't really think anyone had the right to judge. Now, the kids don't need to be wth her right now but her family doesn't need to just throw their hands up and say forget it. She is "fixable". She needs her family. She does not need these friends of hers that all they study is shopping and partying. These friends could care less about her kids or her for that matter. If they did they would try to put all the partying to a stop .and tell her go home and be a Mom.

2364 days ago
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