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TiVo to Hillary -- We'll Service You Good

1/8/2008 9:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After reading our story about Hillary Clinton's TiVo woes, the DVR company sent us a note -- they want to help Hillary figure out her box.

TiVo told us: "We'd like to send the 'TiVo man' himself straight to the campaign trail to teach Hillary everything there is to know about our product in just five minutes (yes, 5 minutes!). We know it will take no time at all to show Mrs. Clinton the right buttons to push so she can rest assured that while she's on the road, America's favorite DVR is not skipping a beat."

As we reported, we overheard a perplexed Hil tell Chelsea not too long ago she couldn't figure out how to run the contraption.


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2448 days ago


Perfect - the radical neoliberal can't master a simple TiVo & yet wants to lead the free world!? Not.

2448 days ago


Tivo makes too much noise. DirecTV DVR is better

2448 days ago


STD Bill knows how to TiVo but he is too busy trying to bang campaign interns & TMZ gay-boys!

2448 days ago

BOEING 787    

Thier is do doubt she is going to loose the primary.

2448 days ago


"Their"is no doubt that I am going to "loose" my mind having to read whatever language you're writing, Boeing767.

2448 days ago

BOEING 787    

#2 yeah you $ Neoliberal means economic liberalism, privatization of industry, social security why don't you go back to school you uneducated right wing dimwit.

2448 days ago


Is she trying to play the dumb blonde role? Big mistake. After Anna and Britney, this is the last thing she wants to portray herself as .

2448 days ago

Iowa Girl    

can't run a tivo?

can't run the country

quit while you're NOT ahead

2448 days ago


Maybe she'll cry & we can all feel sorry for her - then vote for Edwards & avoid her like the plague!

2448 days ago

gossip fan    

#10, you beat me to the punch! That's exactly the first thing I thought of. Maybe she should ask one of her illegal housekeepers to show her how to use it.

2448 days ago


The radical racism of the Dems & Hussein Obama-ites is the last thing needed - too much low IQ low class pimp STD baggage - similar to slick Willie banging interns in the Oval office.

2448 days ago

chillout music girl    

Maybe hillary isn't so smart as she thinks she is after all!!!!!!!1

2448 days ago

Iowa Girl    

who the hell is voting for this broad anyways?

I was afraid i was going to have to move to canada.

the more comments i read from people, the less supporters i think this woman has.

Funny, after Iowa they were telling her she needed to "soften her image". Then today on The Today Show, she appears to be TRYING to cry in some interview in NH.

i DO NOT what a Preident who cries. I want one who kicks ass and people respect

2448 days ago


Bill Clinton has been attacking Obama for his attacks on Hillary. Um, can anyone think of ANYONE who has treated Hillary worse than Bill Clinton???? Seriously, if she could ENDURE Bill's philandering for all those years i think she can probably take some heat for her voting record by a political opponent. Whats with the big display of concern for her now???

2448 days ago
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