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Why Brit Locked Herself in the Bathroom

1/8/2008 5:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned what triggered the drama last Thursday night that ended with Britney being strapped to a stretcher and carted off in an ambulance.Britney Spears

Unimpeachable sources tell TMZ Brit pitched a fit that she had to attend a deposition in the custody case earlier in the day and she wanted "make-up" time with the kids that evening. Britney had visitation rights with the kids that day. She was supposed to surrender them to K-Daddy at 7:00 PM, but wanted two extra hours. K-Fed and his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, wouldn't allow it, so she locked herself in the house -- thus the stand-off.

Here are the probs with Brit's theory. First, the reason her depo was set for last Thursday was because she failed to show the day before. Second, Thursday's depo was supposed to begin at 9:45 AM and go until 11:45 AM. She didn't show until 11:32, so the depo lasted less than 15 minutes. We've learned she only had visitation rights that day between noon and 7 PM. The depo ended at 11:45 and her house was only 15 minutes away. So she really didn't lose any time with the kids.

Bottom line -- Brit was legally off base.


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He's just another Idiot    

Tell us Harvey how much money is DipStick K-Dud and sleazy Kaplan paying you to bash Britney - with her money, of course. K-Dud can't even get a job at McDonald because he's so stupid. His only hope is to get the kids - and all of her money. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. K-Dud is probaby sitting in his house (that Britney bought) right now doing drugs and watching Porn while the Nannies (which Britney pays for) are taking care of the kids while his body guard (which Britney pays for) is standing outside of his house.
Don't show anymore pictures of slimy K-Dud. I just almost lost my lunch.

2482 days ago


Spears missed 5 previously scheduled depos, and was 1 day and 90 min. late for the last one. Perhaps in the future, she should realize if she respects and adheres to other people's time, they will be more amenable to adjust their schedule when she requests. Bella

Vintage '51 - did you read my reply to you on the Dr. Phil blog, page 20? Bella

2482 days ago


I like chicken......

2482 days ago


Britney should be glad she gets so much visitation, considering how she hasn't shown up for most of the depos of the past. I know someone who only got to see their child for one hour a week and then lost custody when she and her husband did EVERYTHING each was supposed to do... Britney gets so much leeway, it is not right....

2482 days ago

That is one persons opinion right?

2482 days ago


does anyone know: how much does kevin's child support increase now that he has full custody? he might have just made himself lots of dough.

2482 days ago


She needs serious help.

2482 days ago


I still like chicken

2482 days ago


Yeah, she handled it wrong, so what's new. On the other hand it wouldn't have killed k-Fed to give her two more hours. $15,000 a month income for child support should count for something. This is an old story ... children being used as weapons in a nasty divorce.

2482 days ago


She's crazy... poor kid.

2482 days ago

jg in ca    

Why doesn't eveyone just leave her alone! She is the way she is due to you guys - get a grip and let her live her life!

2482 days ago


She is a SELFISH and SPOILED fool. The Bi-polar, ADHD, Post Partum Depression gimmick is just her putting on a show for the paps since she is too lazy to work on a REAL performance.

She isn't sick, just incredibly selfish and spoiled.

2482 days ago


haley berry got her son issaha back.. and she was a crack head....Britney should get her kids back hahahahah

2482 days ago


Kevin doesn't care about the kids. they should be w/ britney. he is using the kids to destroy her for more money. when he has the kids, he hands them off to a nanny and goes out partying. he is a deuch. team britney baby!!!!! I hope they start drug testing k-deuchebag soon.

2482 days ago


I wish so much that a one special person could reach out to her. Been where she is and understand how's shes thinking.

2482 days ago
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