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We Swear This is Leo DiCaprio

1/9/2008 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Leonardo DiCaprio is one persistent mofo.

TMZ caught Leo -- we think -- leaving Villa last night, where the Oscar-nominated actor played blind for his exit by covering his face completely with his arm and hoodie.

He even needed the assistance of his buds to help find his car ... which was only feet from the door.


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2447 days ago


Leo never won an Oscar.

2447 days ago


Leo is a tool.

2447 days ago


WHY WHY WHY WY WHY WHY WHY do these idiots go to all these high profile restaurants that are loaded with papo and get mad when they try to take their picture. HOLLYWOOD as a whole is unstable.

2447 days ago


You're correct #2--he has never won an Oscar. Why doesn't anyone at TMZ know their celeb facts??

2447 days ago


i was just going to say that he never won an oscar....

2447 days ago


Because he was meeting his gay lover & didnt want anyone to know. We ALL know Leo.

2447 days ago


Because he was meeting his gay lover and thinks he is fooling us =( we ALL know Leo

2447 days ago

morticia addams    

I'd LOVE to Leo's THING....why he cover up like, cousin Itt!!?

2447 days ago


why why why do people run around LA with cameras like little stalkers....REAL press photogs are credentialed and undergo background checks....papos are nothing but a bunch of vigilante stalker wannabes who couldn't make it doing anything productive in life so they creep about like vampires of the night feeding on people just trying to eat a frigging meal....yeah sure Leo culd have ordered in...but why because little TMZ leeches are sucking about. Los Angeles used to be a glamorous town...the papos have made it a seedy trashy place to be avoided.

My favorite part is anytime you ask a papo to grant any privacy....they turn to insults and false claims like I make more money than you, I have condos all over, freedom of he press...blah blah blah....these people are press, they are sleaze...we need to rid the world of them and TMZ it would be a better quality place.

2447 days ago


Wow, as I see it everyone knows that Leo is gay but so far nobody could prove it. And my other problem with the Leo is gay theory is that if he is gay he apparently put `some` effort and I guess money in covering it up. So why would he go to a place like Villa surrounded by paparazzi to meet his `gay lover`? Can someone tell me where`s the sense in that?

2447 days ago


above: skim skim skim...."TMZ it would be a better quality place".

what place? - Last I checked we are Global & ONLINE. Let Leo thank his buddy AL Gore for that!!
what is a celebrity blog sight if all goofy celebritys stay home and order inside.
And like the "papo" have ever Stalked you, or Claimed YOU have More $$ or Condos?

You, nor I can speak for the Celebrity's - they are Public Figure, and With LEO, ~ he hires
all this Hoopla and STAFF ~to surround him everywhere he goes...
So there it is...blah blah blah!

2447 days ago


I don't get it. Is Villa suppose to be a gay bar or gy restaurant. Who cares. And is he is gay, why would he go to a gay bar or restaurant - where the photo people are hanging out outside waiting for someone to come out. It just doesn't make sense. Why do celebs go to these "In" places and then get made when photo people start taking there pictures. It's stupid. If you want to stop eating hambrugers - stay the hell out of McDonalds. Right?

2447 days ago


"....leaving Villa last night, where the Oscar-nominated actor..." TMZ didnt say anything about Leo winning an Oscar. it says NOMINATED, and to others, cant a guy (esp Leo and other male celebs) go out w/ his male friends w/o rumors of them being gay (or what not)? that's just ridiculous.

2447 days ago


leo is the man!! leave him alone stalkers!

2447 days ago
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