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Adnan Has Left the Building!

1/10/2008 9:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They're baaaack!

TMZ has just seen Brit's paparazzo boytoy Adnan Ghalib leave her house in Beverly Hills in a gold Mercedes. Britney, we're told, is still in the house -- but we won't believe it til we see her!

The two were seen cavorting south of the border in Mexico earlier today in a black SUV. That vehicle, TMZ has learned, was a rental and was returned early this afternoon. Hope they got the extra insurance!


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OK...she just was hospitalized for being a whack job...she lost her kids totally in THAT fiasco...she had LIMITED access to them before all this. So the best thing for her to do is to be seen running around everywhere with a low life papparazo sucking a lollipop with him and sucking his finger.....looks like she REALLLY misses her boys....she's just heartbroken over it!! Well, she'll show them who's boss !! Ain't NOBODY gonna tell HER what to do!! NOT!!!!! With her attitude and her actions she'll NEVER see her kids again.This crazy bitch looks more and more every day like a low life skanky whore....between not taking care of her general hygiene and appearance, to not even having much of a life to speak of - other than to drive all around at night.
I predict when this initial "glow" of new romance wears off, AND she gets pregnant with his sperm donation AND he gets sick of her skanky fat ass....THEN she's gonna get the gun and off herself!! I'll take any and all bets!!!!!!!

2444 days ago


Kelli, you go your comments,

Brit honey, stay home tonight.........there is a new CSI on, pop some popcorn, cuddle up in a chair, let your weave down, and kick back girl. Believe there is nothing on the streets of LA that could possibly be worth looking at.

Unfortunately, I doubt she will take my advice, and I will be reading a new chapter about her crazy life tomorrow.

Oh well........

2444 days ago


Hey!.........She goes out with that ugly low life..........Hey, I think I might have a chance with her too, at least I shower once a day...

2444 days ago


2444 days ago


Thank you addicted to trash magazines. Thats why people sometimes attack me. Many people on here are nice to me. I'll have to show them sometimes my mean side, like when the pms kicks in really bad. Scary!

2444 days ago


Uhhhh...shouldn't she be at home baking cookies, or something, so that once and for all we understand why that mess even bothered having kids? Doesn't she realize that they will read all this when they are old enough (soon) to get it? And, is she such stupid white trash that she doesn't realize that ALL of this is just fueling K-Fed's argument for custody? If I really wanted to keep my kids, I would probably try to temper the whoring around like a pig every night. Christ. GET HELP YOU FREAK. YOU HAVE KIDS. BE A GROWN UP.

2444 days ago


Old Adnan has put cameras in Britney's digs.......... Girl wake up!

2444 days ago


AND....what the fruck is the ugly ass patch of hair going down his chin??? Is that supposed to feel good when he's servicing her hoochie?? I'd HATE to see that thing when he's finished down there. Bet he'll be shavin THAT off pretty damn quick !!

2444 days ago


Hopefully, she'll OD on some drugs she got while in Mexico! I'm so sick of hearing about her and all her self brought drama. She's like a car hate to look but you can't really not look ya know?

2444 days ago


I agree with Comment #9, Why go South of the Border if not for some Cheapo Drugs...
Or maybe, JUST Maybe, Pop-Oh-Razzi B/F got a QUICKIE DIVORCE from his CURRENT WIFE... SO, HE CAN MARRY BRIT BRAT.. Then He can be LEGAL GUARDIAN over HER...
Remember when the Tabs were reporting she was PREGGO, Maybe she IS or not ANYMORE....Since the TRIP to MEXICO.

2444 days ago

Run Jon run!    

Let me know when she's in jail or in a mental hospital, until then I'm not interested

2444 days ago


I think u all need to get alife and stop harassing celebrate's.I think Britney can be a good person but I think all media is the one who caused her to lose it.I think you all need to leave celebrate's alone and quit interfearing with everything.How do u think princess Diana died?I think the media caused it!!!!! Please find another life or a job!

2444 days ago


well, looks like this is her "high"...wait till Monday, court day, I bet that will be her loooooooooooooooooooow! Might be interesting.

2444 days ago


He's so totally hot! She's a very lucky girl. You people who say he's ugly must need glasses. I think he's far better looking than Justin and Kevin both put together. She's finally becoming a woman and growing up. She needs a man who is more mature. Good luck to them both.

2444 days ago

the lost    

Too bad she's back. It was nice while she was gone. She should go somewhere secluded for a while to get away. But then she'd die of lack of attention.

2444 days ago
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