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Brit's Ultimate Fake-Out

1/10/2008 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears hoaxed us all out -- sending out the word she was winging her way to NYC, but HOLA ... she's in Mexico.

Video has just surfaced showing Brit driving around Mexico with Adnan, her new BFF/paparazzo. This followed an elaborate fake-out involving Brit's people, tail numbers on a private jet ... the works.


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anonymous---noooooo, there are no terrorists in England! All Arabs are suspicious, fool.

2443 days ago

just me    

10 hours ago the Daily Telegraph (Australia) reported "Britney Spears and Adnan Ghalib flee LA, bound for Mexico." She is in Cabo San Lucas.

2443 days ago


What is the big deal about Britney going to Mexico? Actually, I think that she made a smart decision. She is trying to get out of the spotlight. One minute she is being criticized for being in the spotlight and then when she tries to keep a low profile, she is still being criticized because she left and went to Mexico. The paparazzi should not be allowed to do the things that they are doing. They practically get on top of her vehicle and then have the nerve to file lawsuits whenever their toes are run over. If I were Britney, I would file a restraining order against the paparazzi! This is ridiculous. I know that she is a celebrity, but, the paparazzi is going too far! They are doing whatever they want. She is entitled to some sense of privacy and enjoyment.

2443 days ago

kim suck    

ha ha i feel so happy when this once OK looking bitc* screws up!! HAHAHAHHAA

2443 days ago


#8, that's what bipolar it. It's an unbelieveable disorder, and it doesn't sit by itself. It usually is accompanied by another or many other diseases, (add, manic depression, etc) She has many mental issues, everyone would agree. SOMEONE needs to intervene. This douchebag is living out his fantacy of years, and is banging her. More than likely, he's going to get her pregnant. She's in Mexico? Great. This girl is hurting, very much, everyday, everyminute. Her behaiviour is just to get her thru her pain and reslestness. This is why she stays at her home doesn't remind her of her children. I PRAY her family gets a court order to remove her from her environment, and admit her to a facility to get some help. She can get better with the right surroundings. This is not one of them. Bipolar is VERY serious, and she's already admitted to having add. Lord help this child. (and this adnards needs to be condemed for what' he's done. What a douche)

2443 days ago


Maybe the slut and the terrorist will end up in a Mexican prison. Would serve them right! Britney will be crying for her
mommy and BEGGING Dr. Phil to come and save her nasty ass. Since she can almost get away with anything she
wants in California, hopefully the Mexican Policia won't be as tolerant with her and the Arab. Do they both have
visas? Is the Arab a US citizen, or just here on a visa? Did he marry a US citizen to gain citizenship in the US?
Come on TMZ, tell us the scoop. He is getting ALL the scoop on Brit, and giving it to his employer. You guys
are getting seconds!

2443 days ago


Don't you realize what this clown is doing? She's not on vacation...she's there to avoid being committed. If they want her now, they have to go through extradition. Bet she doesn't show for court either.

2443 days ago

kim suck    

arabs wipe their hands on the ass after they shi*--REALLY!! i wonder if she went down on this dirty man --all the dingle berrys~!

2443 days ago

Fidel Ko    

She became the member of a online wealthy&beauty club (wealthysoulmate)

2443 days ago


Don't nasty girls have sex with donkey's in Mexico? Hope someone gets the footage.

2443 days ago


I am sick of you haters. What, are you 12???

2443 days ago


What country is Adnan from, originally? She will find herself forced
to wear a burka in Taliban territory, if she is not careful, sleeping
in a cave with Bin Laden. Or maybe she is on her way to a terrorist
training camp! She'll come back with a bomb belt strapped to
herself, believing she is a martyr for some "greater cause," YIKES!
Oh look! Here she is now!

2443 days ago

kim suck    

Posted at 10:47AM on Jan 10th 2008 by kennedy
stop it with yo0ur pity!! no excuses!!! she loves this!

2443 days ago

kim suck    

OH YES !! Mexican woman do have sex with donkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EW thats sick and its leagle there!!

2443 days ago

kim suck    

Posted at 10:50AM on Jan 10th 2008 by peggy

ha ha ha peggy you dumb bitc*!!! shut up!!

2443 days ago
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