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Brit's Ultimate Fake-Out

1/10/2008 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears hoaxed us all out -- sending out the word she was winging her way to NYC, but HOLA ... she's in Mexico.

Video has just surfaced showing Brit driving around Mexico with Adnan, her new BFF/paparazzo. This followed an elaborate fake-out involving Brit's people, tail numbers on a private jet ... the works.


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I don't feel sorry for Britney at all. She's obviously crazy and stupid. So run, run, Britney you go and have fun girl. Why look back and be a responsible person. To bad for her little boys to have two screwed up parents and entire "Spears" family to look up to.

2417 days ago


hey she needs to get away..and i though tmz was going to back off of her for a bit..guess not..shows the media lies all the time..moving right along..ughhh

2417 days ago

Melissa Hernandez    

leave her alone!!!!

2417 days ago


anonymous--You must not be American, cuz we all feel that way. Get real.

2417 days ago


and we should believe that this was in mexico because.................

2417 days ago


Britney has now made herself a kidnapping target. Mexico is known for that..lots of bad folks who attack tourists and kidnap folks with money. There are lots of great people in Mexico, but the crime there against women and tourists has skyrocketed. Britney does not have any security with her, just Adnan who is after her money.

2417 days ago


She probably ran to Mexico because she heard her parents are trying to get her committed - which will be a lot harder to do if she is in Mexico.

2417 days ago

brainless britt    

Ladies keep close tabs of your husbands... She likes them married. She may be after yours next!!

2417 days ago


WOW, Adnan must be in it for the money he can gets from pics. he's probably delusional thinking somebody would want to see nude pictures of Britney. We've been there done that. He's so stupid he left his for Britney? Give me a break. Im a woman, no lesbian tendecies, but his wife is drop dead gorgeous and seems very refined. I just dont get it. Maybe im crazy?

2417 days ago


Not believing they're in Mexico until a decent picture or video shows up.

2417 days ago


What are we gonna do when she gets locked up?

I personally will have withdrawal.

I can't get enough of this train wreck!

She is without a doubt, the most selfish person on the planet!

I love it!

2417 days ago


Didn't anyone think to take her passport away??????????? This girl needs serious help and running away is not the answer. As a mother of a mentally ill child (who is in jail because of her antics), I only hope that her parents can help her before she winds up like my child.

2417 days ago


…After being released from the hospital Britney and Adnan spent the night and the following days together resting, eating, sleeping, shopping and talking about life and the love they have for their families….

Huh? Love for their families? She just lost hers and he is separated from his wife.

Should read…Pap takes advantage of falling star and gets a free vacation to Cabo!!

2417 days ago


Britney is mentally ill, but she also lacks character and judgment because her moneysucking mama did not teach her any worthwhile life skills, she was a poor moral example, and she was a poor example of good character. Her father didn't seem to have much to do with her since her mom had her off and running playing the ultimate stage mom monster. So he was a drunk, well, with a wife like Lynne, it would drive a man to drink if he didn't already, but Brit wasn't home much to be influenced either good or bad by him. I feel sorry for Brit and I wish that somebody could knock some sense into Lynne the Pimp before she completely ruins Jamie Lynn too. She's made a good start, letting a 16 year old shack up with her boyfriend and not seeing to it that the girl had competent birth control. I just wish the whole world would speak out against Lynne (and that goes for any other moms who have been as selfish, narcissistic and unfit as Lynne has been.)

2417 days ago
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