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Britney y Los Tres Amigos Terrible!

1/11/2008 12:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Senorita Spears has returned from Mexico to Ranchita Popwreck -- and she was caught last night pulling a Paris Hilton by hanging out with tres caballeros! Ole!

Brit, Adnan, Sam Lutfi and one of Sam's friends -- whom we're told, Brit thinks is cute -- were caught at, where else, a gas station last night. (Hey guys, why are you following him?? Britney's out in the car!)

While Adnan's motivations aren't entirely known, at least he actually pays for lighters.


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Hey Brit-

Welcome back from Mexico!

Did you have any tequila? My friend tried to drink a gallon of it. Bet you can't. I wouldn't try it- sounds dangerous- I'm just sayin,....


2424 days ago


LMAO a gas station...what a surprise.

2424 days ago


ewwwww.. WHY is Britney ALWAYS SMELLing her fingers? She is So gross!

She doesn't look too happy here.. ordering her SLAVE Adnan to sit in front of her. Not so much fun being with Britney is it Adnan? *LOL*

2424 days ago


She is a pretty girl. I pray their family can stick together. They are soooo cute on the show. And she recently joined an online millionaire&celeb dating site called

Posted at 12:55PM on Jan 11th 2008 by allouf Kl

Take your stupid website and stick it where the sun don't shine. No one cares about your stupid sites, or who is on them. What a retard. What are you, 15. Too stupid to be an adult, although, I could be wrong.

2424 days ago


Honestly, I'm glad to see someone taking care of her, regardless of his motivations. Maybe he can be a hero and convince her to get help. I hope so.

Posted at 1:02PM on Jan 11th 2008 by reality chick

Wow, reality chick needs a reality check. Wake up, he is just using her, at the very least, for sex.

2424 days ago



What are you, 15. No one cares about a stupid dating site, except a no-life like you. Go away.

2424 days ago


Has ANYONE even bothered to as: Why the heck does she go into so many gas station restrooms? They are usually really dislgusting! Too weird!

Posted at 1:50PM on Jan 11th 2008 by SkyeBlue

Because she can go in and lock the door and do her drugs. Duh, it isn't rocket science people. She is a pathetic druggy.

2424 days ago


Does anyone no why Britney and Adnan went to Mexico?

2424 days ago


Is she rehearsing for a remake of The Exorcist? I guess she has to do the 'Beating up a car with an umbrella" movie first. Boy, she's a busy girl. I bet the judge will be laughing with her when she explains why she didn't get her deposition done. Guess he just didn't give her enough time. She did arrange to spend a little extra time with the kids last Thursday, though. The judge will be happy to hear that and will probably reward her appropriately. What a life. I envy her. Wish I could run to Mexico on the spur of the moment and relax in the lap of luxury at one of their world-famous resorts. Nothing better than an exotic foreign gas station restroom! Look at that beaming face, guess the vacation did wonders for her. What woman wouldn't enjoy an all-nighter with a car full of A-list celebrity hunks. Can't wait to see what classy and fun things she does next.

2424 days ago


doing coke in the back seat? ,notice her take a pic of herself and keep touching her red nose? aha!

2424 days ago


Did anyone notice Adnan looked disgusted when Brit asked him to cover her from the paps? Just me I guess.

2424 days ago

Pierre E    

poor girl she just needs eyeryones love and support. she is a human being and she needs to be loved and for pitty as we do with all other people... she needs to get help but nooone is truly reaching out to her they just want to be in the lime light....

2423 days ago


This is just disgusting! LA has become the cesspool of this country ~ so glad I got outta there twenty years ago. Yeah, and what the hell is her fascination with gas stations??? This girl has some serious problems ~ probably some new form of mental illness no one has ever seen before! Her eyes are so friggin' vacant and trippy. Poor girl ~ get some help....NOW!!!

2423 days ago


GET THIS GIRL SOME HELP////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////SHE NEEDS HELP NOW NOT LATER.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Maybe F-X CAN HELP HER>

2422 days ago


GET THIS GIRL HELP>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2422 days ago
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