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Brit's Fame Whore First Hubby: New Guy in Town?

1/11/2008 2:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the midst of Brit's breakdown, a man from her past has emerged in Hollywood. That seems oddly convenient, doesn't it? There must be some interview money being handed out!

Spears' celebrated 55-hour Vegas husband, Jason Alexander (no, not the Seinfeld dude), was caught at Goa nightclub last night -- where he actually got in -- looking as ghetto-drab as his successor, K-Fed.


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She should of stayed with him!

2444 days ago

Dawn Day    

The vultures are circling waiting to pick her dead bones!

2444 days ago


just leave her alone. He is a weasel. K-fed at least is manning up to those beautiful kids. Let' s leave the whole brittney mess alone until she reappears really better and healed. As for the kids let them be babies and loved for like kids should be by their dad. The one saving grace that we also thought was trash is the one who saved the whole thing is the dad. Although he should be fixed

2444 days ago

Goldie Hand    

He's like hey Gimme summa that bitches money

2444 days ago


Maybe he's in town hoping Britney will dump that towel-head and let him back into her life. Maybe he can talk some sense into her! LOL

2444 days ago


He's WAY better eye-candy than Fedex. Who's the boyfriend getting into the car with him? Maybe that's why their marriage only lasted 55 hrs!!!

2444 days ago


well, maybe she SHOULD have stayed with him . Maybe he's back because he knows she's vulnerable and WILL take him back... who knows? how did he get into the club.. oh, and how DO THEY GET IN?, do they have to be on a guest list or something?

2444 days ago

allouf Kl    

He looks familiar, seems he has became the member of, a place where biker friends and singles find each other for love and passion.

2444 days ago


maybe he's hoping Brits vulnerable enough to go back with him... he looks more normal anyway... how do they get into these clubs, guest list?

2444 days ago


Maybe he's in town to testify on Monday.

2444 days ago


blablabla - I agree!

2444 days ago


Too bad she didn't stay married to him.
At least they had a history as childhood sweethearts.He liked Britney for Britney NOT her money.
Sadly his bruised ego at being dumped on National TV has made it easier for him to have loose lips. But he hasn't siad anything awful about Britney as far as I have seen.

K-Fed has been the demise of Britney.
And he appears to only be "manning up" because those kids are his meal ticket!

I feel sorry for the boys and Britney.
Get well Britney and get your boys back!

2444 days ago


From what I have seen marrying Jason (Her childhood best friend) was possibly the smartest thing the girl has done lately.
If she would have stayed with Jason at least we would not be worrying about the fate of Sean Preston and Jayden James right now. Think about it people...Jason has known Britney practically her whole life. He probably would have been good for her. I don't recall ever seeing an aritcle or interview when he bad mouthed Britney. Why was her mother so quick to stpe in and make Britney get an anullment but then she stood idly by during the whole K-Fed courtship. Makes you wonder doesn't it? Maybe Britney's mom thought she could control Kevin.

2444 days ago

montana mike    

maybe he's in town to testify at the monday hearing-drugs, three-ways. hey, fly on the wall, if you're out there, fill us in

2444 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

One of MANY notches of Twit's bed posts! A member in standing of the ''I rode on the PopWreak Express and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!" club!

2444 days ago
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