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"Top Model" Goes Off on the Spears Sisters

1/12/2008 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

From one train wreck to another -- Adrianne Curry couldn't stop talking smack about the Spears clan!

The braless wonder's best advice to Brit: Move to Montana and "fix her s**t." Move ovah, Dr. Phil!


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Party 'till you die!    

But she's not any different from the majority of people sick of Twit running around like a lunatic who is above all laws and common sense!

2479 days ago


Thanks for the laugh. Does Adrianne have a real job? LOL

2479 days ago


what do you want from her? these jerk off paps are always engaging celebs just to get better footage!!! and adrian curry is a chic who couldnt shut her trap if her life depends on it!!!!

2479 days ago


Sounds Sensible to me. What I don't understand is that TMZ spends ll it's time mking fun of Brittney's behvior and yet when this girl says the exact same thing you attack her, whats the deal with that?

2479 days ago


About that Curry and Spears debate, great. Read about everything No Police State.

2479 days ago


Adrianne, has done very well with her life, she won ahuge contest to start a career, saved her $$$$ & found a good guy,,, give her a break she is young but not out of bounds..and I think her advice is correct ..about Brit needs to move away some place peacful is the first matter how much shrink care she gets she needs a safe environmnent

2479 days ago

Lenn K.    

I give Adrianne credit for one thing and that she didn't get knocked up by K-Fed and watched him steal all of her money. Other than that she posed in a skin rag twice and married a over -the hill Brady.

2479 days ago

Jane Doe    

Why dont she shut the hell up and mind her own damn business.

2479 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

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2479 days ago


I think this is way to funny. How hilarious. I think Brits parents ought to take a look. If she has a mental illness it may not be her parents fault and we should not case stones but it seems her Mother has pimped her out all her life. If she is just plain sick then her parents couldn't do much about it. She didn't start out sick. I also do not see her Mother involved much in her grandchildrens life. with that money I would insist on seeing them often. Very often. Does she??

2479 days ago


Trainwreck is right. I heard her give an interview on our local radio station, and she has had a serious drug problem since 14 (Heroin). She was a prostitute, too. I can't remember everything she talked about, but it was far worse than Jamie Lynn getting pregnant at 16. But that's kind of typical. The real messes are the ones who have no sympathy for anyone else.

2479 days ago


Would I take advice from Adrienne Curry? Not ever in my lifetime. So she managed to get Christopher Knight to marry her. What is his big claim to fame? Peter Brady..oh wow. The show was lame and story lines silly. Let's see, he has been married a few times, he was on a reality show with Curry and she had to have her "Crissy"..yuck. The day I would go to Adrienne for any type of advice would be the day I would ask Brooke Bollea/Hogan or any one of Hugh Hefner's blond bimbos for advice...never.

2479 days ago


She is a nobody.. who cares what she says..
She's an ex heroin addict/ drug addict that's a fact..
She needs to shut up..

2479 days ago


Adrian is pretty articulate and says it like she sees it. Refreshing.

2479 days ago


Everybody has a comment --after the fact--From Donald Trump to Lindsay Lohan's dad, Michael Lohan. Now this bimbo Curry is putting he two cents in. Britney is going to do just what she wants to do as long as her money keeps pouring in. It is really sad that no one was willing to intervene a long time ago. Her gold digging family and her moocher and hanger oner assistants or what ever they call themselves are piranhas. This is not about Britney anymore people, this is about her two precious toddler boys.

2479 days ago
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