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"Top Model" Goes Off on the Spears Sisters

1/12/2008 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

From one train wreck to another -- Adrianne Curry couldn't stop talking smack about the Spears clan!

The braless wonder's best advice to Brit: Move to Montana and "fix her s**t." Move ovah, Dr. Phil!


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Haha...I love how she says, "...little kids should not be working" just ask the camera cuts to a shot of her and Peter Brady.

2422 days ago


As a native of Joliet, I have been watching the successful rise of Adrianne Curry, and I must comment on the fact that I find it AMAZING that EVERYONE is allowed to have an opinion EXCEPT Adrianne! When she speaks, and she was ASKED her opinion, she says things that make a WHOLE LOT OF SENSE, yet people trash her! Who, in their RIGHT mind, thinks Britney has her stuff together??!! Most of the comments here go so far as to be hateful. TMZ is not above the bashing, either. Adrianne, unlike Britney Spears, admits she has had problems in the past, and took steps to correct those problems. Adrianne has worked very hard for what she has achieved, and whether people like it or not, her popularity and her BANK ACCOUNT ARE GROWING!! And unlike Britney, Adrianne has a loving, supportive family behind her. That family would rather cut off their arms than write a book or give an interview against Adrianne Success breeds contempt, and unfortunately for Adrianne, some people, like many of the people that responded here, are going to resent her because she made something of herself, while they could only WISH to be successful. I'm sure there will be nasty comments made about me and this post, as well, but at least I know I can spell words that are bigger than 3 letters, which seems the mental capacity of most of the people here.

2422 days ago


I think it's so sad how she is just throwing her life and whatever talent she had left away. If i were famous i would make sure i did something for my kids and to help the world and with as much attention she gets she could really make a difference. I got pregnant at 17 ,19 & 20 with my children and i know a lot of people think that's horrible bc i was too young. I got married at 17 and it lasted for almost a year. There father is still really involved in there life but i mainly take care of them. I take care of my kids being 21 single and without nannies and help etc. I managed to put myself through college and i have a great job to where i can still see my children a lot for being a working mom. It just saddens me watching her throw away her kids like that. I think we should trade places bc i would make sure my kids had everything they need and more.

2422 days ago

Oh Please    

re: Jolie Rose

Thanks Mom for posting about that degenerate you raised.

2422 days ago


Wait a MIN TMZ.. You guys have been calling BRITNEY every name in the book for over a week now and when Adrianne does it that makes it WRONG? What the hell is wrong with you guys? All kinds of people have all kinds of differnt opinions about Brit the mess but when someone actually says the same as you do its wrong? You guys are LAME!!!!!!!!!

2422 days ago

Oh Please    

Curry should have had enough class to have kept her mouth shut. She is in no position to give advice!!!! I hope it comes back and bites her in the arse.

2422 days ago

Oh Please    

Isn't Adrianne a DRUG ADDICT? She brags about it all the time and then has the nerve to trash someone else? I wish she would just go away......enough already.

2422 days ago

Kat Ramone    

Agree with post#15...Mrs. Brady---I mean, Knight, basically said what probably most everyone is thinking...

2422 days ago

Oh Please    

Brit is miles above Curry even in the state she is now. What a piece of work this idiot is. Porno lesbian queen is about all she has ever accomplished. She should be arrested for her blatant pot smoking. I wish the cops would bust this witch!!

2422 days ago

Oh Please    

Curry is a nasty no talent skank that can't lick the dirt off Brit's boots. She was a prostitute and bar fly in Joliet. Herion was her drug of choice and It would not surprise me if she does it now. Her husband is a poor sucker that is getting the crap end of the stick. She chased him until he bought her. He controls her life and if she trys to make it on her own.....she will fail. She is a primo Ho.

2422 days ago


She has GOT to be kidding me, this NONE KNOWING HOW TO SPEAK HOE SKANK SLUTE don't have ANY ROOM to talk. I mean really, she's got to be kidding me.

2422 days ago


#80 -- Everyone is allowed to have their opinion. EXCATLY. And everyone else is allowed to respond with their opinion even if you do not agree!!! Hello! So don't trash other people for expressing THEIR opinion too There. MY OPINION. Nothing wrong with it.

2422 days ago

Billy Bob    

One cheap, no talent, sewer slut giving advice to another. Makes perfect sense to me!

2422 days ago


since when Adrianne become so judgemental, especially with any type of morals? I kinda liked her...but please, she has not been such a "role-model" herself.

2422 days ago


BEWARE CURRY: Brit swings a mean umbrella!!!

Eventually she may run into you somewhere in Hollyweird. Then what? She may smack you down for running that trap of yours about her personal life. And she enjoys clipping the Paps with her car too. Don't cry foul when she catches up with you. If she's "crazy" you may think twice about provoking a gal raised in the sticks of Kentwood. I can see the headlines now..."Brit yanks Curry Bald"....It's going to be one rip roaring hair pulling cat fight. Yep! Yep! TMZ will have a field day with that one.

p.s. Liza, I caught that one too and commented about it. Ha! Priceless.

2422 days ago
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