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Adnan -- He's Britney's Bitch, Bitch

1/13/2008 1:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's pap seems to be the perfect man for the popwreck -- commanding the photogs to stay in line, dealing with cops -- and getting her gas station snacks while she sits in the car. It's a match made in trainwreck heaven!

The two lovebirds (plus fifty paparazzos) went down to Manhattan Beach yesterday to shop for sofas, where Adnan showed his control over the hectic scene caused by Brit's every move. He's the leader of the paps!


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wasted days and wasted nights    

This is royal--the princess picks a pap outside her castle.

2440 days ago


Don't worry peeps, Adnan won't be around much longer. Britney doesn't keep anyone in her life for any meaningful amount of time these days. She rotates friends and staff about as often as she changes her hair, clothes and houses. Just another sign of her mental instability.

2440 days ago


I suppose it is very naive to think this guy actually cares about Ms. Brit, huh? It would be a refreshing change of pace for her. I think I heard somewhere once that Muslim husbands are supposed to be very protective of their families. She could use a protector. But doesn't he already have a wife?

Anyway, I'm really concerned because if tomorrow is a hearing (and another deposition?), what will she do tonight to keep from attending? I see her driving off a cliff or into a big tree or something.

I feel sooooooo sorry for her parents and siblings. (Whatever they did, right or wrong, they probably love her very much.) They must be scared to death for her and yet they can only watch it unfold like we do.

It would be nice for Britney if this guy truly cared about her.

2440 days ago

J Doe    

few yrs ago britney was the perfect anointed one.....
and christina was labeled the skank slut dirtty whore, wellll welll welll, my my have the tables turned.

britneys cover has been blown off, kfed did the impossible-knocked her off the pedestal.
shes mental,unstable,unhygenic,untalanted, a phony.

christina is the truly talanted,stable,married happily,reputation intact,industry respect intact.
everyone who put christina down owe her a huge apology!!

2440 days ago


Memo from Kaplans desk:

Smearing camping must continue.

WE must destroy any support system Britney has to get more money.. People go back to putting more hating posts. And go find some more dirt on Adnan. We have to destroy him because Brittney is getting better.

Hurry up people. I have nothing new to show to Judge

2440 days ago

J Doe    

several yrs ago christina once said

' The real acid test will be who last the longest "...........ding ding ding, we have ourselves a winner and her name is christina aguilera.

2440 days ago



2440 days ago


You guys must missing partying at Brit expenses. That were old good times.

I am sure you would do everything to get hold on her money.

2440 days ago

The King    

this retarded, no talent, whore got boring a long time ago. Do the world a favor, suffocate the kids, swallow the entire contents of your bottles of mirtazapine and go to sleep.

2440 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

HERE'S WHAT I BET HAPPENED IN TH HOSPITAL: She was diagnosed ( and medically protected) as bipolar and prescribed meds. It already looks likes it is true that she ODed on them the night she got strapped down.And when you OD on certain types of these meds, you become Super Manic and act like she does! In the hospital, she refused treatment and was only kept long enough to make sure she was clear of the pills. Then she blew a gasket and as an adult, they were forced to release her, AMA ( Against Med Advice). Now Adnan steps in during her weakened mental state and took control of her mind with his smoothness. He will get her pregnant, sell the pics, get more money from her, and move out of the U.S. and live on a fat stack that keeps growing! Yeah, he's sitting on a POWDERKEG, but he doesn't care. Once he leaves her, I bet she really does a good effort at ODing, perhaps successfully, and goes off the deep end for good or just DIES! I would love to hear what you think of this Theory!

2440 days ago


Does anybody know what kind of dog the white fluffy one is? It is so cute. I do feel bad for those dogs.

2440 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

This might back fire on them! Britney and Adnan, "might" already be married. Thinking they can't "take her away" "IF" she has married again.....BUT!!!! Does the US acknowlege marriages done in Mexico? Because in Canada, we don't a civil service LASO has to be performed.....he he he! But I bet they are married already....Look at her hand.....She IS wearing a band! HUM?!!

2440 days ago

Pink to the Lee (formerly Pinky Lee)    

"WAAAAA!! Someone please like me!!" That's the only reason she is with the guy. And if she was as devoted to her children as she is to her dog maybe she wouldn't have to go to court. Why do you take you dog to by furniture anyway? To see if he would like to piss on it? Any and all businesses she takes that dog to should say " Hey, this is a store, not petsmart, you can't bring your animal in here". She needs to spend some time in the gym, screw furniture!

2440 days ago


There is no one -- NO ONE -- whose every move is tracked as relentlessly as Spears'. I don't know if I'd be able to handle this intense scrutiny either. She needs help, obviously, but I can't help but wonder if this every-waking-moment stalking by the paps and media isn't contributing to her meltdown.

2440 days ago

Lori B    

She had better be careful if she moves near his family. You all know how they are when their bitches dress like ho's. Off with your head Britney. Be careful girl.

2440 days ago
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