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Lawyers to Brit: Honey, You Gotta Show for This

1/13/2008 5:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsSources connected with the custody case tell TMZ Britney Spears has been strongly urged to attend tomorrow's hearing. We're told her lawyers know if she doesn't show, it will be curtains -- at least in the short term.

Sources tell us Brit's lawyers know Commissioner Scott Gordon expects Britney to address a number of issues surrounding the craziness at her home a week ago Thursday. In particular, commissioner Gordon wants Brit to explain why she violated the custody order by not turning the kids over to K-Fed's security guard at 7:00 that evening. The commissioner is also keenly interested in Britney's behavior that caused her to be placed on a 5150 hold at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Britney's lawyers know if she does not attend tomorrow's hearing, the Commish almost certainly will extend the ban on visitation until the April trial.

The wild card, of course, is Britney herself. She hates appearing in court and it's certainly possible she'll be a no-show on Monday. TMZ will stream live video at the courthouse tomorrow, so watch and see if Brit appears!


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If Britney ends up with only monitored visitation at a social services office she will have to learn to adhere to a (gasp!) schedule.

If she’s late, she doesn’t get to add time to her visit. It’ll be: No, no, Ms. Spears you certainly can not extend the visit.

I figure she’ll just stop visiting her boys if she has to do it on THEIR schedule.

2482 days ago


Why did Cedar let her out so quickly???Why did Cedar allow Dr. Phil to trespass and get into her room at the hospital?
What is KFed doing with the children? He was in Vegas partying New Year's Eve. Is he just sitting on his lazy ass and watching football as his rep said? Who is actually spending quality time with the children??? A paid nanny???? Kaplan and KFed want Britney's MONEY. They don't care about the welfare of the children.

Posted at 3:39PM on Jan 13th 2008 by Jan

And she does? How do you know they don't? Did you look into your crystal ball for the answers? Show some proof or shut the f--k up. Without proof, your post only serves to show your stupidity. Nice try. Next.

2482 days ago


I am a major pain in the backside.

Thanks so much for defiling me.

2482 days ago


does anyone here watch "hollywood heat" on court tv? Well I watched it last night and could not believe the false reporting on there. Here on TMZ it shows the whole video of when Britney got the flat tire. On that show they said that she broke down and left her car in the middle of the road and just took off in another vehicle!! The video shows clearly that she pulled her side off the road, made a few phone calls and then talked to 2 police officers , the car was towed and she left in another vehicle! They also went on to tell lies about the Dr. Phil visit to the hospital also. Here I thought since it was on court tv that it was a respectable show, well guess what? It's wosre the tabloids. It would have been really easy to check the sources out and find out that was a very untrue story, all they had to do was go to TMZ and watch the video or ask one of the many pap's that were actually there that night. I will never watch that show again and If I was Brit, I'd sue their asses, they just told another story to make her looked whacked and right now she doesn't need any more help in that area!!

2482 days ago


TMZ has banned me often - I am also known as 'jr' of Canada.

Have a fabulous day.

2482 days ago

Lori B    

85. Yes, it's all very annoying, but once every so often, could someone remember that Spears in all likelihood is battling a serious mental health condition? If she had a serious physical condition that was not responding to treatment, would you all be so judgmental? Spears doesn't act the way she acts as a strategy nor is it planned. She quite simply does not seem able to control her self-destructive impulsive behaviors. Many people with mental health issues refuse help and believe they are doing well. Can't we have some sympathy here, some hopeful thoughts for Spears?

Posted at 4:45PM on Jan 13th 2008 by wendy
I totally agree with you, but Adnan should be driving her ass to the nearest mental hospital, NOT parading her in front of the world as they shop for cars and couches, just so his buddies can get a photo op.

2482 days ago


Hey Fly, how are you doing?

2482 days ago


i wish i could watch; oh the woes of being in school

2482 days ago


I don't like to admit it, BUT....I think this time she'll be there with bells on!! That's probably what she's paying Adnoid to do....

2482 days ago


jr loves you - a click on the url above is 'bipolar disorder' Brit Brit style.

Have a fun one.

2482 days ago

Lori B    

95. If Britney ends up with only monitored visitation at a social services office she will have to learn to adhere to a (gasp!) schedule.

If she’s late, she doesn’t get to add time to her visit. It’ll be: No, no, Ms. Spears you certainly can not extend the visit.

I figure she’ll just stop visiting her boys if she has to do it on THEIR schedule.

Posted at 4:58PM on Jan 13th 2008 by DIANE T
Good point Diane.

2482 days ago

Doing great here as usual - I see imposters are showing up like flys on you know what LMAO

2482 days ago

The Simple Facts    

For all u enablers claiming her disaster of a life is everyone else's fault, or, she's mentally ill -- Get friggen real. To address both excuses, Twit made her own poor choices -- based on she's an ego maniac, with no morals & no concerns for anyone but her slimy self. If she was truly mentally sick, the hospital would have retained her for at least the 72 hours. See, they know u can't keep someone b/c they're a narcissistic little puke. And if she is headed for a nervous breakdown, it's only due to all her nasty, selfish behavior has caught up with her. The night Twit was carted off, never would've happened if she'd showed up to the depo when scheduled. When she holed up with the kid, it was a temper tantrum; & a bigger one, than either of her boys would throw. She doesn't like consequences to her immature actions, she's an attention ho -- & most of all, an egotistical dullard. After tomorrow's inevitable disaster, I'm sure her ugly boy toy will have a nice *lolly* for her to lick. YAK

2482 days ago

funk oozin out my clitney    

I hope she shows,I cant stand all this speculation,funny as it may be nothing tops the pure zaniness she'll undoubtingly unleash keep your fingers crossed people I have a feeling something bigger than last weeks meltdown is in store for us.......

2482 days ago

Blue Eyes    

IIts time the media leave her alone. I think with being followed all the time, it would drive a person nuts!! Give her time to do the right thing . Stop following her now!!

2482 days ago
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