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Britney's Back at Home!

1/14/2008 8:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oh, lordy ... now she's back at home! We are at Britney's house and she just rolled up.

After a jaunt to court, church and lunch, it appears Brit Brit does not plan on heading back to court this afternoon.

Who knows what she'll do tomorrow?!


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any one that gives that girl headsup don't need kides of thier own. i have 3 kides and i can't see my self doing that to mine the girl needs to be put away for a very long time so she can see what god blessed her with. she need the lord in her life befor she hert her self. the kides are already hert and they are going to have problems for ever. THANKS MOM.

2439 days ago


What an F'n Loon.
Doesnt' anyone have anything better to do than watch a woman crash and burn?
Last genertaion was John Belushi frying,and before that Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix drugging out and burning.
This girl has gone wrong 2 years ago and no one stepped in or up to the plate to get her into rehab or a physc ward-
She is totally nuts because of drugs ,alcohol ,or postpartum . After having 2 boys-Lord almighty many of us out here would want nothing other than having 2 gorgeous children and she totally abandons them and has no interaction or motherly contact. I would squeeze the living daylights out of those boys kissing and hugging them to death.Those are the prescious years that are priceless.What a spoiled drugged out loser that B Spears is.2 great babies and she totally throws that away...
Driving thru stupid fast food drive ins-and gas stations grabbing new boyfriends and headlines however desperate she is....
Those 2 boys need hugs,love,and growing up as 2 normal little boys not 2 trailer trash pop star wasted loser offspring.
The father is not so desirable but the mother is a nut job- GRandparents are no better.Pray for those 2 boys or have social services come in...
Let those boys have at least 1 stable parent monitored and that would be the father-I wouldnt pick him in a million years but he is far more stable than Brittney Spears.
She has not gotten the mental help she needs and probably never will.Too much $ and a--kissing and parental guidance got her into this mess in the 1st place.

Can anyone help that wreck?????

2439 days ago


It's so obvious that this poor girl has a panic/anxiety disorder - at the very least. She had a full blown panic attack when she got out of the truck (probably had them all the way there). She needs help but most people who have these "episodes" are to afraid to get help because they are in a heightened state of constant and extreme anxiety and fear. Meanwhile these boys are losing their mother - whether the public "likes" her or not, she is still someone's daughter, sister, mother, friend...hopefully the judge will get some balls and order to her to get evaluated and help her!

2439 days ago



2439 days ago


(1) Britney is having a big tantrum and blaming her lawyers right now.
(2) She will be driving off soon...
(3) She has been drinking
(4) AG is brokering deals right now.. What a putz.

2439 days ago


How horrible that some people have to go through the most fragile moments of their life unprotected by even the slightest right to privacy. It's so easy to judge someone or kick them when they're down. I sincerely root for this woman. If she makes it, against all odds, what an inspiring and uplifting story hers will make. I pray she receives the same mercy we would all want.

2439 days ago

April Fouels    

princess di went muslum, see how it went for her.......

2439 days ago

Concerned in NC    

I have never posted one thing about Britney but have been following everything that has been happening to her and her family because it is heartbreaking, for Britney, for her children, and her family. There is no doubt she has some serious mental health issues to work through and I do hope that help comes soon for her. I really think she needs to find that one person she can trust and believe in and listen to, who will help her along the way. I am disgusted by the hate mongers who have absolutely no compassion for another human being who is in trouble and who needs help desperately. Fame and money does not make you a happy, healthy, sane individual and can have exactly the opposite effect. Those who spew hate towards Britney and do not even know her most definitely do not have such a happy, healthy, rosey life themselves and really need to turn their attentions to their own lives and their own mental health.

Good luck Britney!

Concerned in NC

2439 days ago


Jeez, I'm sure the next thing we'll read on here is that she either tried to kill herself or succeeded in killing herself. She is about three french fries short of a Happy Meal. Glad she cares enough about her kids to really knuckle down and fight for them. How would you like to grow up knowing that since your mom just wasn't feeling it, she couldn't go into the courtroom try to fight for visitation? These kids deserve a mommy that wants to spend time with them. Part of being a parent is doing the hard stuff, the tough stuff and the scary stuff. What a stupid, selfish, psychotic bitch.

2439 days ago

Becky Boo    

Of course Britney has some mental health issues. This is nothing new or unheard of, especially when she carried and gave birth to two children within a little over a year. The paparazzi are driving Britney insane. The constant stalking and surveillance can only hurt her, not help her. If this young woman doesn't get the help she needs and anything happens to her, the photographers and the media are totally to blame. Her endless cruising around LA is not newsworthy. Leave the young woman alone. For the love of God, if you have any decency, stop stalking her and reporting on her every move by making fun of her.

2439 days ago


Why doesn't the judge issue a bench warrant? Why isn't there a protective order in place for the boys? If this was anybody else, this circus wouldn't be allowed to continue. I feel sad for those boys because their entire lives will be stigmatised with court room drama, her breakdowns etc... they will loose their chance for any stability. K-Fed and Britney will continually battle for them and those boys will suffer and we will in years to come the damage that has been foisted upon them.

2439 days ago

Brit's B*tch    

Leave Britney Alone!!!!!!

I Love Britney, and would marry her in a heart beat. Do I think she has issues yes, but everybody has there own issues
unfortunately she has to deal with them in public. As for that loser papo she's hanging out with I know exactly what the deal
is. He's got a deal with some magazine or tv network for "his story" as her pretend boyfriend. When this is over he will
throw her under the bus by selling his story for huge dollars and both him and his WIFE will cash in big.

Come on Brit!!! Wake up I'm pulling for you.

2439 days ago


I agree leave brit-brat alone, I sure as hell don't care what she does to herself and those around her. But I do care for the welfare of the Federline boys so the farther you can keep them away from their lunitic ma the better. The woman by my defintion is no mother, just an egg donor. Keep the boys in Gods care.

2439 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

She didn't want to explain her little 'lock the kid in the room with her' fiasco to the judge. She just wanted lunch after her late sleep-in. She is self-entitled skewed manipulation on a plate. See ya, kids, I'm too busy restauranting and doing Starbucks, churches and gas station gigs to bother with the two of you at all right now.

This is what happens when you give a young girl their way 100 percent of the time to keep the pop coin rolling in.

2439 days ago

My Opinion    

Brit has courtaphobia and has developed a severe allergic reaction to courthouses and paparazzi. But she certainly wasn't scared to go south of the border with a paparazzi. LOL

2439 days ago
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