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Holmes' Bodyguards Go Ballistic on Paps

1/14/2008 4:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Katie Holmes' bodyguards got physical with paparazzi this morning -- violently shoving anyone in Mrs. Cruise's way! Clear!!!

Suri's mom was swarmed outside her NYC hotel, and instead of dealing with the situation peacefully, Kate's hired muscle went Scientolocrazy -- throwing at least one female paparazzo to the ground! Be gone, earthling!


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She is so trying to look like Jackie O. Give me a break! I guess she thinks if she looks older, then the age difference between her and Tom won't be so obvious. She went from a giggly, long hair girl to this in 18 months or so. I'm sure it was her own doing (ha ha).

2411 days ago

just me    

Since when did she become so important that she has to have her body guards assault photgraphers? What a joke....

2411 days ago


Good for the bodyguards!! They are doing their job ! Stupid paparazzi wants to get in the way..They get what they deserve.
I really don't think many people are gonna feel sorry for them.

2411 days ago

Len hillegass    

what a joke

2411 days ago


Now that's what I'm talking about!!

If they dont understand the word, "MOVE", then force them to MOVE!!
Celebs need to hire BIG AZZ security guards that will physically MOVE those pesky paps.

Katie had a clear path to walk after her security did his job.

... and screw that whiney pap complining about her camera getting broke! You Should have MOVED stupid!

2411 days ago


More of these stars should have bodyguards like this one. Good for him!! He doesn't take any crap from anyone. They are annoying, and they need to be put in there place. If it is on the ground oh well. He asked nicely to make room and they didn't do it. He was left with no choice!

2411 days ago


Katie Who?

2411 days ago

So over Kate!!!    

I really used to like her but recently she has become way to BIG for her britches!! How old are we??? 60+ I mean let's be real!! Tom Cruise is a bizarre individual & has caused sweet Katie Holmes to turn into a less than desirable wannabe!!! She will never be Jackie O & certainly is not in her league.

2411 days ago



She is no longer Katie, remember? Tom calls her Kate. It sounds so grown up.

2411 days ago


what tom wants tom gets.

2411 days ago


She is so culted out. I saw her on Regis & Kelly this morning, and she had nothing to say. Regis had the best line, the closest thing to a real question, was when he said "your parents must be so proud", but she had no real answer. Then he said that the last time she was there her parents were sitting right there in the audience - the unsaid part of which is, now your handlers are sitting there.

She and the baby need to be removed from that idiot husband and that cult.

2411 days ago


Looking at the tape again... he DIDNT push that photog in the face.

2411 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Boo Hoo......Get out of the way when they say get out of the way.........More people should do that to ALL of you! Maggots!

2411 days ago


HA! The bodyguard is doing exactly what he should be doing. The paps think they can get right up in the celebrities faces and block traffic. About time they get pushed out of the way. Britney should hire this bodyguard!

2411 days ago
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