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K-Fed Has Arrived, Still No Britney

1/14/2008 12:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A mohawked, navy blue suited Kevin Federline arrived, on time, to today's custody hearing, accompanied by his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

TMZ caught K-Fed and Co. going through the parking lot into the courthouse. Brit's still a no show, but at least her attorneys -- Sorrell Trope, Anne Kiley and Tara Scott -- are there.


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I is first now... hahaha....ol mohawk head, gettin some more money, and Brit is so dumb to see she is just screwing herself over!

2473 days ago

how dumb    

Of course he was "on time" The man doesn't have a job so what else does he have to do?

2473 days ago


If Adnan cares at all for Britney, he will make sure she appears in court. If not, he might be afraid she will kick him to the curb and then poof...there goes the money.

Hope she does not speak in that "British" accent in court. That would be bad and not make her look good at all.

2473 days ago


Let's see...

on time

suit and tie

shunning the paps...

Britney is going to have to go large to not suffer in comparison, if she even bothers to show.

2473 days ago


#1 - and what exactly does brit do ?? she doesnt have a job either!

2473 days ago


Wasn't she supposed to be there already?

2473 days ago


#1. Please, that's funny! And wtf is up with his hair? I bet Kaplan is wort more than K'fed, you know less the valve the kids hold for k-fed.

2473 days ago

how dumb    

To #4 - doesn't matter. At least she's not living off SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY. Whatever she has, SHE earned.

Doesn't anyone think its strange that Kevin Federline had NO PROBLEM with Britney as a parent until right before his alimony ran out in November?

Shar Jackson said in an interview a few years ago that K-Fed was a "good father.. until I told him to get a job".

Enough said

2473 days ago


Just keep in mind that's he's not only going fot 2 kids, he's going for 4 kids, the extra 2 kids tht he has with another woman, Britney is his wallet, that's why she give him hard time not appearing in court, but people are stupid and don't understand this.

2473 days ago


Whether K-Fed has a job or not it doesn't matter. Britney is a grown woman and needs to start acting responsible. Bottom line, Britney fans, whether K-Fed has a job or not, he is better off with the boys than with Britney, who needs mental help.

2473 days ago


Whose the big black bubba who told the cameraman "you have to be gone?"

Is he a cop? Owner of the courthouse?

Just a jerk who thinks he's a big black bubba?

2473 days ago

Merry Christmas    

New suit - compliments of Britney's cash fund. You wear "jobless loser" well.

2473 days ago


To-1. Of course he was "on time" The man doesn't have a job so what else does he have to do?

Posted at 12:41PM on Jan 14th 2008 by please
This is what a GOOD and RESPONSIBLE parent does people .Quit bagging on Kevin ,regardless on his employment issues or not -he's there early -ummmmmm so far no Britney ?Go figure !Technically ,Britney doesn't have a JOB either !Where is she ?Oh ya ...she has a JOB ,Blowing Adnan .
Those Boys deserve to be safe and loved ,both of which Britney is uncapable of ...Goooooooo Kevin ,those boys are depending on you .

2473 days ago


Shar Jackson is rolling around in a pile of Brit's money laughing her
a$$ off.

Call Kevin what you will he IS taking full care of his kids because
princess crazy wont get help and share the RESPONCABILATY 50/50.

2473 days ago


so what? money still doesn't make a stable parent, and britney has proven herself to not be a stable mother. at least kevin is a stable influence. and he has gotten work. he'll be appearing on One Tree Hill coming up shortly. He's trying. Just because he's not doing as insanely well as Britney did, or he's being as promoted in anything he did, doesn't mean he isn't working. If he wasn't working at all, i can guarentee the kids would be going to child services.

2473 days ago
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